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  1. Join us for an intimate evening with YOUTH & GAUDI performing LIVE... as they showcase their forthcoming debut album ‘Astronaut Alchemists’. You can hear the album teaser here: https://liquidsounddesignuk.bandcamp.com/track/youth-gaudi-astronaut-alchemists-album-teaser Freshly back from ongoing tours around the globe, Youth & Gaudi are in the UK at the same time so we took advantage of that to bring you a very special event. We are pleased to have booked the Bloc club for this special event. The club boasts an impressive high end sound system that will carry the analogue and bass frequencies of Youth & Gaudi perfectly.. Don't miss the rare chance to see them together performing LIVE to present their new album with you, trust us you will not be disappointed. Expect a night filled with funky beats with a warm up set by label manager DJ Robin Triskele and dub/techno legend Gabriel Le Mar (Saafi Brothers, GER) to finish the night off. This album, as the title would suggest, is two (wall breaking and out there) artists/producers coming together - Youth: highly respected music producer, sonic pioneer and founder & bassist of Killing Joke and Gaudi: international dance floor rocker and maverick producer of note. Two bass leviathans duelling their way through sci-fi, psychedelic dub space ....and the resulting album is truly a lesson in synergy. Astronaut Alchemists was made the purists way; the album was recorded over two years, each session was done together in the studio, face to bass, heating the metal of inspiration and pouring and shaping it as it flowed. As GAUDI said of the recording process, “something organically surfaced since the beginning of our studio sessions: the chemistry. Chemistry is vital when you work in the studio with another artist, it’s that magic thing that you can’t really study”. It’s amazing, with the schedule that they both keep, that it only took 2 years to coordinate the required studio sessions! All played on a superb hi definition soundsystem with full BASS at an intimate venue with décor and projections by Geomatrix Designs. Expect a night of truly LIVE dubtastic grooves and funky beats. ** There will also be an LSD/Dragonfly stall with CDs, vinyl & other merchandise! Doors : 8pm DJ Robin Triskele : 8pm YOUTH & GAUDI Live: 9:00pm Gabriel Le Mar : 10:15pm Last Entry: 23:15 Tickets: pre-sale - £15 pre-sale ticket + CD - £23 18+, photo ID required for entry ** tickets limited to 400 so be sure to grab yours now to avoid disappointment! Tickets available from Access All Areas: https://accessallareas.org/listings/youth-gaudi BLOC Club Unit 3, Autumn Yard, Autumn Street, London, E3 2TT Public Transport Rail: Hackney Wick / DLR: Pudding Mill Lane / Tube: Bow Road Bus: 339, 276, 488 & 8
  2. JessiCathar

    Nikki S - 'Experts' out 3/12/18

    Nikki S - 'Experts' out now on Alchemy Records! Beatport Buy Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/experts/2416673
  3. Nikki S - 'Experts' out 03/12/18 on Alchemy Records! After her last masterful release, Nikki S is back and this time she’s serious. Experts is tough and moody with a tight kick and super bass. Full of surprises, twists and turns, the percussion is light and frisky, the spacey synths sizzle, weaving in and around each other. Out of the spine tingling anthemic melody rips a monster acid line that will blast you into the stratosphere. With a thundering and explosive kick in, this is an absolute dance floor monster … heavy music is most definitely not dead and gone … check this out. Beatport Pre-Order & Buy Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/experts/2416673 http://bit.ly/nikkis-experts
  4. You can watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luUiJ5UOMeg
  5. OMSPHERE -'Just A Plastic Bottle' it out now on Free-Spirit Records! The soundtrack to the thought-provoking short film of the same name, 'Just a Plastic Bottle' is a driving number from Journey aka Jay OM's progressive trance project Omsphere. Just as the film was produced to highlight the impact of plastic pollution, so the track's haunting basslines take the dancefloor on an atmospheric adventure as we cruise along like a plastic bottle in the ocean, unaware of the undertow to come. An ethereal and edgy track, capped with voices from the ocean, designed to make you think about our relationship with the environment and the responsibility that comes with it. Click here to listen & buy: https://www.beatport.com/release/just-a-plastic-bottle/2424882
  6. JessiCathar

    Cathar - DJ Mix

    Here's my recent Cathar DJ mix I did for Octapus Radio featuring tracks from myself, System E, Egorythmia, Lyktum, BIONIX, Savage Circuit, C.K., & many more!
  7. TRON - 'Encrypted' EP on Free-Spirit Records has soared into number 3 in the Beatport chart! Check out the teaser clip for this powerful extra-terrestrial psy-trancer & grab your copy here: https://www.beatport.com/release/encrypted/2402885?fbclid=IwAR0bhwGxflCZlnzS-YM73TBbW_BvaEey8-eE47zYniFG4Xy56Fx5vBFhta8
  8. Mindbenderz debut album 'Tribalism' is out Monday 29 October on Iono-Music! Check out the teaser video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dk1oyH2RCpU & pre-order your copy of this killer album today :) https://www.beatport.com/release/tribalism/2414293
  9. Lyktum ‘Sacred Plants' Remix Contest with Iono-Music. Iono-Music are pleased to announce we’re holding a remix contest for the epic track from Lyktum called ‘Sacred Plants’ ! • All genres are welcome! • Be innovative, let your creativity flow! • Enjoy, have fun and be part of the experience! We can’t wait to hear all your exciting and fresh creations - as we know there’s so much undiscovered talent out there. All submissions will be intently listened to and quality remixes carefully hand picked by our crew. The winners will have their mix released on Iono-Music as part of an exclusive remix pack. This is a great opportunity for artists to gain massive exposure along with valuable experience. Submission starts: 19.10.2018 (19th of October 2018) Submission stops: 15.12.2018 (15th of December 2018) Title: Lyktum - Sacred Plants (YOUR ARTIST NAME remix) 1. Upload Your full length/final remix in WAV format on your Soundcloud page; together with the cover photo provided in the pack. 2. Put a hashtag #lyktumcontest in "Additional tags" on Soundcloud (without it, your remix may not be heard by our team). You can download the remix parts here: http://www.iono-music.com/Lyktum_Remix_Contest.rar Please submit your demos to: demos@iono-music.com Looking forward to hearing your submissions - so get remixing!
  10. Nikki S - 'Change The Past' has gone flying into the charts! Check out the new video of Nikki & the teaser clip of this killer release https://www.facebook.com/jessica.brownjohn/videos/10155531669441428/ - then grab your copy here: https://www.beatport.com/release/change-the-past/2349612
  11. Out now Nikki S - 'Change The Past' on Alchemy Records! Check out the track & its super cool video: https://www.facebook.com/NikkiSOfficial/videos/313610532774605/ Buy your copy of this awesome track here: https://www.beatport.com/release/change-the-past/2349612
  12. Nikki S - 'Change the Past' out on the 8/10/18! Listen to the teaser clip via soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/alchemyrecords/nikki-s-change-the-past & pre-order your copy of this awesome track here: https://www.beatport.com/release/change-the-past/2349612
  13. My track Cathar - 'Lost' is out now on Ovnimoon! Click below to hear a sample & if you like it - buy it - innit! :) https://www.beatport.com/track/lost-original-mix/10910859
  14. Check out my recent HarderFaster interview with Sensient! http://www.harderfaster.net/?sid=8ad578078e67d96fa586ef038e003871&section=features&action=showfeature&featureid=12535 Sponsored by Music for the Underground, Special Agent Productions and Events & Prog.Psy.Techno. groups
  15. JessiCathar

    Cathar DJ MIx Tonight!

    Tonight - listen to my DJ MIX on the Octopus Trance Radio 012 with guest Cathar! Tune into DI.FM Goa-Psy Trance by clicking this link at 7pm UK, 8pm European, 14:00 US Eastern Time: www.di.fm/goapsy I'll be playing loads of killer tracks from Egorythmia, C.K., Lyktum, Savage Circuit, System E, me Cathar & many more!