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  1. Another thing is, that I am on the verge of getting into Dubstep

    Get a good tape echo :-P


    On any note, I don't think this applies to me since I'm not a master sequencer yet [or arranger if preferred term is such]. I am really busy studying general music theory and learning to play keys "live" but it's always good having a beat flying at 140bpm and keeping up with the hands, it's just like typing 120-140words per minute....although, not as easy to hit that many keys on a keyboard properly in a minute, yet except on some very simple major and minor scales. :)


    *will respond 5 years from now when i hopefully am much more trained on this subject matter heehee*

  2. I received today my Frostwave Quad MIDI-CV Pro converter. The guy forgot to package the power supply with it, so I have to wait to power it up. I am in the process of waiting on two roland sh-101's. One is going to be sent to england for full customization ;) by customsynth.co.uk after I do the nova mod to it. The other one is going to sit in a safe for the next 40 years until we evolve to being so complex we forget how to press a simple key or turn a simple dial/knob. bwaha!


    Anyways! I'm excited to see how the frostwave works. It has a port to hook up an IBM compatible joystick too as an axis controller. Lots of cool stuff it does! Highly recommend it if searching for a low cost replacement for more than one cv piece of gear you desire midi with.



  3. But the real question is, doe she actually make any music in that room? :unsure:

    She has gotten a lot of insults from namely males, of course. She lives alone, has a huge house [over 3000sqft] and has way more gear than all of us combined on psynews alone. :) And this comes from her knowing how to handle money, my kind of woman. she could totally hook me up.


    Not only that, but she's also authoring a composition software utility. She does make music, but she doesn't *make* music. Or well, I should be honest here. She is the real PSYNINA :)


    Dude, she's soooo your type. You two would never sleep with so much gear in the world. :lol:

    She is my type, almost. She has way more digital gear than analog, by far. Although, her two oberheim xpander's get me pretty horny. Only if they could xpand a little wider ha ha.


    But the real REAL question is, does it matter? :lol:

    It really doesn't. She does use all of her gear. She doesn't use it all in one sitting, no. But she gets around to it after so long. She's just doing a lot better than most men out there on her own. She's happy, she's healthy, she's wealthy, indeed. Rock on Amanda!


    I respect her for what she does and what she can do versus what most of us can do. I know if I moved in, there'd definitely be a separation of gear! Analogue room, digital room. I would of course spend all my time in the analogue room ;)


    p.s. I just added two sh-101's a second akai ax 80 and a midi->cv frostwave convertor [quad device]. a 909 should finish me off for awhile. :)

  4. :lol:

    "Hello miss, I'm lookin' fo a woman with the right kind o' gear" wink wink

    "and I like a woman who knows how to use her gear" :lol:

    haha! Yes! Indeed! I guess that's why I want an older chick these days. heehee! Well, strippers know how to use their gear too, but....... ahahah SO MUCH FOR BEING ON TOPIC! Damnit!


    Now, for response to gglass about xyla


    Posted Image

    Posted Image


    Okay, yeah, I don't know how old she is, but she's cute...and knows how to use her gear ;)



  5. That pic was such a turn-off omg

    Haha! Okay mister HOT ISRAELI GIRL LUCKY TO BE NEAR THEM PERSON! :) I don't know if Israelis share the same mentality as Americans, but truly, I've discovered with MY LUCK personally, I get these hot stupid bitchy types. The type that can't woman up to be a mom, that can't woman up and discuss issues, that can't woman up and...well be a good girlfriend. I know where my problems are and I've addressed many of them in the past 1 1/2 years I've been single, I do believe...still some, but....So I just like older women these days, sorry! :( Maybe if I come visit you [and bring my gear] you could score me a hot Israelilite !???!?? Like the ones you and Pavel are always posting pictures of [or whoever else does that] ;)


    Oh shit.

    Sorry! :(


    as soon as i read the topic title.. i knew it had to be devious writing it :lol:

    Hahahah! You've said that about a few people on the forum lately. I can't help it. :-/ I'm lonely and wishing I guess...


    i dont know how old xyla is, or what gear she uses, but she obviously knows how to use it and ive always thought she was pretty hot...




    more in keeping with the topic, ill bet the woman from analog pussy would be your type:


    Posted Image

    The AP chick is pretty cute, but I absolutely hate their music. Xyla? I think I'll go look her up...and see if I can get her phone number while I am at it. :)



  6. I think this is a good place for your weird-ass topic. :P:D


    I'm not so much into the older women thing, but there is something sexy about a woman who can manipulate some gear, for sure, even if it's only turntables and a mixer.


    And a new term was born:




    Heh. :lol:


    Hahaha! Yes, I don't know, it all started right before I was giving up my house. I would sit at home on the weekends, fire up the bowl, and talk for hours on end to a married woman in Minneapolis while contemplating foreclosing my house....and shit. She was hot, she had four kids, and I really didn't care, but we never came to mingle. She's now divorced and she's moving closer to me I just found out 3 seconds ago, bwahaha. GOOD FORTUNE WOULD HAVE IT THAT DEVIOUS.............


    On any note....I'll keep your gear goggles term handy!


    "DAMN, you're fucking ugly, but DAYUMMM THAT OBERHEIM MATRIX 12 makes YOU sUPER fRESH and HOT?!@ Wanna fuck?" - This is me of course saying it to a fatty that's over 400 pounds, sweating from head to toe and especially in the armpits....camel toes bigger than camels themselves, and well.. you get the point.


    AHAHAH MUSIC FORUM TURNED SYNTH-SLUT forum!@ [sorry guys! It has to be done once in awhile :)]



  7. Okay, so I hate to admit it, but nothing turns me on more than an older woman who knows her gear!


    Posted Image


    Amanda for example. Has an awesome house which she calls shrooms, a sexy older lady who doesn't have a lot of analog gear, but she does have some. Most of her kit is digital and she keeps it that way so she doesn't have to ship the gear out because she's pretty 'good' with her money. Anyways, I'm in love. Damnit! I hate this likeness for older women. :(


    Then...there's Tara Busch. She runs AnalogSuicide.com - well, mostly. Her husband is a pretty spiffy dude and very lucky to have Tara as his wife in fact. I'd marry her in a heart beat too if the opportunity had suggested! But that's because of her love for analog gear and just how oh so sexy she can be when playing the gear. :)


    Okay, I can't say much more, bwahahha. I just wanted to share my liking for older women and synths. Even if menopause has set in, I don't care!


    I would had posted this elsewhere, but this is more fitting in this subforum on pienews. :)





    You can order it through NovaMusik.Com - they're awesome. I was going to say them earlier except I had no time to check if they had any available. I called, they're there, and they will ship internationally. They sell a lot on ebay and through their store. In fact, I've been to their store once. Walk in and there's plenty of gear to play with hands on, great place. It's right next door to my state :) in Wisconsin.


    They will represent in a manner that's similar to Dave Smith and his customer support, except on the retail side of all things. So if you want service like DSI gives their customers [which is absolutely outstanding from what I've heard], NovaMusik is your place!


    There again, just have it shipped to me. Like the 303 I received and had fun playing with it before it went off to Germany :( I was quite sad...



  9. Hey devious,


    Speaking of eventide harmonizers, i want to get a Eventide H8000FW for a producer friend of mine. Can you recommend any dealers that do international shipments.

    *shits pants* well, you can order it to me, and i can inspect it and test it out and make sure everything is fully functional :-D and then ship it on it's merry way to you. I do know of some. I have to jet out the door, I will get back to you later on this afternoon [afternoon here that is] I have to zip to work...more info to come!



  10. Since all of you are so helpful and wonderful I was thinking that perhaps you could help me.

    I am looking for a sample of a crazy person saying something crazy.

    Perhaps it exists on the net, but since I no longer live in Minneapolis, I no longer have regular access to crazy people.

    If anything comes to mind I would really apreciate it.


    And yes it's for a song that is almost finished and I just need this last bit.

    Hahaha! You could always visit mnvibe and ask them to record what they say :)


    I don't live in Minneapolis/surrounding area anymore. I moved to southeastern Minnesota to get away from the city life :-P so that doesn't apply, however, I can say something wacky for you if you want...



  11. wow, i managed to impress the gear lord of pienews :D i feel proud :rolleyes:

    No no no no no! I am not gear lord! I have to say, I have hardly any gear! Really! After next week, I will have two polyphonic synthesizers and one monophonic and a 909 drum machine and a good set of monitors and an eventide harmonizer :)


    I really don't have much. I buy, fix, play with, sell..profit, buy higher end stuff, being that I've been unemployed since last July! So please don't think when I take a picture of my setup that I am hiding stuff. I *really* don't have that much gear. It comes, it goes. I have two keyboards sitting waiting to mail out right now....my final setup is going to be surprisingly thin next week. Now, don't think I won't add to it. I will! :)~ But money's tight and I need to take care of other priorities like feeding me and my boy heehee [we just spent 400 USD on groceries, so we should be good for a month] but... yeah, I like to buy lifes necessities first!


    So you *will not* be impressed with my *very simple* little setup when you see it hahaha! Even I'm not, but...I am very happy with what it is and what it will be in the end [next week] hehe! I say [next week] because I will take a picture then :) right now, everybody will LAUGH at me!@# It really isn't much :)





    Too bad thats WAY out of my range...


    Dual Mackies for around 1k used is about what Im looking for, nothing big or anything, just a beginning of a giant system. Thanks all, gonna have a look around Craigslist and other such places for stuff... And yeah I know a grand isn't all that much for a good system. But I gotta start somewhere and theres NO way Im gonna go generic. (Not again...)

    I contacted the dude, but he said it was pending pickup. I was hoping to get a uhaul and grab it. I was thinking maybe start a traveling sound company, that way I can travel to parties...and make money while doing it :) hah



  13. hahaha! MIKE A! So typical of Veracohrs ever popular mention of "the banjo center" bwahaha.


    I go in there and I just find what I need and every time they ask if I need something, I tell them I'm fine and getting it myself.


    You should just buy a snake assuming it'd work for your application :). Doubt they would know what one of those are too. HEH!





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  15. No. But Simon did just release a YB album, which for me was mostly disappointing <_<

    it was disappointing, but he's dealing with an entirely different crowd these days and no doubt YB will become much bigger and well known compared to where they have been because of it heeeeeh. that's my guess. :)


    *americans love the disappointing shit more* :)


    in other news, radi has been lied to and now sleeps in bed dreaming of Hallucinogen, The Lone Twisted Deranger in Bulgaria, which is falsely part 3 of the Hallucinogen saga!



  16. I bought (or my father bought, cause I cant pay shit at the moment, until I get my first RIGHT payment) 6 mint condition C64s and 5 of them have failed :(

    =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[ Well, that's lame. I have yet to power any of mine up to see if they work :) they sit on the porch gathering dust along with my atari st. I don't have any furniture yet aside from my computer desk and my keyboard stands and malick's bed, hahaha! oh and my 19" rack :) uhhhhhhhh once I acquire some neat cheap furniture I'll get the atari inside and maybe use it, but...i don't know yet! I really want a Roland MC-80 for less than 300 dollars :) *keeps hoping* anyways!!!!!


    And Otto, awesome bro. ;)



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