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  1. I wholeheartedly recomend DHG (Dödheimsgard) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6JhDzFi6NJ8&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZJOpTfFJc4
  2. ...more Fripp - not really solo, but with a recent (sort of) crimson lineup. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_6VSdJ1-bI&feature=related
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLTlAnVUx3A http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyQJhfXRQ8E
  4. http://www.dump.com/2010/01/06/proof-that-avatar-is-actually-pocahontas-in-3d/
  5. Can't believe I just discovered this, Solar Fields impresses once more. Oh, and the album is available through spotify as well, allthough that obviously isn't lossless http://open.spotify.com/album/40ovGkyaxHG4dN7r2eeVmx
  6. Ordered Excited to see how bluetech's sound have evolved - my expectations are massive!
  7. Yes, there is indeed some pretty good stuff on this disc. Nice to hear some "new" Posford material. Still, it is not by far a contender for album of the year. It is very uneven - from the wonderfully brilliant, to the hopelessly mediocre. Not very suprising, I guess, considering that the album consists of stuff that they didn't find room for in the original album. The darshannon remix (digajigg), is clearly an example of this, very corny. Too much Rednex, far from enough LSD. That being said, the disc comes recomended - if nothing else for historical purposes.
  8. One small tip: all those flashy features and gizmos and whatnot on your myspace page do not improve usability. They are annoying! About the music; Not my cup of tea, not at all..
  9. Excellent duo. Don't really know the stuff they released prior to Six wheels, and I somehow seem to have missed their album from 2004 (will check out...). But inbetween these two gaps - alot of very good stuff, indeed
  10. For me this album was extremely dissapointing. They have shown promise as cross-genre act in the past, and J. viewz have delivered top notch stuff. This, unfortunately, is mediocre at best
  11. Aha, that would make sense. Here, however, it's been a huge hype all over the mainstream media, cut I hadn't noticed that the premium service was limited to just a few countries like kobne mentioned.. Yeh, alot of good stuff disappeared, not only psy... But it's still got a lot of really good content, so I recommend it, especially for just "browsing" and discovering things I didn't know about. Still curious about how it works out cash-wise though, for labels and artists...
  12. I guess most of you have noticed the hype surrounding spotify (www.spotify). If not - basically it's a service that allows you to download a client from which you can stream music freely (at least that's the idea eventually... for now it's only free if you're invited - which I am. If you're not you have to pay a monthly fee). Annyways - I've noticed that there's not really much psy- or psy-related music there, and the few things that are available will mainly be compilations from "odd" labels. Anyway - I was wondering if any of the people on this forum who are involved in a label could shed some light on how this actually works out for you. Is it a conscious choice to stay away from the service, or is the problem mainly that the guys behind the service doesn't know you exist and therefor haven't included you? If you are there - are you actually paid? Have you been in contact with the people behind this sort of thing, and would you eventually consider putting your stuff up there? Basically I'm just curious how this kind of thing works for small, independent labels of any scene, so go ahead and enlighten me in any way you can
  13. Prediction: Album of the year, at least in it's genre. I'd love to be proven wrong later, though.
  14. Hello, psynews'ers! I've decided to gradually sell of some of my vinyl... You' can find a list of what I'm currently selling right here . I guess it's not the most interesting list in the world for now, but it will be updated with more titles in the time to come. Take care, T
  15. Artists: various Title: Nova Natura 2 Label: Cosmic leaf Catalog: CLCD006 Format: CD Released: 2006 01.Minos - Reconditus Dark drifting ambience greets you as you press play on this disc. Minos opens with a drifting piece of music shifting between epic outrospection and more quiet introspective moments. There is plenty of space involved here, and the track is well balanced. Long synthsweeps couppled with very nicely harmonized melodies makes this blend of sounds sweet as sugar. Great opener! 02. Not Drowning, waving - Cold and the Crackle (Arcane Trickster remix) Not drowning, waving is a band I'm not familiar with, but it seems they operate within the terretories of Avantgarde and post-rock. As far as discogs will tell me they released two albums in the early nineties. This track isn't on any of them, and I obviously can't comment on the original. What I can do, however, is let you know that this remix by Arcane Trickster is an amazing piece of work! This is like an intensely haunting track from the time when trip-hop was at it's finest, merged with elements from dark ambient and a dash of psychedelia. In this mix we have alot of elements, and purists should be warned that they may be turned off....The fuzzy guitars, the violins, the spacey vocals, the piano and the heavy, smokeridden bass blend together in a way you seldom come across in our 'scene'. I for one love this, and for the moment this track is one of my prime tools for sofa-chillage. Worth the money alone, and the best track here! Wonderful! 03. Side Liner vs Will-o'-The wisp - Soul Path Side Liner, or Nick Miamis is the man behind this label and here he teams up with fellow familiar suspect will-o'-the wisp to create 'Soul Path". Things aren't quite as deep here as in the previous track, but we still keep to the bassridden side of the force The track has somewhat of a melancholic feeling, really enjoyable for this time of year. If I were to put my finger on one thing here it would have to be that the rythm-section sometimes (in my ears) clash with the rest of the sounds. Nice track, though! 04: D.Batistatos - Sparclin Coconuts With D.Batistatos we move into the more hypnotic realms of chill. There is some tranceyness involved here at some level, allthough very relaxed, offcourse. The lightter and more gentle melodies play along nice enough with the deep bass. It's a decent track for creating a soundtrack to your surroundings, but lacks somewhat in depth. Ok track... 05: Zero Cult - Blur (Original mix) Zero Cult is one of the usual suspects on the compilations of Cosmic Leaf records. This time he presents a pretty simple piece of dub-muzak. It floats around nicely with plesant melodies and mellow beats. It get's your head nodding, but again, this is not one of the albums stand-out tracks. Then again, it doesnt ruin the flow of the album either. Another fair track! 06. D.Batistatos - Crazy Sick Monkeys Mr. D.Batistatos seems to be a really active guy. This is his second effort here, and he has a debut album comming out on the same label in December. This time the beats are more heavy, the bass is deeper and the effort just works better overall than on his first attempt. The melodies are neat and not to repetitve, but where are the Crazy sick monkeys? Not too psychedelic, but very enjoyable track! 07: Will-O'-The-Wisp - Echoing Melodies We seemlessly float into the next track, 'Echoing melodies' by will-o'-the-wisp. The title is pretty fitting, the basic concept seems to be various echoes of one theme over a melancholic background soundscape. The first coupple of times I heard this track I felt it was kind of boring, bu my GOD has this thing ever grown on me. There is a "gamma goblinesque" feeling over that main melody-line(don't get me wrong here though...I know saying that might be considdered blasphemy...). It's also got a ceirtan nerve and an intensity that seldom to come across... The track is truley beautiful in all it's harmonic simplicity. Great! 08: Kick Bong – Landscape Next up is Kick Bong. This is slightly more up-tempo, and the melancholy is toned down. The beats are a tad more funky than on the bulk of tracks here. It fitts into the compilation somehow, though, but this is a tad to friendly for me. It's like one of those tracks you find by the dusin on compilations that features titles suche as 'baeleric' and the such. Really no favourite of mine, but ok as background music... 09: Side Liner - White Wisdom Side Liner takes matters into his own hands and delivers "White wisdom". This is more techy than the other stuff here. The beat is actually rather pumping and drives this forward in style. The psychedelic elements are present as well. The best thing for me here though, is those driving synthsweeps in the background together with those nifty electronic snippets jumping around on top. BUT...and there is a serious "however" here. Towards the end I find the track rather ruined by some pretty dodgy melodies and the over-extensive use of that awfull pan-flute... 10: Cydelix - Over The Western Lake Cydelix does a bold move here, as he tries to apply the aesthetics of western country music in to the chilled electronica world. Luckilly it seem he is familiar with the art of hinting, and it all works out pretty well. This is another rather upbeat track with focus on the brighter feelings. I'm not saying this is superb or anything, but it works... 11. MLT - The Blue Razzphonica MLT jazzes things up in lounge-style towards the end here. A smooth trumpet, some piano and various other instruments create the backdrop for the very lush sounding beats. It all appears as a tad too polished for my taste, though...don't get me wrong... I appreciate the effort - I'd just like to hear it a tad more dirty and experimental. This might be 'outside the box' on a disc in our little scene, but it would fit right on center-stage in a baccardi breezer-comercial...Presented like this it strikes me as, well, boring. 12. Sunsaria feat Lulea - Life is a Dream To finish of the album we have this little piece...well...ouch! I'm sorry but this is an awfull track. Boring and rather repetitive 4/4 beats with some simple piano-chords. On top of this you add eurovision song-contest-style singing and you've got the basic idea. Really, really not to my liking.. Final Remarks: So what do we have here? Well, the essence of it is that this has turned out to be a really nice compilation! In my ears it's the best thing released on Cosmic Leaf thus far. A few of the tracks here are outstanding, and there are a numer of tracks that are really good! That however does not mean that everything is perfect. Things get a little out of hand towards the end, and I really could do without the last two tracks. That being said, this compilation will be on heavy rotation in my livingroom for a while, and I recomend you try it out as well! Tomas (Psychedelic Mustache) Get it here: Psyshop Saiko
  16. Artists: Various Title: peakopath Label: Peak Records Released: 2006 Catalog: PR010 Tracklist: 1.Master Margherita feat. Tanina Munchkind - Bonkers 2.Little Pumpkin vs. Noisy pipes - DTC 3.EVP - Kaepirinha 4.Yab Yum - Invincible 5.Arithom - Lost 6.Electrypnose vs. Highko - Internal Moves 7.Yab Yum & Ocelot - Put another synth on the barbie 8.Drumatik - Born to be wild 9.Clockstoppers - Magical Places 10.Ocelot - Minor Deviant 11.Dimitri Zara vs Synthogen - ESCOM 12.Flooting Groves & Dymons - Whatwasthat Peak Records is back with yet another compilation, celebrating somewhat of an aniversary with their 10th installment. So far I can't really point at any weak-spots in their back-catalog, and for me this label first and foremost stands for quality. Some of their releases have obviously been stronger than others, though.. That being said, expectations are allways sky-high before one of their new discs are absorbed by my little brain and this is no exception. 01: Master Margherita feat. Tanina Munchkind - Bonkers If you've been following peak records for a while you sould be familiar with their love for experimentation in poetry and chillout as well as the psychedelic trance-mayhem. The introduction to this album is yet another one of those moments with two familiar peaksters. A nice worm and "glowing" sort of ambience blends smoothly with the words and gets you ready for action.. 02: Little Pumpkin vs. Noisy pipes - DTC Two relatively unknown artists (at least for me) get together to create "DTC". The track isn't super-complex or mind-bending in any fashion, but in my opinion it's got a ceirtan edge or a little "something" that's missing in alot of the more generic Psytrance™ of today. After a while it actually gets rather groovy as well. Nice way to get your right foot tapping and the head nodding. 03: EVP - Kaepirinha EVP is a pretty exciting act. Last years debut showed great promise, and after listening to his effort here, I'm not quite sure I've given it all the attention it possibly deserves. Because this is one massively crafted piece of music. It's got all the content you excpect - and more! Mad acid action involving both the stretching of time and space beyond the scope of what we normally understand to be our sensory limit. Massively melodic without even hinting at smelling like cheese this should be a turn on for both lovers of night-time madness and more morning-oriented people... It's got somewhat of a 'Goa-feeling' going as well, and for me that obviously isn't a bad thing. Excellent track! 04: Yab Yum - Invincible Yab Yum shouldn't be a new name to the followers of peak, so no need for an introduction here. The track is as allways (So far) with Yab Yum a well created piece of dancemusic. It's a hypnotic ride of spaced-outness with a fair touch of melody and a dash of mysticism as well. That being said, this is far from being the strongest output by the duo, but I'm pretty sure the big guns will be brought forward as these guys release their debut in the not-to-distant futue (hopefully). 05: Arithom - Lost Next up is Arithon with the track "lost" this time we take it all down a notch, as this is darker and more "minimal"(don't get me wrong though...lot's of stuff going on here..) than the earlier tracks. It's a moody piece of work with a sort of liquid horror-feeling written all over it. If you ever get stabbed outside in the freezing rain, this should be the perfect soundtrack for the occation. Not really among my favourites here, though it ceirtanly has it's charm. 06: Electrypnose vs. Highko - Internal Moves Electrypnose has released no less than two brilliant albums earlier this year and about a gazillion efforts on various compilations. Here Le Barde teams up with Highko and the result is "internal moves". Pounding along at over 150 bpm, this is not for the gentle souls out there. And in this respect I am very much a gentle soul. There is just to much speed and too little content for me. Perhaps the weakest track I've heard that Electrypnose has been involved with, but am sure a bunch of freaks will get their kicks from this. 07: Yab Yum & Ocelot - Put another synth on the barbie Allright, we slow things down a bit with what might be the finest piece of eye-candy on this tracklist. Ocelot just released a new album on Vertigo Records. I haven't checked it out yet, but judging by his work with Yab Yum on this track he ceirtanly seems to be in good shape. This is a mad little piece of mental blotter-action also suitable for us who enjoy our bpm-count to be well down into the 140's. Don't get me wrong though, this is absolutely mental and should burn every dancefloor it encounters. Totally hypnotizing with all sorts of sounds flying from left to right, this should suite bothe the fluro-hippies and the crowd dressed in black. Great track! 08: Drumatik - Born to be wild Peak records released drumatik's debut-album "peak process" earlier this year, an album I sometimes really enoy listening to, and that just plain annoys me at other times. This track seems to be a step forward for mr. Klingemann...The focus is still very much on the rythms, but this is a track containing alot more than just interesting beats. The melodies are very much present, and though they are of the simple kind they are highly effective. The sample-work is also lovely and all those quirkey breaks adds the touch that makes this stand out compared to alot of other stuff out there today.. Good work! 09: Clockstoppers - Magical Places I'm not familiar with clockstoppers earlier work, so this is my first encounter with them. Here we onnce again touch upon the magical 150-limit and the result is....well...hectic.. It's a fun-filled ride, though, with all sorts of weirdness put into the blender. For me this turns out a little too hefty, but the speed-freaks and other loonatics should enjoy this.. 10: Ocelot - Minor Deviant Next up is Ocelot with "minor deviant". The track is a hypnotizing piece, one where beat and groove are the key ingredients. The track is nice enough, but it doesn't seem to be going anywhere. I mean, yes... it's groovy, but that's about it, isn't it? The groundwork is there and this could have been one massively massive night-time quirker if built further upon...It's not a bad track by any means, but I've heard alot better from ocelot in the past. 11: Dimitri Zara vs Synthogen - ESCOM Allright folks, towards the end of the album the peakers have decided to provide us with a wonderful suprise. These two guys are unknown for me, and here they put together one of the more interesting efforts I've encountered within this genere. Drawing upon techno-influences, more classical trance-approaches as well as somewhat of a goa feeling (emphasis on the feeling-part)and some of the more well..uhm..in lack of a better word "dark" sounds of todays scene this piece of music is quite unique. Not only that - it also works really welll! I want to hear more of theese guys, this might quite possibly be my favourite on the album! 12: Flooting Groves & Dymons - Whatwasthat To finish off the album we get a short little ambient piece. A tad darker than the intro, perhaps but a nice way to finish off the compilation. Final remarks: Allright, yet another compilation from peak, and yet another good one it is. Even if this isn't peaks finest moment so far, this is a strong collection of tracks that shows both diversity and a sense of overall unified style. Peak-fans will not be disappointed! Tomas(Psychedelic Mustache) Get it here: Psyshop Saiko Beatspace
  17. Artists: Omegahertz vs. Goasia Title: Purple Energy II Label: Unicorn Music Catalog: UMCD011 Released: 2006 Tracklist: 1. Omegahertz - A Child From Another Planet 2. Goasia - Yin & Yang 3. Omegahertz - Primeval Civilization 4. Goasia - Spectralys 5. Omegahertz - Onar 6. Goasia - Spiritual Connection 7. Omegahertz - A Soul Rising... 8. Goasia - Totem Goa - What is it to say about this genre that hasn't been said before? Probably nothing. It's golden days however seem long gone, and even though there have been somewhat of a renewed interest over the last coupple of years there are but a few brave labels who continue to push this music. Unicorn music is one of them, and even though the results has varied I salute them for there efforts. This time we're up for the second chapter of the Purple Energy series. As with it's origiantor, this disc contains music from two artists, namly that of Goasia and Omegahertz. I've been wanting to hear more from Goasia for a long time, while the only familiarity I have with Omegahertz comes from more chilled efforts. Expectations are 50/50 - huge for Goasia, and close to none for Omegahetz. Let's hope one delivers and that I'm plesantly suprised by the other... Allright, enough ranting, let's go to the music! 01. Omegahertz - Child From Another Planet The first few seconds of the opener sounds OK. Some bleeps, some choir and some more bleeps...Your average basic intro. From this on, sadly it's all downhill. This has all the worst elements from todays worst kind of full-on together with the worst elements of yester-years most terrible Goa. Ill-constructed melody, harsh sounds and well just overall crappyness...Gosh..I hate to sound like this, but the track is really, really awfull. Sorry! 02. Goasia - Yin and yang Next up we have Goasia, and after having our ears raped with the first track this is pure bliss! From the moment this sparks off you feel there is an entierly different quality involved here. Yes, there are melodies, there are atmosphearic breakdowns and a general 'upliftingness' here that might turn alot of people off present. I suspuct however that these people won't be purchasing this album in any event. This is full-blown good'ol mood-enhancing Goa-trance with a slightly more modern touch. Nice! 03. Omegahertz - Primeval Civilization Once again we're treated to what might be a slightly promising intro. You have your bleeps and you have your choir, and it all seems rather nifty and jolly. Don't hold that thought for more than a few seconds, though, because now it's time to bend over. And yes. It will hurt. Seriously. You will quite possibly bleed...This is possibly more awkward than the first track, and ceirtanly bleak compared to Goasia. This is like beer without alchohol, it's like coffee without caffeine and it's like acid without...uhm...well...acid... Annyways you should get the general idea by now. 04. Goasia - Spectralsys Spectralsys is Goasias second input here. This time there's no time for an intro as we're instantly dragged into the storming 4/4 action. Again, this is a track that's pretty close to being a perfect Goa-track. It's melodious, it's pounding, it's energetic and it's uplifting. The multilayeredness works very well and none of the sounds feel like their awkwardly put together.. Goody! 05. Omegahertz - Onar Allright people, let's not abandon all hope that Omegahertz can create something worthwhile. The intro once again feels like it could go somewhere with a few nice sounds put together before the actual "music" begins. Again the plastic-fantasic factor rockets through the roof as we're served an exceptionally annoying blend of sounds. It might possibly be SLIGHTLY better than the two previous efforts, but you have to use a pretty powerfull microscope in order to notice. NEXT!! 06. Goasia - Spiritual Connection Being in between the Omegahertz-tracks really made me feel like Goasia's pieces where those of some seriously stand-outish goatrance the first couple of times I heard this album. After a while however, I began to ponder if this could have anything to do with the suffering I had to deal with in between. I have however come to the conclusion that no, this is actually seriously hefty music! "Spiritual Connection" is yet another action packed goa-effort thats would easily raise some hippie-smiles also standing alone. Nice! 07. Omegahertz - A soul rising Hmm...The melodies in this track are somewhat listenable, I'll give him an extra point for that. Otherwise: see previous comments for earlier tracks. 08. Goasia - Totem Luckilly Goasia is given the task of ending the album. "Totem" is another fine effort, though perhaps a tad less emotive than the first three tracks. It floats along nicely with a balanced mix of sounds, melodies and beats. It also manages to build somewhat even though it lacks somewhat of a "peak". Another good track by Goasia, but not the finish you might expect.. Final Words I'm not quite sure what to make of this album. Flow-wise I think it's pretty much useless as those awfull omegahertz-tracks pretty much ruin it. As a collection of tracks it's pretty much a 50/50 thing, with one half being stellar, and the other being...well, far below par to put it nicely. To make sense of it in my little head, I like to think of it as two separate EP-releases, and with todays super-high-tech modern gadgets you are luckilly not physically forced to listen to all the tracks. So should you get this? I don't know really... It's really nice to get some fresh refill of good goa, but it's not so nice to fill up on utterly poor goa. Psychedelic Mustache Get it here: Psyshop Saiko
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