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  1. If you are talking about merging psy and breaks try Iconoblast comp released on Symbiosis records. 3D compilation on TIP has some good psy breaks with a 4x4 beat backbone and very creative too. Also try Metal Spark - Corrosive album on Blue Room. Here are some samples click me.
  2. ...and where is Etnica/Pleiadians/Crop Circles?
  3. I'm playing a DJ set soon an I'd love to play one old track, but unfortunately it is like 13 years old and as you can imagine production is not really great. If I play it after newer tracks it sounds much quieter and doesn't have that punch like newer productions. Would any of you fine sonic wizards be kind enough to play with this song and clean it up for me a bit? Basically, I'd like to have it cleaned up a bit, increase the volume/punch without losing quality. I know I can play with it and make it sound a little bit better on my DJ mixer when I play but I think there is too much difference between this song and newer stuff in terms of sound quality, especially lower end frequencies, so it will take some expert to do it in a studio. Unfortunately I don't have equipment and knowledge to do it. Thanks a lot in advance
  4. keep in mind he asked for melodic/layered stuff and not minimal progressive. I highly recommend (click for samples): this this and this Check out the sound samples and decide for yourself.
  5. open your mind and listen....maybe you'll learn a thing or two
  6. as a wise man once said "It's not the one that has the most that's the richest, but the one who needs the least"
  7. Sounds kind of sketchy.. Why would Simon sell stuff from his personal collection when there must be hundreds if not thousands of those CD's available on their site? I guess it's possible but I'm not convinced..
  8. http://cgi.ebay.com/Technossomy-Synthetic-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  9. Symbiosis back catalogue? Consider it done
  10. ...or is it that the real you comes out on the net... Didn't you break records because a certain "damn woman" as you put it? Class A entertainment Keep'em coming.
  11. I tell ya what...how about I give you Cryptic Crunch and you defend me from any jokers in this forum?
  12. I suppose you're right. I should have taken a page out of your book and defend him when he needs no defending since noone attacked him...perhaps he'll like me then and give me a good deal next time
  13. Finally someone else showing he/she can lighten up and have a good laugh
  14. ....and these are my Barbies..NOT yours....you can not play with them
  15. Very childish...but funny as hell too... You are overreacting...again...
  16. My ego is not easily hurt...unlike yours.
  17. Nope. I was actually interested in what he has to offer... so I joked...big freakin' deal... you'd think he'd lighten up and be interested in selling it to me..Instead I get this "go away little boy" attitude coupled buy some "old time regulars" on this board. I don't dispute that, I can read other people's feedback and I was genuinely interested in the titles...but he and a couple of others here have obvious attitude problem. Is it because you've been here longer than me? If so, why being a snob because I'm a newbie?
  18. hey buddy if you bothered to check I asked for a list of things he got for sale and I got this: ...and now I am "out numbered here and need to piss off back to where ever I came from and stay there"...?? I don't think so "buddy"
  19. Actually it's around 60 GBP (not Euro) which is above $100...and there is still lots of time to go so it can get even more expensive.
  20. pffffft...look who's here...Deviouses buddy from the anger management class You should listen what they tell you over there....and get rid of that "fuck off mate" attitude ...
  21. Those that would like Balagan can find it here.
  22. Hmmm looks like Hadshot is your favorite label since you're using symbols I like them too
  23. Why would you not sell to me? What's up with that "go away now little boy" attitude? You think you're something above people ...or perhaps your ego is still bruised when they spanked the living hell out of ya @ Isra? You gotta learn to relax a bit dawg
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