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  1. How about this: *Top* releases (eg new shpongle album) get a pre-CD release in mp3, flac or wav (with respective pricing). You can only download the file once say at least 500 people have signed up with credit card details. As soon as those 500 people have signed up you send them an e-mail telling them where to login and download the album. The CD gets released a few weeks later. -- Have you considered a subscription based service eg. $10 / month for unlimited downloads. The money then gets distributed to the labels according to the popularity of artist downloads. Have a look at this site... http://www.playloudermsp.com - they're a new ISP which will be offering "free" music downloads. Half their profits will be split to the record labels, according to the number of downloads per artist. Just offering you some alternatives. Make sure to check out these websites: www.downhillbattle.org www.eff.org www.slyck.com (in particular mashboxx and snowcap) www.musically.com
  2. Aha, so that's where everybody was! I remember hearing they were charging a lot to get in there. I ended up going to a friends house party for new years this year, for a change. Last year I went to the Liquid Connective party / Lea Bridge. It was lots of fun! Have a good stay in Germany! And see ya at a party soon
  3. Which party was that then? Psychedelic Sound Force around Arsenal? I was there, only on new years day evening though It's a shame the police had to shut it down, as they had a great soundsystem, lighting installation etc. - just not enough people to justify it going on longer I guess. Guess you're talking about sky's parties then I've only been the once, and I didn't really rate the soundsystem or people there. Mind you it wasn't a psychedelic night. Chichime and a few party organisers do cheap parties there every so often... I see £5 entries quite often, and usually there are a few squat parties on afterwards. I will have to give it another chance sometime. I used to love Tyssen street studio ("The dream theatre") too! It was my second favourite venue to the Fridge in Brixton (when they had "Escape From Samsara" parties every friday night). The Rocket on Holloway road is a nice venue, I've only been there once but it's close to home. The soundsystem is nice and it's very spacious. I prefer it over the Stratford Rex, but mind you - I've never found the rooms other than the main one in the Rex This weekend we're gonna check out some acid techno, and see Chris Liberator playing @ Tribe of Munt! It should be rocking. You up to much v? PS Delars it sounds like you had a great time in london. I love it here... so much to see and to do, and there's so many secret hidden treasures waiting to be found. Lots of interesting walks, free festivals in the summer, and fun squat parties to be found. They stay open til the partygoers get tired My friends go to a club if they want to see some special live acts, but otherwise it's squat parties all the way.
  4. koolaid


    Hey halee, It took me a while to find psy-trancers in england, but now i'm surrounded by them by the hundreds I think I know just the forum for ya: http://www.oztrance.com/ There's 952 posts in the Melbourne events page and 6600+ registered users for the whole of Oz, that's only 500 more users than we have got at the UK psy-forum!! Woohoo http://www.psy-forum.co.uk All the best and I hope you find some people you can connect with, Tiesto and co. can be fun for a while but when you know how good it can be tough.
  5. I believe there are different types of music listeners: a. Purist - a listener who sticks to one or two genre's, or even sub-genre's of music. They may find it easier or perhaps don't have the time, money or facilities (friends with big music collections, extensive record shops, the internet) to listen to music of all varieties. Other factors may come into the equation - close mindedness, the fashion appeal / cool factor of the music etc. b. Music lover - loves all music, within a selection of genre's, which conform to their personal tastes. Such a listener may have no interest in sub-genre's, as they enjoy the experience of exploring it all. c. Music fanatic - loves music from a huge variety of genre's. May find listening to different genre's allows common grounds to be met with other "purists". May enjoy the process of manipulating moods through the crossing of genre's (smooth jazz for dinner, dub n reggae for lazy weekend mornings, psy for partying after dinner). Such listeners may find that to please their healthy appetite, they may need to prioritise and limit which genre's and sub-genre's they search for music. d. Mp3 wh0re - wants everything and anything, most likely in a specific genre only. e. Occasional music listener - enjoys music but doesn't know the difference between psychedelic trance and uplifting trance. Has no need for genre's, usually content with "good" or "bad". And probabbly some more I have forgotten To conclude, some of us (most mentionably purists and music fanatics) need sub-genre's to help us out. Whereas others can happily live with just a good or bad indication. I believe that a reviewer shouldn't be forced into supplying a sub-genre style if they don't feel confident in doing so. Past reviews have shown that someone else usually comes along further down the line to provide one. I'll be taking this all into account in the music review tool I am developing. Any further input is much appreciated
  6. Bump! After some technical difficulties with the broadcast server, it's up and running now. Diogo's mix is playing atm (4 mins in). Feel free to join us in the chat
  7. Yup there will be an open chatroom at SonicBlend today, come tune in, log on and drop out http://www.sonicblend.com/forum/mods/flashChat/flashchat.php 2-4pm (EST), 7-9pm (GMT)
  8. Sounds like you guys should be listening out for Chris Liberator, Dave the Drummer, Acid Warrior, The Geezer, Mr Burns, Rozzers Dog... lots of acid techno coming out from england, poland, czech republic and plenty other places im sure! Most of the newer stuff isn't as psychedelic as Solar Quest's anthem Acid Air Raid, but a lot still makes use of the 303 & 909 to inject a healthy dose of beef into any rockin' soundsystem. Really great stuff for mixing and working a group of ya up for a big party
  9. I tend to meet a lot of interesting people at psy parties / squats / festivals. Quite often I'll be more than happy spending a good few hours in the chillout meeting people. Sometimes me & a group of friends will go to a squat on a friday and chill out & chat all night through til the morning, then come back later the next day and dance all saturday night / sunday morning! I've met a lot of nice people who I'm also now friends with out of parties and meet up with regularly. Enough so if I wanted to, I'd be able to go to a lot of parties in London on my own and know a good few people there. A lot of people in the UK post on the psy-forum.co.uk website, and regularly meet up at parties. I met a great bunch of english psy-forum people (and a few old psynewsers & sonicblenders) over in portugal! So have been going to a lot more parties out here recently! I've had a couple girlfriends who I've met in the psy-trance scene, including my current girl whom I met at Boom. Reasons why I go to psy parties: meet cool people, share the moment with friends, explore new buildings (squat parties venues tend to change a lot) / clubs, dance and listen to good music, see people put an effort in creating a beautiful environment. I don't really go to psy parties with the intention of picking up girls, maybe meeting interesting girls - yes it's a bonus
  10. I hadn't heard about any thefts when I was at Boom, I guess me & all the english people I know (and all the ones over at psy-forum.co.uk) were lucky. I don't have any information unfortunately. I hope your friend went to the portugese police with the pics. And I hope the police get those idiots!
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