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  1. Seems to be very intuitive how he makes his music. Beter than laptop + mouse. I like the track :-)
  2. Try bazzism: http://www.ismism.de/home_e.htm
  3. @ Mike A I would suggest to get Cubase or Logic or Ableton Live or some comparable sequencer. Then get some good VSTi's (Linplug Albino, Native Instruments Massive, Cakewalk Z3ta+ etc.) and a tool for Drums (e.g. NI Battery). You also need some serious FX plugins, the free Kjaerhus series is good to start with. Ambience is a good free reverb. regards - mentris
  4. thank you, devious! it's the ikea "jerker". I can use it as a "normal" desk, too, very practical!
  5. Well, it was a really hard birth and we have a connection now, but it is not only positiv They were fully worn, the man who owned the synth before was a professional live-musician who played it since 1985 I had to remove tons of confetti, it was everywhere. I even found a paper-clip under the board I would like to, but unfortunately I don't own a cam...
  6. The calibration-function (Master edit: No 52) might do wonders. The CEM 3396 chips are the weakest points in the matrixes, I had to replace one, too. If you need one, call me, I can make a good contact For any special questions go to the hardcore-synth-fetishists at http://www.sequencer.de/synthesizer/index.php They have an englisch section, too.
  7. I exchanged the felt on the aftertouch-bar, soldered all cables/ contacts once more and fixed the screws carefully. Now it works again But I don't know exactly, what caused the problem after all. Aditionally I exchanged all buttons (23 pieces, ugh), replaced the two potentiometers in the levers and exchanged one broken voice chip. It was a lot of work and much sweat but now I'm happy with my matrix 6, everything works fine Only the surface is not that beautiful anymore, many rusty areas. Maybe I find a solution even for that. Any ideas?
  8. ehm... yes but the wine was good anyway
  9. thank you for your help, devious! I already knew the thread at matrixsynth, i started it. I'm sorry for the extra effort, but I want to reach as many people as possible because this seems to be a very seldom problem and spare-parts don't exist anymore. regards - mentris
  10. Hello, I have a "new" Oberheim Matrix 6 since last week. Unfortunately the Aftertouch doesn't work properly. I assume that the aftertouch-bar under the keys is broken. Do you know where to get replacement parts for that? Are there other synths that have such aftertouch-bars that might fit? It's monophonic, all voices react on aftertouch in the same way at the same time. I mean- they should do that, but ATM they don't
  11. hello, here you might get informations about repairing the AT: http://www.alphadial.org/tips.htm#after BTW: that's a very good alpha juno site! there was also a more detailed tutorial about that AT-rpair-topic somewhere in the net but i don't find the ling. google might help.
  12. I use Cubase SL3 (the predecessor of Studio 4) and it's really good. But I think Logic etc. are good, too. You just have to know your programs.
  13. Behringer Mixer (cheap quality! The contacts of the "knobs" (potentiometers) don't work properly and that results often in incorrect stereo-panning) Behringer Pre Amp (noisy as hell!) M-audio Radium (I don't like the keys. Maybe it's a matter of taste. Sometimes notes get stuck, different keys respond differently to pressure. Programming is not intuitive at all)
  14. how much did you pay for the mackie? i have a behringer here, too, and I'm not very happy with it...
  15. here are some interesting facts taken from: plur magazine nov 97 source: http://www.uic.nnov.ru/~udr/astralpr.htm
  16. I want to buy an alpha juno 2 or an MKS-50 becaus I like the sound of analog gear and menawhile I'm a bit tired of software-sound. Unfortunately I use Cubase SL 3 and it's not possible to control synths with mixermaps or something similar because SL doesn't have this feature (in opposite to SX). Does anybody know if there is a solution to control synths with cubase SL (or another software) on PC and a normal midi-controller that isn't capable of sending sysex (I have an M-Audio Radium)? Or do I have to get a sysex-controller like e.g. Behringer BCR? regards - Martin
  17. interesting and i love your new tracks. kind magic, fresh and inspiring.
  18. some of the cosmosis albino presets make vowel-like sounds. I think the ocs are sent through 2 bandpass-filters with high resonance and different cutoff-frequencies, which are controlled by mod-wheel. this might help you, too: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Formant
  19. thank you, I blame my attention deficit disorder for that
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