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  1. Hehe I guess, but he wouldn't be truly unselfish. An unselfish person would tend to the desires of others at the expense of his own. It's a paradox really, if you don't have a desire to help others are you really a good person with unselfish intentions, aren't you just denying yourself? On the other hand if you really do have a genuine desire to help others you are just as selfish as anyone else, by helping others you satisfy your own desires.
  2. Your ego is essentially your desires. The actions of a selfish person is always aimed at fullfilling these desires, either directly or indirectly. An unselfish person thinks solely of others, and his or her surroundings, but they are still fully aware of their actions.
  3. I think trance is mostly a stress relief, your mind is completely blank yet you perceive everything and everyone around you, it's like the information is just passed straight through your brain and back out again, no filters apply.
  4. Yo I can't really keep all the styles a part but I think you might like this: Talamasca - Obsessive Dream ( free album at Mind Control Records ) DNA - Kick Me Up ( psydb link )
  5. Nioreh

    Ott - Skylon

    I can't find words to describe this wonderful album, I simply love it!
  6. I guess they've moved on, but I've never been a big infected mushroom fan anyway. There are some good old tracks but that's about it.
  7. It wasn't as good as their last album but they still kick ass!
  8. Nioreh

    Asura - LifeĀ²

    Asura for the win, thx for another awesome album!
  9. Very nice. <3 Kindzadza 7/10
  10. Nice! Track 1, 4 and 8 for teh win.
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