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  1. How many posts do u have to become impossible vortex? I AM TIRED OF BEING VISUALLY DISTORTED!!!!!!
  2. I cant find any words to express, what I`m thinking of the Boom. It was...awesome, fantastic, wonderful, blablabla..... For me it was a real experience, made me thinking about my whole life and what I`m going to do...personal stuff and so on.....Heavy, really... 2 years of waiting now...
  3. WOw, this sounds really good! Hehe. BEcause of the weatzer we`ll be very fast drunk.
  4. Haven`t watched Shaft. I am watching Simpsons very rarely.
  5. Now you can put also the druggie cat avatar instead of this colourful alien thing
  6. Drug addict! What about Funkie Junkie? ALso nice!
  7. Ah, 3000 posts! Thats so unfair! I gotta spam 24 h a day, to reach this number! I think I have to start now..
  8. "No river too deep, no mountain too high...." Ah, nostalgia...
  9. Yeah, DJ Kilargh Moni with her new Girlargh Poweargh Remix!
  10. 10 years ago I was 10, listening to some cheesy Dance stuff ( 2 Unlimited, etc.) and Queen Can`t remember much of that time. But it was fun! Thats sure.
  11. C.O.N. Sequencer - Moving pictures. I just luv that song. And THE DOORS - Break on through the other side.
  12. Actually, I havent bought any records. I`ve burned them from friends or downloaded them. I am spending my money mostly on clothes or LPs. And festivals.
  13. The Raja Ram cover looks somehow funny, but the buckle up cover...the ugliest cover I`ve ever seen...The Goa Girl Cover looks like a cover for a teenie Pop sample album
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