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  1. Wonderful music. Thanks for sharing!
  2. Still waiting for koxbox - live at burning man
  3. Subcouds!! They released just 4 EP's, a album would be great....
  4. Some new Technossomy, Hunab Ku or Electron Wave would be great!
  5. +1 One of my favorite's to.... :posford:
  6. Phutureprimitive Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes Gaudi - Bass, Sweat & Tears Pitch Black Bluetech OTT Dub Trees Desert Dwellers
  7. Ka-Sol - Ghost Story Trippy like hell. A cd like they all should be.
  8. Cell Androcell Asura Electrypnose Vibrasphere Should do the trick....
  9. Allright, what you need is: Bell Size Park - The Truth Is There (BNE) MFG early stuff Ololiuqui Star Sounds Orchestra Space Tribe And so on....
  10. try also some old TIP stuff like: Laughing Buddha - Infinite Depths Ep The Antidote - Sunrise - Walk On The Moon --> (Sunrise is a wonderfull track) And as mentioned the psychopod Ep's
  11. Kundalini - Kundalini EP -> best track with no doubt : Placebo. Some Slinky Wizard stuff maybe?
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