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  1. hello all, i'm back if a new track ! thanks to albert hoffman ! this track'scalled 100 years old; you'll find why Secret side - 100 years old good listening ! feedbacks are welcome ! you can find info and more on my website : Secret side website
  2. http://psytrance.coolbb.net/ it's here, for peoples who use the french, or every one understand french you'll find agenda (in france and europe) party report whith photo mix (for members only) and many info ! bOom ---
  3. killer party with astrix, psysex and X-noise ! http://secretside.free.fr go in gallery section and click the flyer ! have fun
  4. i'm looking for a track with lot's of police car signals/alarm this track is maybe from twisted system or band like them plz help ! thx
  5. lol please review this track lol i'll think is bad
  6. new track, mechwariors http://secretside.free.fr
  7. good psy track, but i prefere when kick is more punchy, maybe this more mediums i like your bassline and samples nice sounds ! good job but not a track for dance floor i think !
  8. same the others, equalisation need more work, you have good ideas, i like your snare sound and the background sounds, melodies too, i think this track need more punch and more work on the production your kick is too flat
  9. big brained beast : production is strange, check your equalisation ... very psychedelik, i can't imagine this sort of track on a dance floor, i have a tortured brain lol it' experimental night psytrance lol not my taste, sorry
  10. pleasant track, chill out style quiet, production is okay for this sort of track, it's relaxant
  11. well well well ... lol it's just a little work for you, and it's contructive a lot for me ! plz take 7 minutes
  12. hello, i'm back with a new track : http://secretside.free.fr/Mechwariors.mp3 the master is not finish, some sounds at the end will be modified (sound level) comment are welcome have fun
  13. install new driver for your sound card, search for : asio4all on google, asio driver are very performant, you'll get very low latence i use it, it's great
  14. okay cool maybe i'll must do different track, depend of the nuber of participations loool
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