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  1. And if DP's statement doesn't hold true, please see Newcomer's Thread for more information about this fellow's character. I've never done anything to Mike D in the past, in fact, we had one or two good deals go through, but to find out that EOS was Mike D was shocking, especially when he sent me a PM for telling "EOS" to not shit on somebody's thread.


    Had I known he was a freaking nazi, I would had never dealt with him. In other news, Obama and Hillary are fighting for the spot to see who they get to go to war with. Obama, Russia....and Hillary, Iran....pretty scary!



  2. Okay, so here's what I got so far:


    1. GForce's polyphonic synth (similar to the mono/duo Oddity you recommended, devious), called the impOSCar. I loaded it in Cubase, made a simple arpeggio, put some effects on it and got an instant retro boner. I was slightly tempted by reFX's synths (Absynth, etc.), but they all sounded a bit plastic, digital and overly trancy (but good for people making trance).


    2. FXpansion's DR-008 Drum Sampler/Synth. Seemed like a no-brainer. I'm excited to dig into this one. The HALion in Cubase 4 has been very limited with drums.


    3. KlangLabs Vokko vocoder. Slim pickin's with vocoders out there. I was curious about NI's vocoder, but I guess they don't make it anymore. Vokko was free.


    I'll give that stuff a spin and see how it works. :D

    And when you're rich enough, you can buy me a real OSCar. That's one british company that did it right in the synth market. ;)



  3. I looked into it and the Oddity does look really cool, and relatively inexpensive. I also like the list of artists that used the original Arp like Hancock, Jarre, Kraftwerk, etc. The only thing that bothers me a little is that it's not polyphonic, but rather mono/duo. It's nice to have a monophonic synth, but that means I'm going to have to get another one that's polyphonic as well. I have been inspired now, thanks to you, to look into what Isao Tomita was using back in the late 70s for his creations. I absolutely love the sound of his stuff. My weekend of VST mania has begun. I shall return. Thanks, devious. :D


    Edit: It wasn't hard to find out the info on Tomita. He was using Moog modular and a a whole assload of components.* Guess I won't be emulating his sound anytime soon. Modulars are fun to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there.


    *The link is to the list of stuff he used for his first, and my favorite, album, called Snowflakes are Dancing, which is where he synthesized Debussy's piano preludes.



    The Odyssey is a pimphax0riffic synth, and like me, we all could use more monophonics. :) Anyways, please note everybody, I am sitting on a lot of broken gear. I buy it broke and fix it :] and dress it up pretty heehee. It's not like I'm made of money, but after tax return time I'll be able to finish my studio to the point where I can stop buying gear which is exciting [one super eventide effects, and one keep me happy for eternity monophonic synth!].


    Anyways, the moog modular is a good one, but I would not shell out that kind of cash for such a system today. Although, I do lust over an ARP 2500. I like the 2600, but the 2500 with the routing matrix is my cup of tea similar to an EMS Synthi 100. They look alike in very minor ways, and there's a Synthi 100 for sale in Europe right now for 70,000 Euros. Wish I had money to waste. I would be eternally satisfied. The bastard selling it has two!@#


    I can't recommend any other VSTs. I've just heard that Odyssey one and it does an awesome job at emulating an analog for being a computer program. Of course it's not analog, but...it comes real effing close.


    Anyways, back to synth repairs. The polysix arrived today. One bad voice, but got a complete makeover, cosmetically she's looking a 7 out of 10 which is pretty good compared to what it arrived like :-D and there are some dead keys...but I'm still trying to fix my son's cz-101, that thing is a nightmare to work on. :-/


    [remove one pcb board, all the buttons fall out along with the contact strips! placement of them again when putting back together is going to be *difficult* to say the least]



  4. this to me sounds like you are making an offer to sell them at a seriously indecent price no?




    and before I offer to sell any of my 500+ cd's I always check ebay, saikosounds, psyshop, discogs and amazon.com to see what the price is going for before I sell them.


    It takes about 2-3 minutes per cd... it ain't going to kill me... but I guess we're different aight?

    We're glad you have 500+ CDs! Good for you. Now stop shitting on Matt's thread and let him do business in peace, thanks!



  5. Damn, devious. It's been a while since I looked at this thread. You've seen some amazing stuff come and go. You might want to consider using both the terms GAS and GADS (Gear Acquisition and Deployment Syndrome) as well. LOL.


    Me, I'm itching to start a new track, and this time I want to get a few new VSTs for the purpose. Which means I'm about to submerge myself in a manic bubble of a search for the ones that speak to me, and will probably end up spending too much money on them. But that's part of the fun, is it not?


    I'll be looking for:


    - a subtractive synth or two with lots of breadth, warmth and solidity (and easy on the CPU)

    - general sound effer-upper effects, glitchers, etc.

    - something that I can put a voice through to create robotic/vocoded effects


    Wish me luck this weekend. :D

    dude, simply get the damn arp odyssey gforce VST. To not have that and use VSTs is to be completely ill! And yes, GADS is a good one. I am kind of keeping what I have now. Really! ;) I am working now so I won't have to trade off. Really though, I'm serious, I am done buying polyphonic gear. I need monophonics and effects and I still need a hardware midi device that'll keep me happy if/when I do play out ever..ya know? I won't use a computer for that, no way jose, but for composing yeah ;)


    But yeah I think it's the gforce arp odyssey. It's really good at what it does, if you can't afford the price of the real thing of course. :)



  6. I am moving to a new house next month, and have done a massive purging of my closets. I put some items on Ebay, including a JUNO REACTOR t-shirt from their 2000 Shango tour, an Alex Grey t-shirt, and some other items (most are non-psytrance related) such as other t-shirts and a Jane's Addiction video as well as other random stuff.


    Here are the links if you are interested. Auctions end on Monday, Feb. 3.


    JUNO REACTOR shirt:



    ALEX GREY Theologue shirt:



    this is a shirt from an amazing local artist:



    Here is a link to view all my items:



    And if the above links don't work, go to Ebay.com and so a seller search for "sidetrakkt."


    PM me if you have any questions...

    I think I've dealt with you before! You should give me the Juno shirt. I'll give you a hug in return. :)



  7. :wub: Rotwang

    I say we band together and chip in and buy Colin a X0XB0X, I'll donate 35 dollars to the fund and do the soldering! I know he would like it more than a real 303! :-D



  8. i have a secret to tell

    i bought a copy off kagdilla 2 years ago when he had over 300 copies for only $9

    sorry colin a check for you is in the mail

    You are proper. They also sold Transdimensional for 35 dollars before it also too skyrocketed. Senobyte thought I ripped him off :) when he paid a fair price, and I should had listed it as auction seeing the CD jump to above 200 dollars was like WOW!


    Kagdila wasn't doing this forever, they're just taking advantage of the fact that if they did SELL the OOOD cd for 9 dollars NOW, somebody would come along and want them all, or...have multiple orders under different names to friends/family addresses, no doubt...and they would reappear on ebay.


    So I don't see what is wrong with what they are doing from a business standpoint, but I would definitely FEEL PISSED OFF like Colin knowing what happened with Flying! Flying actually screwed up a lot of good artists in their primordial days. It's no wonder some moved on and others, like Colin, continue despite the insulting behavior of PSY of yesteryears. Tis why I buy only when I know I am paying 90-100 dollars less than everyone else, ha ha.



  9. Any contribution works! Mainly Im curious to see if the way I do it is in any way similar to anyone else's methods... And Im curious to see what a bunch of different artists can do together, even if we're on different ends of the earth...


    I also had the idea that it would be totally awesome and 1337 if we found someone to code a demo to the track, in true oldschool demoscene mod style! A tribute to trackers... B)

    Oh, I really should mention that it would probably be best to do the VST/computer guys first, and then all the hardware guys taking turns as last, because ultimately, everybody else is going to have to use a VST to emulate our hardware ;) and I have yet to learn how to use a VST although I'm sure it's as simple as loading it through your front end, or Renoise in my case.



  10. Any contribution works! Mainly Im curious to see if the way I do it is in any way similar to anyone else's methods... And Im curious to see what a bunch of different artists can do together, even if we're on different ends of the earth...


    I also had the idea that it would be totally awesome and 1337 if we found someone to code a demo to the track, in true oldschool demoscene mod style! A tribute to trackers... B)

    .IT it NOW!


    I think that was the oldskool tracker file extension, right?


    On any note, cool. I can get the prophet 5 to be pretty liquidy with the silly CEm filter, I wish it were a revision 2, with ssm and that's kind of why I bought a polysix ;) because I want a synth with SSM filters, yummmmy solid liquid goodness.


    I don't track, but whatever. I'm in Minnesota, so there's two from the states. Antic uses Renoise [the reason I use it was because of him talking about it hah, I love it!] soooooooo he may be down, but I don't think there are many renoise abusers here. I hope more come out to play, this would be fun,e specially if it were like a Juno Reactor Luciana 64 minute track of pure global human dominance within the music arena, hah.


    We could release it on Suntrip [per Anoebis' and Mars' permission ;)] as "Psynews Renoise Project - Global Chaos in Harmony" since after all, the world's pretty fucked up and...we it would become a global project, hah! OKay, I am thinking too far ahead of myself, but...it would be cool :)



  11. I like it, and would be an active particpant, but...I can't add any cool sounds aside from raw synth sounds :) I don't have an eventide orville or tc 3000 and the likes....because I am poor....or rather, more into raw synth sounds ;)


    If I am the last person the track makes it to...I'm so there! :) By that time, I will have added a few quality fx to my list of equipment and I don't know how the computer works for hardware synths yet and fear it'd be distasteful to me aside from sequencing and a computer drum machine.


    On that note, I raise my hand to participate all things considered.



  12. Not super-exciting, but today I got an M-Audio FireWire 410, firewire audio interface.


    Posted Image


    Another piece toward being able to play live. Not that I actually expect any clubs or anywhere would want me to play, but a man can dream, right? :unsure: I was originally going to get the Focusrite Saffire, which has the exact same features (minus the optical S/PDIF). At that price range, I don't imagine there's a huge quality difference between manufacturers, but I thought Focusrite might have been a little better than M-Audio (not that I have a problem with M-Audio). But I changed my mind at the last minute because the M-Audio came with Ableton Live Lite 6, an EXTREMELY limited version of Live. Live is a program I've wanted to try for a long time, so I chose the M-Audio for it.


    I got pretty frustrated after 4 or 5 re-installs in a row, with the interface still not being seen. But I went and downloaded an updated driver version and it worked fine. I think the one in the box was old enough that it didn't support Intel Macs.


    Recorded a little bit of guitar, using the on-board preamp and then using the preamp on my mixer and going into the line input on the 410. The line input was way too hot, but I think that may have partly been from me using a balanced cable from my mixer, when the 410's line inputs are unbalanced. That's my only gripe with it so far, is that all the line inputs and outputs are unbalanced. I guess they had to cut corners somewhere--it otherwise seems to be a pretty solid piece of gear, and came with quite a bit of software (Ableton Live Lite, Pro Tools M-Powered, and a collection of loops in Rex, Acid WAV and AIFF) for the price.


    Oh yeah, and it has a power-on LED bright enough that I think it may have awoken some people in Siberia. Sorry, folks.

    Hey man, never lose hope. Keep practicing what you do and perhaps someday you just might play out. I know if you were local and you had any sort of performance level, there are many organizations who would let you play. Live shows are in demand here since there are so many DJs! The live aspect of electronic music in the states just blows, at least Midwest!


    Orbital wasn't that great in their beginning, they practiced practiced practiced and they became big. They had a simple setup on stage [well complex, in terms of what people use today, aside from Jarre] and it worked wonders. I envied their setup, I am trying to keep my setup small and efficient too because I too one day wish to peform live, not even as a career, but because I find it amusing and fun.


    Anyways, I just bought a broke:


    Posted Image


    Been wantin one of these for awhile. One was for sale locally for 100 bucks in EXC condition but I missed it by like an hour a few months back :(



  13. Strangely, I have not listened to this album in YEARS! And listening to it now has made me all warm and fuzzy inside.


    There's something totaly funky about Azymuth that...I really enjoy. It just makes me envision a jazz club with this track being played live by a band! Hah! I just wanted to talk MWNN because I don't know what he's doing these days. Anybody know?


    Oh! Wait, Azymuth reminds me too of this awesome group called Cusco, I highly recommend their listenings, particularly Montezuma I think it is.........aha! Silly. It's really neat how music can reawaken so many parts of your brain and make you have so many thoughts in relationship to a solo track. Proper composition really can open your brain out and let those weird, strange, intricate, neat, fun, funny, downer, upper, lower, higher..........thoughts spill! :)


    So share with me, your fun moments listening to MWNN.



  14. And a picture of my recent project [This is a synthesizer manufactured in Italy in 1978. It's a DCO synth. It's pretty much like a Roland Juno 6/60 [notice I did not say 106? :)] I like its style, it looks nearly militarized. It has a built in case, it angles up with the controls, and...well, I am waiting for my parts from Australia and I am hoping that ....that is all that is wrong with it [it's problem rests within the power supply!]


    Posted Image


    I only post pictures because...they're fun to look at. I took a photo of WHAT NOT to do with a synthesizer, too, hahaha [DON'T ASK WHICH ONE THIS IS, IT'S FROM THE 80's though and are quite popular pieces of plastic]


    Posted Image




    I am really bored tonight and realized I have a phone camera since I now have two Sony DSC-?? digital cameras sitting in a drawer in piles like that synth above. They were bought brand new and one was mine and Malick's fault boty to destroy, the other one that I purchased just last August to replace the one we broke for AUM Festival and such.........just took a shit like 1 month after I got it, and now..................well, blah


    I should go check out a datingservice.com site. :( I think I'm lonely hahaha!



  15. Devious I can only say u are pretty hooked.. Looks like u got addicted.. U bastard :lol:



    I just bought a pair of omnitronic direct drive turntables, used.. And got bunch of minimal records with them so I must spin techno now for some time.. Im planning serato next, then I can mix whatever I want, these records I have now are just for gettin into mixing after a long break.. I just hope they last for a year until I get some skills and then Ill probably go for technics..

    Strangely, I never saw this until freewheelin posted! Heehee. I am hooked. That modular above was uberly gay though. It's definitely a piece in synthesizer history, beyond that though, for usability, it was awfully lame. It's gone and been shipped to the UK for somebody else's hatred [haha, the guy who got it hates it as much as me for the same very reasons! :)]


    On any note... I haven't added anything here for awhile cause I get stuff all of the time...but I don't keep it! I do have a Doepfer MS-404 on the way....it's on the shipping truck now, should be here Monday! :-D I do plan on keeping that because I need to have some rack synths. I'm running out of space.


    Otherwise, I received an electric piano the other day, stripped it down of the keys, they fit my prophet 5....desoldered 90% of the electronics, inventoried that, removed the jwires too [desoldered them, work in my p5 again..] and well...I got a package with some parts for restoring the Prophet 5 today...




    Posted Image




    Posted Image


    Can you see the difference? :-D



  16. In the states, there's a gazillion of these things. They're great to listen to when you're sitting around doing NOTHING but getting ready to sleep. Really, they do what they're intended to do, relax the listener. Sometimes beyond their advertised relaxation limits, ha ha.



  17. Well there are now two copies of Breathing Space on Amazon for about £60 - £70 and one for... wait for it...



    I don't know whether to laugh or cry.



    And I know Colin wishes he had a gazillion of these copies to sell. I guess I'd be pretty pissed, to the point I'd just put all my old albums in the highest bit up on OOODPORN.COM


    Yah, that's what I would do depending on what me signing on the dotted line exactly said. :)



  18. On that note, my prophet 5 is for sale.........ahahahahahahahahaha "MAKE UP UR FRIGGIN MIND DEEV!" sorrrry! But....CEM vs SSM.....And I just got an offer to buy a really awesome 8 voice SSM synth for 2k dollars..and...well...I'm a synth whore :-D and like to hear everything so i have to put up the P5 for the cash now :( I wish I had started working this new job sooner!@#!@ GRR! I'd love to have *that* synth and the prophet together, ohhhhhhh lala! Then I'd have my two poly and one mono combination I was working towards achieving! Ugh!


    Anyways, just wanted to spill the beans. Back to learning some more spanish gypsy scales.





  19. Really. The two are a pair and interact in a complex manner to produce a quite unique sound, and driving a MIDId-up TB303 from a computer sequencer produces very different results to driving it from its internal seq. The '303 sound' is a product of both elements; this is a major reason why 303 emulations also attempt to model the sequencer, rather than just the synth part. Also, because programming a TB303 is so fkn difficult, you quite often get very unexpected results, and I'm utterly positive that more than one classic 303 tune is based on the happy accidents this causes.

    hahahahah! I CAN VOUCH FOR THIS!


    That super drippy bassline I had going, I didn't really know what the fuck I was doing, and I read it was typically normal for acid heads to randomly hit the programming and see what comes out and if it worked, it worked. I did it, and it fucking worked haha! I was completely amazed that it took no less than 30 seconds to do this and I had an awesome bassline. No shit!


    It takes me 30 minutes just to think about a bassline, then another 3 days to lay it out :-D in a computer based sequencer! Yeah, I'm lame, but the 303 randomness totally helped! :-D



  20. sorry i don't know tracks/albums by name, but driving four hours to listen to Gil slam tracks together isn't going to help that.


    listening to it now. oh yes, Taygeta, i know this one, Alcyone also, these all are good. yeah great stuff. . i barely know the names of tracks, a few artists i know by sound.

    wav is available

    IFO at Beatport


    point was i hardly need Gil's horrible mixing skills, massive ego trip, or the gil worshippers that go with it to hear goa.


    we just had a killer (nearly)all goa party for NYE- there's no reason it can't be pulled off at any time

    cool. i've never liked goa gil as an artist or a person. he credits himself for something he deserves none for. it's disturbing. i look forward to the day that goa gil and all his cult followers down cyanide and ride on the back of that comet that's incoming!!!!!! yeah!



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