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  1. Well, it was a really hard birth Posted Image and we have a connection now, but it is not only positiv :angry:




    They were fully worn, the man who owned the synth before was a professional live-musician who played it since 1985 :huh: I had to remove tons of confetti, it was everywhere. I even found a paper-clip under the board :rolleyes:





    I would like to, but unfortunately I don't own a cam...

    Ahaha, I want to comment with regards to the 3396's and any cem, ssm, or other vintage vco, adsr, vcf, vca, etcetera chips out there, including SIDs ;) stock up. If you have vintage gear that you never plan on dumping like me and my prophet 5, make sure you have a supply of the chips and other various parts on hand. Does not apply to most people here!


    Anyways, yeah, really hard birth indeed. Hope you got it at a "parts" kind of price. I bought one after your last post of talking about repairing it. It's not here yet. I got the rack module. I got screwed over on the purchase of a Juno 60 so I took the money and bought a modular and 6r instead.


    As for the pots, well, it's good to know they were used a lot. Boy, lots of equipment is popping up where nobody even touched it since the purchased [my modular for instance]. These are scary. I hear of Juno 106's being bought in NEW condition. After a week of it being turned on and off and used....the voice chip start to go bad. Freaky! Glad I got rid of mine. ;)


    Well, glad for you! Hope she pumps out some good sounds for you.



  2. I don't see why this topic is funny. He's making a request, these cds, at least IFO particularly, can come available pretty frequently. Hell, I scored a second copy recently for 25 bucks. I sold my first copy that I got last year to Technossomyduder in Australia. It's not impossible, and despite these leetests laughing at you, just wait a few months, my copy will be for sale again.



  3. On the way....


    Posted Image


    The most horrible thing is, well, not really, I have to sell my Oberheim MC 3000d midi controller [one just sold for on ebay for 600 dollars plus shipping, so I put mine up for 600 with free shipping ;) man I got a good deal on that thing].


    I guess I'm craving a modular now. Always have, but they were always costly. This was less than 1000 dollars and is in most excellent condition. A few things need to be done to it to make it a five vco, but there are three vco's in it already. I've been mastering my soldering technique lately with vintage buys and am realizing it's best to buy used non working stuff :) for awesome prices hehe.


    So what now? To learn the real hard truth behind synthesis, woot.



  4. Well the last few times I tried it, it wouldn't power up. But I tried it just now and it works! Go figure. It's not hooked up to anything at the moment though and my rack is kind of awkward to get to the back of but from memory, it has crackly voices and is generally unreliable. Biggest hoover sounds though.

    I don't know how much of a screwdriver wiz you are but pop open that case, and clean the output areas with some alcohol and swabs. Assuming it's on all the voices, otherwise, I'd recommend paying attention to ebay for some cem3996 chips. There were just two in the UK that went for 20 bucks, or...well whatever the conversion is for gbp :) today


    Or put it up on ebay, seems those sell for like 500USD in england :-D versus their going rate of about 300-350 here. I got mine for 249.99+16 s/h woot. Hope it works cause nothing I've gotten off ebay vintage as of lately has worked :( upon receipt GAH



  5. I exchanged the felt on the aftertouch-bar, soldered all cables/ contacts once more and fixed the screws carefully. Now it works again :rolleyes: But I don't know exactly, what caused the problem after all.


    Aditionally I exchanged all buttons (23 pieces, ugh), replaced the two potentiometers in the levers and exchanged one broken voice chip. It was a lot of work and much sweat but now I'm happy with my matrix 6, everything works fine :lol:


    Only the surface is not that beautiful anymore, many rusty areas. Maybe I find a solution even for that. Any ideas?

    Doesn't it feel like your child now after you've spent that time and effort doing such? It's because of similar service to my Prophet 5 that I will never ever part for it, unless it's for a trade of two Prophet 5's ;)


    Anyways, I don't know what was wrong with your pots, but next time just try some deoxy spray. It works wonders.


    Post some photos if you get the chance.





  6. ohn Howard Carpenter (born January 16, 1948) is an American film director, screenwriter, producer, film score composer and occasional actor. Carpenter has worked in numerous film genres, and is considered one of the most accomplished and influential horror and science fiction directors in Hollywood.


    I had to quote bring this up. John Carpenter used a Prophet 5 ;) and had some pretty cool soundtracks so I wanted to see what he's referred to as.


    He's a film score composer.


    So we can in fact be.


    Electronic Music Composers.


    Film scores aren't necessary classical, they can be any sort of style of music.


    K, just sayin!


    I'mma EMC yo!



  7. It's not about anybody lying, Nemo. All I'm saying is that the words that currently exist do not accurately describe what it is we do as artists who create electronic music.

    I don't think that Nemo is misleading anybody but they're allowing themselves to be misled. It's a matter of being up to date with todays top-pop definitions. If they want to go into depth and ask if it's classical or what at that time, that would give you the opportunity to describe into detail what you do exactly. Otherwise, if they respond with "oh, okay!" then carry on and think of you as a classical composer, so be it, they failed to question the most obvious fluke. Look at Nemo, I wouldn't think he's a composer of classical. hell fucking no. I'd think he was a jolly good party kid who's just pretending to be 30something [32?] who either eats drugs or ate drugs and mixes music like every party kid wants to do. I'd figure it out pretty quickly.


    Now, on the other hand, if you give off another aura, like, some sort of classy dress code constantly, white hair down to your butt, but it's a wig, among other things, I would say you were into classical! :) HehE!!!


    Okay, stereo typing, but i seem to know a gay person before they even talk! "Whoa, you look gay!" "That's because I AM GAY!" hahaha. Sorry! I was just trying to be funny. I'll be gone for awhile [not like you guys care]. I move tomorrow finally. And I have to find a job. So I think tonight's my last posting session for a week or more.



  8. Apart from being an average nobody, even an asshole sometimes, I'd like to consider myself a producer. Gotta love that term!

    Well, like women, most men are producers too in their own righteous egotistical ways. ;) Women just get to be producers naturally because that's what nature gave them. Thank goodness I'm not a female. Ouch! Bad enough watching my son be born.





    AHA k, I'm relaly not here, I'm on a break from psynews. bye.





  9. Yeah, people understand "compose electronic music" here too. But somehow that's different than just "composer" to 99.9% of people. Again, at least here "I am a composer" means exactly "I write/create/make classical music."


    I wish in a similar way I could use one word to describe what I do to someone, instead of having to actually describe it with paragraphs. It would help if I actually knew what I was doing myself, because it seems ambiguous, somewhat "applied" and somewhat "fine".

    I've never had a problem talking about EDM or electronic dance music. I guess it's big here though in Minneapolis. Big enough that anybody you even say EDM too will be say WHICH?


    I honestly thought at least 30% of americans knew by now with all the anti-rave laws and shit :) it'd be easy to speak about without referencing composer. I think honestly, anywhere, if you say I'm a composer, most of the population is going to respond with the common assumption of classical music in all honesty. I wouldn't say anything about composing to a general posse. It's simple enough saying 'I play around with EDM' in my case since I'm really not writing as much as I'm learning right now :)



  10. im OK haha. ;)

    How about this, I design the sounds, I make great armpit sounds. Colin composes, Otto markets, Nemo brings in the spanish women, needle ninja dances on the stage [he's a ninja] and acts as a crowd callah! And well, you get it! We'll have an AWESOME show. And when shit breaks, we'll just call the "techs" from guitar center ahEHAHEAHEEHAHAH


    =[[[[[[[[[ I was trying to be funny and I know you're Okay nemo. it was a joke. ;)


    I've been bored. I've spent too much time on pienews lately. I need a break and I think I'm going to spend the rest of the week away from here. I move on Saturday and when I get my shit setup, PIXXX! Maybe then somebody will talk to me here :(



  11. Sound Designer sounds so wrong though, cause it would imply you design a sound, not a track? Music Designer? But still, why label it, just go with the flow and COMPOSE what comes into your mind! :)

    How about we just agree on a "sound creationist-track designing implementist composing technician?"


    Then we can all hug and be o-k!



  12. Thanks for the feedback - I appreciate it! :)


    As for the visit in Poland, if it ever comes to it let me know (if you're going to be in Warsaw that is) and we'll meet for a beer or two! Are you planning to take your son with you?

    Yes, we want to go to one of those AWESOME winning Poland festivals. Damon shared those photos recently and they were wowz0rs. You guys sure know how to rock the psy parties artistically and musically.



  13. I got this brand new for 50 bucks, It's the desktop version of the Master Keyboard, the Oberheim MC 3000.


    This one is the MC 3000d [of course d signifying desktop]. I have said recently I plan on using my computer as a drum machine and I figure having a midi controller will help a little bit with it. I don't know what I'm looking for in a midi controller because it's one thing I haven't paid any attention to. I know these oberheim controllers are super duper rare and were made in Italy back in like 97 or 98. There's very little information on the Internet but here's a picture and here's some specs of it, does it sound like something that'll work as a MIDI controller? I have a KORG DW-6000 I've talked about in past that will bethe master keyboard then. Good combination for getting a little bit into the computer for sound?


    Also, I do know these sold mostly in Europe and Australia, very few made it here to the states from what information I came up with. Wonder why? Does it suck? [edit AHAHA SORRY, EUROs!@# I didn't mean that it sucks because it was mostly sold to europe, bad way of putting it, it just seems like the sales of these were limited as were their creation.]


    Posted Image


    Technical specifications

    Display Graphic 240*64 pixel Hi contrast BL

    Number of programs 1024

    Number of zones / layer 8 + 8 aux

    Midi OUT channels 128

    Midi IN Channels 32

    Midi in ports 2

    Midi Thru ports 2

    Midi Out ports 8

    Slider Real Time 8

    Pedals 8 all user assignable

    Encoder Dynamic

    Velocity curves 16 preset + 48 user

    Velocity curves edit Graphic editor with point-point res

    Aftertouch curves 16 preset + 48 user

    Aftertouch curves edit Graphic editor with point-point res

    Patch Bay X-Matrix graphic editor

    Patch Bay configurations 1024 (one on each patch)

    Program Change tables 16 preset + 48 user

    System exclusive tables 16 preset + 32 user

    Sys-ex tables features Assignable on each zone

    Editing Sys-Ex tables with LEARN and CHECK functions

    Chains 128 (256 steps each)

    Chain Step Programmable

    Mouse Serial mouse on RS-232 port.

    Weight MC3000 D - 5Kg

    Dimension (W x D x H) MC3000 D - 430 x 256 x 95 mm

  14. Sweeeeeeeeeet! I like it Artur.


    Hey, rumor has it I may come to Poland when my local Artur moves back [Damon]. He's probably moving back there in two years. So there better be an off the wall event.


    As for the high hats, I do agree, a bit high, but the track is still great. Like your speech spamples.



  15. i think I read somewhere that Mozart called himself "Komponist" and "Capellmeister"

    For those of us who don't know, me included:



    n. 1. The musical director in a royal or ducal chapel; a choir-master.


    And Komponist appears to be a foreigners way of saying composer, yeah? I can't translate all the foreign links google brought up hahahaha :-D



  16. @devious: I think electronic [music] producer is about right, personally. Nice sequencer. Total beast, that thing. When you take breaks do you play Intellivision? :lol:

    The sequencer is cool, 10400 note capacity internally, 106000 capacity on 3 1/2" disk. ;) I do like the Coleco Vision if that counts :-P



  17. Honestly, I find it no different than somebody using a hardware sequencer already. It can be much more beneficial to use software for particularly sequencing since you have easy access to your sequence layout versus what I use which is a silly 2x32 character lcd display on my linn. :) This is my sequencer, and it rocks, and it's easy, but to delete a note, I have to hit the key on the keyboard right before it pops up. I can't just go back and delete it.


    You, using software, are just as much as a producer as somebody using hardware. It's no different. It's the final product that counts. I will say that it's harder to do a live show with using a computer. I think it's dull, and perhaps boring. I could see one incorporated into a show with other hardware. But soley as a computer...just takes away from the performance value that live shows can bring. ;)


    As far as a synthesist goes, same thing applies. No different from somebody using hardware. It really just boils down to the final product and how listeners perceive your music and/or feel it.


    It'll either be a good job or a bad job..from hardware....or....from.....software! We're all on the same level. Different mediums to do the job. I'd say "Electronic Producers" from all angles. :)




    Edit: for a good laugh, get used to using this for sequencing: [this is what I use, and it's probably the easiest hardware sequencer ever, at least for me, aside from step sequencers on like the tr/tbs and the electribes and such] This really takes about 2 hours to learn and fully understand, but is super powerful despite it being made in September of 1985!


    Posted Image


    Posted Image


    I heart it!

  18. but to share the link for those who didnt know here it is:



    Cool, I'm going over there now. I also recommend people take a look on other synth forums, you'll learn a lot. Also, there's some psychedelic trance artists on the analogue haven mailing list. It's strictly analogue gear, but it's pretty awesome to talk to some of our current artists out there; may be worth a subscribe.




    edit: awesome. he has some nice advice, and even humorous too. ;) I may have misread but I do disagree about the nord modular. I think anybody getting into synthesis should really consider learning on a modular because then you're really learning the path of the signal. Then again there's people who just want to put stuff out using premade patches which is cool, but :) synthesis in itself is really fun. I've become obsessed with it in a strange horny way.

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