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  1. I do this as well, just a little different! i try to focus on the basslines and the overall flow so i cut off the middle/high frequencies.. and then builds melodies/ideas in my head... Sometimes i humm the melodies, record it into my cellphone so i can remember them afterwards.. I play them in on the midicontroller, and make a "sketch" of what i want, then build it from there

    Hehehe! :) Yeah, the infamous recorder comes out sometimes here. The mini cassette recorder I used to use on all my psychedelic journeys is now used for all my musical humming, well, not all, but...a lot of times it comes out. Great suggestion!



  2. Dude, connect a cd player to your mixer, play a cd, sit down, and figure out the scales used in a track, and start adding shit to it as you play the cd.....and then find your spot, and start working from there. I don't know, works wonders for me. Don't try and copy what's being played, add a layer or two underneath what's already going...and you'll soon find that you've just started your own track. works everytime for me but then again, so does just using a drum beat.....and then humming along and then keying it in after you hum it :)








    P.S. having your keyboard directly in front of you while you browse psynews helps, too! :-P

  3. Hi guys,


    AARON HERE! Yeah, I've not been around, and am coming back more. I have a lot of sequenced shit that I never get totally finished. I've been learning keyboard a lot, and we record everything from scratch and it's totally improvised when we record shit. The sequenced shit is not available to hear yet, but it's intense. I'm really happy with my setup these days and really am not wanting to trade off gear anymore for the next *best* thing. I'm totally digging my 37 keys and less keyboard setup. I love small boards!


    Anyways, I want to invite you to listen to our stupid little page on myspace with my friends and my own shit. It's hard to follow because sometimes he goes off in a direction and I just don't know where the fuck he went and I try to follow and .. well, I'm not super experienced on a keyboard yet, and playing one is... still kind of hard. Getting that left hand to move independently from the right is tricky, but I'm slowly progressing. Anyways, check it!


    It may or may not be for you, but give it a listen, turn off the main myspace music player and [just press the stop button] scroll down and see the other embedded music player and listen to shit like Pathway and Odyssey, they're pretty dope...I think it's all pretty dope since it's just a matter of my progression with live playing. It's totally techno-ish/electronica influenced. Most of the recordings are pretty raw with shitty equipment [i won't even say] but :-) just listen and...enjoy! space away!




    All hate mail will be redirected to your mother! Thank you :-)




    P.S. In the pictures there, you will never find my keyboard. I keep telling my brother in life to get a fucking dehumidifier or he's going to regret even owning music gear! Basements are BAD BAD BAD NEWS for the most part for gear with metal pieces on them. I've witnessed not one, but TWO akai AX-80's that ... well, people....don't get it, on the outside it may look all fine and dandy, open it up...and BAM! :) So enjoy the lame oh Ensoniq SQ1 haha!

  4. A handsome machine!

    Hey brother man, yeah definitely. It's a beautiful one at that. Sounds are similar to that of an oberheim xpander, uses the same VCO chips [cem 3374s I do believe]. It's a very *silky* machine and it's for that character I'm absolutely adoring it. It sucks because the midi implementation is AWESOME but sysexclusive is non-existent so patch dumping and shit to the computer...is nil! :( You have to have a memory card which I do not have yet, but thank goodness the Roland M256-E and M512-E work in the machine :-) cause those are available on eBay. The Akai BR-16's and 32's are impossible to find.


    Still learning the mod matrix of the akai. Loving the nord modular. That fucker....really does come close to sounding oh so deliciously warm analogish. I am amazed. It pulls it off really really well and that's sort of weird coming out of my fingers. :-) One day I told my good friend that I *need* a digital synth, and well...I couldn't be happier with my decision.



  5. How You Do'in !?!

    Still trading synths eh well anything you can do yourself is 10x better then relying on someone else.

    Work for yourself and you won't be unemployed soon.

    NN! =] I'm doing good! And yes, you're right. I make way more doing what I do now, and spend less time doing it...than I have ever before working for anybody else. :-) Freedom! I could make more, but...I work like 2 hours a day and well, I won't even say how much I make heehee.


    I've been tempted to give you a good talking to since I first saw this thread for relinquishing a P5, but I'll refrain. Not that the Nord isn't probably a good synth as well, but the P5 is a classic!


    Next time you want to unload a classic analog synth, talk to me first! :clapping:

    Hey, the prophet 5 is a sweet synth, but I am trying to be more practical about music making these days. Space limitations and such. I mean, at one point, I had a p5, minimoog model d, yamaha sk50d, 2x sh 101s, and various other gear sitting in the living room. I wasn't using most of it because it was just *too much*. Well, I was planning on keeping the Prophet 5 out of all my vintage stuff, but .... in reality, the CEM sound was not riding me well. While I obsessed about the way the Prophet 5 looked, it wasn't a SSM based P5 and the CEM sound really did push me away from liking the sound. I mean, it has its place, but I overly used it and moved away from it. Honestly, I've had more fun playing with an Ensoniq SQ1, a cheap wavetable digital synth....and have gotten way more sounds out of it that I'd use in a heart beat than the Prophet 5. :-)


    My modular and akai vx600 arrived today. I already love the sound of the vx600 more than the prophet 5....and it was only 600 bucks versus the 2700 dollars I sold the prophet 5 for [which I paid 1498 for it :-) but I also had a TON of parts for it when I sold it because...what to do with vintage gear? Collect parts for them because...they will run out! ha ha! and break down eventually!]


    So, for shits and giggles...here's the prophet 5's listing on ebay :-)




    Enjoy the photos! SAD THING IS, it's still sitting in customs in Italy! :( fucking customs!



  6. Congrats Aaron, you won't regret it. This link might prove useful:



    Don't forget to download the patch library!


    Quick tip: you've probably already worked this out but you'll probably need to set your processor scheduling to "Programs" temporarily when you start the editor and connect it to the NM1, then turn it back to "Background Services" when you've got them talking.

    Colin! I'm pretty sure I wont. I had a nord 2x and while I loved it, I kept hearing so much better things about the nord modular g1 and original nord lead, sooooooo one popped up the other day and I had to buy it right away! I have not received it yet. I am anticipating it's arrival though. Excited to load up the software and begin patching away hah! Glad I know synthesis well enough :-D so stoked! Now if I could find the voice card!@ HEEHEE


    Welcome back, devious 2.0.1. :)

    Thanks Otto! I'm glad you've also returned. ;)



  7. colin, you can spank me!




    i got a nord modular g1


    i'm fucking thrilled!


    i sold off that 56# behemoth monster prophet 5 and all my 'vintage' gear! i have 'newer' gear now! less worries in the mind about possible repairs, although i did them myself, part sourcing is becoming harder and harder.


    so yay me, i have a digital synth, and it rocks...and i still have an analog piece, an akai vx-600 ;) so two 37 or less key synths are in my arsenal plus i'm looking to add a nice analog monosynth to finalize my simple setup.


    still have a bunch of vintage gear, but it's all on the market as it is my income still :)


    THIS WAS REALLY MEANT AS A HELLO TO EVERYBODY, AND THAT I WILL BE RETURNING SHORTLY! Trying to stay focused on bodybuilding, musical creations, and ... and... life! :-)


    Hope you're all happy and well!



  8. I would suggest, to learn your scales and stuff, watching an arpeggiator arpeggiate really slowly and just play along (that's how I'm learning bass), and wikipedia is your friend.

    Go here!




    I know like 35 scales now, but I don't know which scales they pertain to. I am uh, a search and figure it out myself kind of person and playing music is less mind fucking. :)



  9. Brain-bending. I couldn't tell you now the exact details of how it works as I've used MIDI to program 303s ever since Nigel put a CV/Gate/Cutoff/Accent input on his in 1995, and even when I was programming it every day I still had to have the manual nearby. It's similar to the step-sequencer in many other devices (SH-101 or Sequential SixTrak for example) in that you get very little feedback of what you're doing and have to hold the whole thing in your head whilst your programming it. Basics: you step through the pattern (max 16 steps) one step at a time, programming a note of the required pitch or a rest into each one. Each step also has options for octave shift, tie, slide and accent. You can chain patterns together to make longer melodies, and make songs out of chains and patterns. If once you've programmed your riff you then realise you've made a mistake (which is fairly probable) and want to correct it (who knows, the mistake likely sounded better than what you intended) you have to listen to your riff a million times, counting 16ths like crazy until you're as sure as you can be that you know where in the riff the mistake was, then step through the pattern and correct the note(s), praying to god you didn't get confused by the fact that the slide function applies to the note AFTER the one you programmed it on... oh you did get confused? No matter, your riff now has a quirky syncopation in it! Cool! And oh look, the 'C' key double-presses sometimes so you just overwrote another step with the wrong note; no matter, put an accent on both of them, crank up the res and the accent level and listen to that baby squeal!

    Holy shit mister 303 professor!




  10. So i found out that one person in this forum is in the NE ohio area and is familiar with nelsons ledges. Since i'm there as often as possible, i'm curious to find out if other people in here know what this place is, and hey, even if your not in the area, do you know nelsons ledges? me and a buddy are going in april to the earlybird gathering/420 fest, and we ALWAYS, for the entire time, have a nonstop trance party going at our camp site. On top of that, we spend hours setting the site up, so we have chairs, blankets to lay on, a canopy over the tent and about 10 feet in front so even the rain can't stop the party, a gaint bon-fire, and usually plenty of alcohol and other fun for the head party favors. Theres already tons of people going to this festival and i want to know if anyone else is. PS!!!!! if your are unfamiliar with nelsons legdes quarry park, visit www.nlqp.com. u'll find everything they offer, events calendar, videos and pictures from previous years, and plenty of other stuff to feed your noggin. have a safe trip everyone!

    dude, like, while I respect your post and all, you totally posted this in the wrong forum. There is an events section and you can post in north america subforum there. This...will be moved in time, but just a heads up.



  11. Maybe the Korg ER1MKII is more what I'm looking for??


    have they been discountinued?


    Or maybe one of the Roland grooveboxes??



    ahh dear... so many choices!!!

    You need to decide really. You should have hands on experience playing with the choices you have and then decide what works best for you. But as a personal recommendation, absolutely positively stay away from Roland groove boxes, definitely. In fact, stay away from Roland gear post 1998 :) but that's just my opinion...



  12. Not yet, I'll give it a try today though. Is there any sequencer you'd suggest to use with them or would Logic be fine?


    I'm still not sure if an EMX would be more productive in creating complex beats. I like the idea of being able to shape your music with the touch of a button instead of copying and pasting. It just seems like it would be alot faster and open up alot of possibilities.


    But i could use the EMX to control VST instruments right??



    You should check out youtube for some EMX demos. I don't know personally how grooveboxes interface within the MIDI realm on computers, but I am sure it would to a certain extent. In a perfect world, you would have a pretty knob laden and/or fader laden midi controller to do all the VST's work and have the EMX on the side. You seem like you really want an EMX. ;) If you buy one used, you can resell it for the same price if you take good care of it, heehee. The great thing about the synth/pro-audio market.


    And yes, you can continue to use logic so long as you deem it worthy of your use. :-P



  13. Hey,


    So I'm looking to add something to my setup so i can start recording some Infected Mushroom, Astral Prjection, Phoenix, and really any Goa/ Psytrance stuff.


    currently I have a korg TR and Logic express on my mac... Nothing too exciting. =/


    I was thinking a few things,


    I could upgrade to Logic Pro


    I could buy a Korg Electribe EMX


    I could buy a Korg Kaoss Pad 3



    Maybe theres something that would be better for me to buy, but given my current setup and what I want to record does any one have any suggestions??




    If you want to sound like Astral Projection, they used an Emax sampler and lots of Roland analogue gear as well as access viruses and nord leads.


    If you want to sound like Infected Mushroom, simply pick up a Solton MS50 :)


    Korg Electribe EMXs are great. I've heard many tracks Goa related created on them. Of course not as the only instrument, but they do VERY well at it.


    If you want something with a built in sequencer, like the EMX, possibly give a Future Retro - Revolution a try. They're awesome, monophonic, synths. You really need to determine what you want to do, how you get your inspiration and if ITB [in the box] or OTB [Out of the box] is more your method.


    I personally have grown using an OTB setup. When I played with Reason and an ITB setup, there were some things that were interesting, but now I feel more musically endowed [bwaha] and it's a matter of preference and taste as you will quickly find out by frequenting here, gearslutz, or anywhere else.


    Honestly, if you wanted to buy a Korg EMX, I would seriously consider using that money for Nord Modular, no doubt, and trying out Renoise! Those two in combination could possibly be one of the most winning ITB combinations, evargh :) combined with some good monitors in which any case, to plug them, I would recommend Focal Solo6, but they're at a cost of ~2000 plus USD :)


    If you state a plan, what gets you more productive, what you have done, etcetera, it may be a lot easier to guide. And welcome to psynews.org, enjoy your stay!



  14. yeah you are man...


    by the way, updates of my studio in the past two months are as follows:

    I got my Futureretro Revolution which is kick ass :) got a small problem with midi in though, I had to get this after years and years of listening to 303 through my life, its also great fun programming it.

    I really got the cool but toy mfb 502 tiny analog drum machine (this one looks like a toy all tiny but a nice analog toy, maybe I can make a small bassline synth to match this make it a small case for drums and bass with a matching amp and speaker to play at camps via solar energy, a real small cd case like rebirth of my own)

    I ve got my SPL Channel one Preamp that I am planning on using on guitars and vocals, this one is one of my greatest acqusitions sonically,

    Also got the motu 8 pre as an extension for my motu soundcard, I need those inputs for the stuff I got, the days of aggregated devices starts :)

    I have given my sh 201 to one of my friends brother so he could start up on synths (spread the love hehe)

    Planning to get the sh 101 still and found a decent little phatty for a good price just waiting for my paycheck

    I continue to make music and the gear I buy shapes around that,

    I will be posting new photos soon...

    If you need a 101, I have one that I am working on getting going soon. I have two, but one. This one has a juno 106 slider, a weird cap slider, and is missing another slider...and a new tuning pot has been installed with a rather fitting tuning knob. I've almost isolated the issue. It produces sound but gets kind of a ghost in the machine... :) I think I've nailed the circuit of failure...but let me know if you're down.

  15. Making your bassline thump


    Creating bass with FM


    SOS (Sound On Sound) Secrets database


    Chord House (piano chords, etc, etc)


    Psytrance And Spirituality of Electronics


    Secrets and tips on trance music production


    Work Flow Methods


    Equipment and Music Creation


    A lot of these sites are a bit outdated but they have some pretty good information in them to get you thinking. I'm still pretty amature when it comes to all aspects of music production, etc., etc. but I think it is safe to say that your best bet is to just go download some programs (yes download) and start experimenting. Software is a lot more powerful than hardware.... My two cents. Read, read, read, read too. Don't buy any equipment at all; it's not going to make you sound any better and after a few months you might not enjoy creating music as much as you used to. Don't want to be stuck with serious gear that won't sell back for nearly as much as you bought it for in most cases. If you do decide to buy something, research the SHIT out of it first and buy from someplace where, if the product isn't what you thought it was going to be, you can return it for full cash back....

    Thanks for posting those TRohr :)


    And while I disagree with what you say about software being more powerful than hardware ;), I do agree that starting out with software is a good idea to see if you're willing to stick with the fighting with yourself, arguing over patterns, arrangements, and sounds....and getting to where you want to be. If you never make it where you want to be, but you enjoy listening to _fill in the blank's_ music, than maybe it's time to move on and just keep being that, a listener, but one must decide for themselves.


    In my experience, I started with Reason. I didn't do psy, I just did strange wacky ambient non-musical scores that would had melted everybody elses ears. I like strange noises :) but after seeing Godford [haha, I don't even know why I call him that, thanks PAVEL and the likes sheesh! :)] live, I had to buy hardware and since then I find myself becoming more sophisticated in sound design and getting way more of what I like to hear in the sound than before.


    Remember, sound preference is a big thing. Everybody thinks they have the best choice. They're all good and I even bought my first digital synth [excited to receive it [well, i actually bought two digital synths :)]]. A computer and a virtual analog will never emulate analog [why emulate? It either is or isn't] and a virtual computer compressor will give you way more horrid results than a real hardware compressor and and and....visit gearslutz.com for all your testing needs from one product to the next. There are people there with 40-60 years plus of industry experience [pro] who do a lot of tests with equipment, software, etcetera and posts the results for everybody to examine. Many times, people are stumped....and I'll stop defending hardware now :) sorry!


    <- devious is a hardware aficionado if it has not become obvious yet :-D




    P.S. More of anything won't make you better either. Start out with one sequencer, one synth vst and one drum machine vst. I know nothing about vsts, but I assume like hardware, this could be a good start. Learn the synth vst completely through. Understand synthesis....and just have fun. Add on after you master one. If I followed my own advice....well, I wouldn't endlessly be poor :)

  16. +1. Let's start it simple and we'll see what comes out of it.




    I won't. Firstly, I can't promise anything unless I work under deadline (which would be the case if I was second/third etc.), secondly I often get much more inspiration from other's work.

    Ah man, this makes it hard! Okay, if somebody helps me get into the VST world, I would love to participate. Hell, I'll even start off. Just let's set the VST standards now and somebody post a link where to get them all. So we all can do it..I can figure the rest out once I have them. I'm really not that stupid. :)


    So let's rock....



  17. Ahhh and drugs are great for making music., crack makes great leads and heroin induces the best atmospheric pads ever,...

    And Acid just makes everything sound like it's inside your head and makes it more real than real itself could inject unto a human being, tehe.


    What do I know? I have never used drugs. *ducks from all the oncoming BULLSHIT comments bwahaha*






    p.s. I recommend buying a Mochika synthesizer if you're too lazy to play. I just picked one up, waiting for it to come. It's made in Peru. I love Alpaca's so why not support the local dudes who kill them and eat them, er wait, nevermind... stupid movies! :) Really, Look it up on youtube, they're pretty neat devices!

  18. Since 1998, I wasn't able to finish single track. I don't have as much time as I'd like to dedicate to music-making. But I'm also too picky and critical. Often I hear in other people's music stuff I'm 100% positive I'd delete in my own stuff, which is strange because I tend to really like those bits - I just don't like them in MY music. Besides, originally I'm a tracker, which means I'm used to 4 tracks (4 sounds at a time), with basic effects (glides, tremolo, volume & panning). The whole lot of possibilities that are available today, starting from multi-track editing, through all those FX and VSTi-s with countless parameters simply scare me off. I don't even want to get into mastering /EQ-ing of my work - up until 5 years ago I didn't even know there are things like that!


    Not much of a 'music MAKING' story, but that's all I can share at the moment :)

    And it was funny, that one you shared with us not too long ago just blew me away, bwahaha. KID, YOU'VE GOT TALENT, WORK WITH IT, and YOU'LL BE AN ALLSTAR!


    That way when I come visit Poland, I can see you do a live set :-P when Damon moves back =[[[[[[[[[[



  19. wow, i've never had the opportunity to post in here. so here it is now. i hate it when moderators...think they're so...awesomely defined beyond the rules and regulations of the universe that they can do whatever they want to anybody who does not have a +m flag on the forum and.......




    i've never had a problem here, i think this is just what you all like to call SPAM! I like spam, but anyways, sometimes I am actually baffled how I've come away with no warning. I guess my opinions are subjective and therefore not personally insulting, just on a mass scale instead. :-D




    KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! And when there's a psynews protest, can I take moderation's side and wear riot gear and carry a billy club? That would be awesomely neat. I'd like to hit some knee caps teehee :-D


    *hugs love and stuff*



  20. You don't have to be a perfect keyboardist. I can't properly play what I'm writing. Lately I've been trying to record by MIDI my own melodies, but it sucks so much, even after quantizing. I end up deleting it and just putting it in with the mouse.

    Hi Mike,


    I know, I just prefer to know how to play because right now, I haven't spent much time doing arrangements and instead have been playing with my friends [guitarist and bassist, we just need a drummer now ;)].


    I'm into shit like Sun Ra who was a most desirable excellent performer. I love watching the youtube videos of that guy. He makes the most crazy psychedelic sounds in his performances and does a well rounded presentation when playing. Love it!


    It helps quite a bit, I find, for me. Some things I have arranged actually were done so from some of the improvising we've done together. ;)


    Happy Monday :(



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