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  1. will check into that, on all the facebook stuff we mentioned that its only half of the project (Kristijan) but haven't checked all the other stuff. Also thank you Jaza for a great review And yeah would be awesome if this could be switched to 2018 reviews Njoooy the music my fellow psyheadz
  2. Here I aaam rememberd the password btw richpa told it right its Acid spilt over the brain making it dissolve btw if you like it you can download the Hi ress wallpaper version here http://psilocybian.c...lver-wallpaper/ Cheers guys
  3. You really had to dig deeep do find this one My fist official release glad u liked it mate
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tb-9cO-HRSQ&feature=g-upl&context=G2c5ff36AUAAAAAAAAAA Here is a new one
  5. Pheeew, hi guys got authorized and now i can post Glad u like the Tutorials, and if u have anything to ask just shoot if i know i will answer and if i dont know i will porbably act like its a BIIIIG secret and I wont tell you Cheers
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