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  1. According to Arun Saldanha, "Goa trance is throbbing and totally unfunky. This non-connection to black music might be a reason why Goa trance audiences in the UK and US are nearly exclusively white (note the historic analogy with psychedelic rock)."

    Funny, Arun is my buddy teaching at a university here in Minnesota. Sorry! I just wanted to point it out. He studies a lot on music. Ahhhh, the wonders of the last psytrance party with him. :-)



  2. It's too bad we never worked out a trade deal for Juno Reactor LP...

    Oh well...I guess I'll track it down eventually. Good luck with your auctions.


    Visine, I apologize for that. I got too caught up with things going crappy! My car recently got flooded out and I only got to doing one trade with goanoah (discogs name) and selling one to inexpressible. It's been a pretty tight last 2 months around here. Unfortunately right now I need to compensate with monies for my car damage =[, but I have a batch of records I am currently awaiting on that top these and I still have an extra copy of that Juno Reactor album on hand. I will hold it for you if you want.


    Most of my singles are now gone too in other trades for things. *laughs* I will though just for you hold onto that extra copy of Beyond the Infinite. Like I said, I just got caught in a pretty uptight past few months and I've been needing every penny I have and thus the recourse of no trade with you because even 15 dollars for shipping was too much! Hold on!!! I will hang onto it for you. No hard feelings I hope man!



  3. Please feel free to take a look. I got rid of a bunch of stuff via trades, but I have a ton of records being listed for sale on eBay for what people wanted for trade, but I'm glad so many people fell through because I need the money after a huge rain/hail storm here in Minnesota so cash is necessary right now and being done via eBay.


    Please take a look @ my items selling page:




    Thanks for the discussions people and arguing trades with me :-) I will have a whole bunch more to trade coming up in about another week and this time there'll be a lot more quality involved! *laughs*





  4. Hey Visine!


    Awesome had! Out of my three copies of this album, they're all yellow, with the text. I'm pretty sure. I might take another peek in my doubles bag just to be sure now. Thanks Ukiro for the information update.





    I just finished playing the records and they play perfectly.. ...especially considering this is a 10 years old release.


  5. First Flight LP - GONE

    Astral Projection Trust In Trance - 1 COPY LEFT

    Outside the Reactor - RESERVED

    Astral Projection Another World - RESERVED


    So far, not too many have inquired, like I say, make me an offer, a trade will do as First Flight was traded for a GMS album and Shakta single. jeah. Trading is fun. =]


    So, please, don't hesitate to message me your offers, monies (in USD of course)$$ or vinyl trades.



  6. What's the going rate for Mystical Experiences (Blue Room) CD? I have a copy, anybody up for it? I have two copies on vinyl and they do me justice. :) So, I'm going to add:


    The Infinity Project - Mystical Experiences - Blue Room Release



  7. So these are doubles? :)

    I was wondering if u have the 4th flight in your collection (CD/LP) And if so, would you  be willing to trade/sell it ?

    Can't find it anywhere, tried to order it directly trough Flying Rhino but never received an answer.


    Thanks Devious


    I have a copy on the way (LP) but no doubles. I managed to score 3rd and 4th flight recently, LPs. So, I am happy.


    Good luck in your searches.



  8. sounds like a very cute kiddo ;)


    opps... need to update that list

    witchcraft is gone already...

    unless you want the re-issue on avatar ;)

    about FOL i think i can still get a brand new copy of that album (dragonfly release)


    yo, spud! yeah, he's awesome. there's pictures of him online over @ tribe.net, feel free to ask for the link =]. anyways, i'm going to bounce this up and hope someone bites. visine, are you still around? get ahold of me.


    p.s. any downtempo/ambience/dub stuff will be considered for trades. i dig it as much as psy.





  9. Hey man, I'll check your for trade list anyways and see what's up. I don't mind, really. I mean afterall I don't plan on getting rid of *ALL* of my CDs, just some I don't care for anymore and have on vinyl still anyways. :)


    So, I'll give you this, I'll get back to you as soon as I peep your list. I have to go take care of my lil' one right now as he's calling for me *he's 5 1/2 months, and the most awesome baby one could ask for, and I think he gets bored with psytrance because he falls asleep to it every single time we're banging out to it haha*.


    Look for me in a few minutes - 1/2 hour.



  10. I need to clarify some things.


    LPs, Albums = Records!

    EPs, Singles = Records!

    Promos = Records!

    CDs = Compact Discs!


    Now, please send me offers, not "hey, how much do you want for ....." I don't do eBay with music, unless I'm buying it. But I will take the first REASONABLE fair offer for a rarity! I am not asking 500 dollars a record. I may pay that, sometimes *laughs* but I do not want to force it upon anyone else. So, please, feel free to send me reasonable offers. :>


    I am only looking for vinyl trades, PsyGoatDelic, sorry. :> And that Koxbox is a record, too. It seems via discogs you collect CDs!



  11. --- bof


    Here is an updated list of stuff for trade. Still working on adding things. :) Just want to have the most recent

    one available. I've also decided that I will take offers of *monies* for things on this list. Please understand to

    include your offer BEFORE shipping charges are added (as they differ with every buyer/country). Also understand, I

    have the right to refuse any lowball offer.


    Regarding trades, I am seeking to complete my TIP LP collection and Flying Rhino LP collection, but all offers will

    be considered and not immediately discarded. So, please, shoot me your offers of monies or trades. :) And on a

    final note, in regards to trading, both parties, myself and who I trade with agree to pay for the shipping of the

    records to the *receiver*. It makes it easier and less hassle. :) I have feedback on ebay and other various

    reputable sources to verify my entity's existance and credibility!


    Thanks and I hope you enjoy this list!




    --- eof




    --- bof





    various artist - first flight - flying rhino records

    various artist - nightvision: sixth flight - flying rhino records

    hallucinogen - twisted - dragonfly records (2 copies) (yellow dayglow vinyl!)

    various artist - blue room released vol:1 - outside the reactor - blue room records

    total eclipse - delta aquarids - blue room records

    juno reactor - beyond the infinite - blue room records (2 copies)

    astral projection - the astral files - transient records

    astral projection - trust in trance (3) - transient records (2 copies)

    astral projection - another world - transient records




    doof - angelina/weird karma - tip records

    astral projection - enlightened evolution ep - tip records

    man with no name - lunar cycle/neuro tunnel - dragonfly records

    hallucinogen - deranger - twisted records

    various artist - voojoo rituals: mixed by dj gidi - hovek olam

    edp - spiritual hallucination - peyote records (2 copies)

    koxbox - stratosfear/stratosfearless - blue room records

    juno reactor - conga fury/magnetic - blue room records

    juno reactor - guardian angel/razorback - blue room records

    noosphere - carpe noctum/23rd chromozone - blue room records

    etnica - plastic ep - blue room records

    etnica - tribute/astral way - blue room records

    total eclipse - space clinic ep - blue room records

    bumbling loons - omen/w-omen - flying rhino records (2 copies)

    kopfuss resonator & dj aze - holy water ep - flying rhino records

    planet b.e.n. - y2k ep - flying rhino records

    slide - confusional state ep - flying rhino records

    venom v bug - bugged ep - flying rhino records

    cwithe - karmachanics ep - symbiosis records

    O.O.O.D. (outofourdepth) - kundalini/cobra - psychic deli records


    [Test Pressings/Promos]:


    NOTE: Inquire with me for any questions regarding markings, label, catalog numbering, etc regarding this section of my list!


    pleiadians / breach of space - accidental occidentalism sampler ep

    astral projection - dancing galaxy PROMO 2x12"

    astral projection - the astral files PROMO 2x12" sta

    doof - lets turn on PROMO 2x12"





    the infinity project - Feeling Weird - substance (French Label released) STILL NEW IN SHRINKWRAP cat:SUB 4811.2

    various artist - dance trance & magic plants - transient records

    juno reactor - bible of dreams - wax trax! STILL NEW IN SHRINKWRAP

    juno reactor - shango - metropolis STILL NEW IN SHRINKWRAP

    juno reactor - samurai single - blue room/hypnotic STILL IN SHRINKWRAP

    ldc - plasma - radikal records STILL NEW IN SHRINKWRAP

    brainman - brain food - tip records


    --- eof

  12. I ve seen your wantlist

    but dont have many vinyl

    my collection is mostly on cd s

    now i have a steady job and i started investing on vinyl (at last)


    Astral Projection - Trust in Trance 2x12" (tip)

    hallucinogen - twisted 2x12" (dragonfly rec.)

    etnica - plastic ep (blue room)


    so if you can just pm me with a price I d be happy


    I have a bunch of CDs, too. I use them to listen to :> and vinyl to collect. I needed something to do with my spare time, hehe. Anyways, I can't name a price. I don't know, I really would prefer trades. It makes it easier on my pocketbook. Money gets spent in many o places and confuses me *I suck with finances*. So I'd rather just do trades, sorry bud! =[


    If you offer me a good price, sure why not! But I am not setting the price. :> I'd rather trade. So go ahead, offer.




    PS, Aaron is just confused and doesn't know what's going on. HEH :-/

  13. One deal done, but everything still remains *I had triples of what someone wanted, ugh*. Anyways, I want to clarify, the Twisted album (dragonfly records) is the neonyellowgreenish vinyl. I have a total of four copies of this album *LAUGHS* 1 twisted and 3 dragonfly. I get greedy sometimes with good albums, but I realize I need more variety and need to sort out triples and doubles. Well, anyone else up for a trade?



  14. errm I know you want to trade

    but would you think of selling some of these


    Hey, el brujo.


    I would consider it, however, I really can't determine a set price. That's why I would prefer to trade. If you have something that you find equally valued (I know there's some cheap flying rhino stuff listed =]), then throw it at me and we'll talk. My discogs is at:


    psyshaman discogs


    Feel free to look it over.





  15. Here's a list of what I have as far as doubles are concerned:


    Juno Reactor - Conga Fury 12" (blue room)

    Astral Projection - Trust in Trance 2x12" (tip)

    Various - First Flight 3x12" (flying rhino)

    Juno Reactor - Beyond the Infinite 4x12" (blue room)

    E.D.P. - Spiritual Hallucination 12" (peyote)

    Various - Voojoo Rituals 12" (hovek olam)

    hallucinogen - deranger 12" (twisted)

    hallucinogen - twisted 2x12" (dragonfly rec.)

    astral projection - the astral files 2x12" (transient)

    astral projection - another world 2x12" (transient)

    doof - angelina/weird karma 12" (tip)

    out of our depth - kundalini/cobra 12" (psychic deli)

    kopfuss resonator & dj aze - holy water ep 12" (flying rhino)

    bumbling loons - w-omen/omen 12" (flying rhino)

    astral projection - enlightened evolution 12" (tip)

    cwithe - karmachanics 12" (symbiosis)

    pleiadians & breach of space - accidental occidentalism sampler ep 12" (symbiosis)

    venom v bug - bugged ep 12" (flying rhino)

    slide - confusional state 12" (flying rhino)

    planet b.e.n. - y2k ep 12" (flying rhino)

    various - nightvision - sixth flight 2x12" (flying rhino)

    koxbox - stratosfear 12" (blue room)

    noosphere - carpe noctum/23rd chromozone 12" (blue room)

    juno reactor - guardian angel 12" (blue room)

    etnica - plastic ep (blue room)

    total eclipse - space clinic 12" (blue room)

    etnica - tribute/astral way 12" (blue room)


    Make offers. I really like downtempo, dub, chillout, psy. I know this won't appeal to many here but it's worth a shot to see if there's anyone local who would be down.






    P.S. I am from N. America. I'm pretty much open to anything good or anything you recommend I check out. I envy many of your collections. I am on eBay as "heliospace" by the way should you want to check on feedback regarding me. :-)

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