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    Looking forward for these: Ra album VA - Twist Dream VA - Pure Planet 2 Goasia album
  2. Pretty much all the stuff you buy on i-Tunes comes in the MP4 format, which is definetly better then MP3. 128kbs MP4 is the equivalent of 320kbs MP3 or 192kbs WMA, if not better. And most people will never hear the diffenrence between the mp4 and the original cd, thats why we call it cd quality. Personally i think the MP4 format is the best if you want a high quality, but still want to save space on your hard drive or your mp3/mp4 player (128 kbs MP4 is about the same size as 128kbs MP3). If you rip your cds with i-Tunes, by default it should be mp4.
  3. Thx, but unfortunatly, I don't have anything in your wantlist. My collection is limited and I don't have much to trade, so it would be better if someone wants to sell it.
  4. Hi, I've been looking to buy this album for some time but I still haven't find it. If someone has a copy in good condition to sell or if you can recommend me a place to buy it, I would be very interested. Thx Louis
  5. Personally I really like mp4 when I rip my cds on my computer because they take much less place than any other format, and I really can't see any difference with a lossless format on my computer speakers. But maybe it would be different if I had a better soundsystem.
  6. Chi-A.D. - MS EP Tegma - Around the World in 80 Minutes Filteria - Heliopolis Nuclear Ramjet - Mission to Sedna
  7. Louis 8D


    I bought mine from psyshop a year ago, but right now it's unavailable. You can also buy it on the Phonokol website.
  8. I really like the artwork of this one
  9. I always wait till the last minute and I think this is the best way. If you bid earlier and put your maximum amount, it may result in a pricewar with other bidders and at the end, you'll just have to pay a higher amount for the item. Just before the end of the item, try to evaluate how much you think you need to pay to win and for example, if you think that it will be won at a price around 50, you should put an amount like 51 or 51,50, just to make sure that you won't lose to someone who put 50 just a second before you do, and generally, most of the people are more likely to bid 50 than 51.
  10. If the tracks are on cds you can simply use Windows Media Player to extract them in 320k mp3 0r 192k wma.
  11. Pleiadians EP on Symbiosis Records http://www.discogs.com/release/110847
  12. V/A - TIP The Story http://www.discogs.com/release/128411
  13. Etnica - Plastic EP http://www.discogs.com/release/198959
  14. Chi-A.d. - Liquid Neon Sky http://www.discogs.com/release/143070
  15. Nuclear Ramjet - Mission to Sedna Their new album, not yet on discogs, and I think it's not available outside of Canada for now.
  16. I just got it today and listen to it once. The album is really good. I liked pretty much all the tracks, but the last two tracks are not as good as the rest of the album. The remix of Lunar Civilisation is, IMO, really not as good as the original. And the last track, the begining of the track just reminded me of some old pop synth from the 80s, but the rest of the track is good.
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