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  1. thanx, but what is the format ??? wav, rar ? zip mp3 ?
  2. no probs the track is under contruction, last update : http://secretside.free.fr/coop.mp3 the kick bass : http://secretside.free.fr/KB.wav
  3. héhé no probs man, i didn't say what you do is bad, but i think for this sort of track i want something more psychedelik
  4. hum i don't like...loop are too present, you have made 'housy/euro trance loops' but this track is more psychedelik, you have good ideas but not for this sort of basseline i'm looking for more psychédelik stuff thanks for your participation
  5. hello ! i have made a part of track : http://secretside.free.fr/sample.mp3 i'm looking for collab so if you want participate, make loop in the track spirit ( FX or mélodies ) and i'll insert it in the track ! for that, make the loop and save it in wav format but only the loop after i'll choose the bests if this track is release one day, it will release as a versus : secretside vs XXXXX so, gentlemen, start you sequencer BoOm
  6. lol and where can you find this psy tracks in cubase format ?
  7. hello, i'm here for ask you something, please vote for me here : (if you like what i do vote for secretside it's a website where all artists are ranked, so for the develepment of the movement please vote you must create a login (20sec) and you can vote for 10 personns so if the psytrance mouvment become bigger maybe we'll have more psytrance on radio or party BoOm
  8. i don't understand all, but i want participate track under creative commons license is a good choice no ?
  9. don't worry i'm a full-on lover lol but i want to do a "mental music" with fx and sounds, because i don't know making good melodies lol so next track will come in few weeks stay connected
  10. i don't know if it's "full-on" maybe not enaugh happy melodies for full-on, i don't know the name of my style lol
  11. thx, i'm using cubase and vst's like v-station and vanguard
  12. i don't understand what you want... only audio sample ? i want make sound with you if you want but send a full track, not sample.... when i make cooperate sound, i do a "base" for example i send a track about 8 minutes with only kick bass, and you make sound over it... sorry for my english lol
  13. thx for your comments i must work on my last track and don't forget, sonica 2005 pictures on my web site in few days BoOm
  14. hello i'm back from hollidays with a nex website and new tracks, reply are welome, have fun http://secretside.free.fr
  15. ok all your comment are very good !! thx a lot !
  16. thank you all for your comments !!! they are very encouragent ( oullalaa my english ) i hope you'll like next track and i'll tell you about eventual events or release !!!
  17. thanks man, i have send a mail you can hear other tracks on my website : http://secretside.free.fr or a sample of my last track : http://secretside4.free.fr/Fractals.mp3
  18. woooo thanx for your comments !!!! i have not the english word to speack but i'm verry happy BoOm
  19. hello all ! i invite you to discover my tracks ! go here : my website !! track section ! or download my last ( it not on my website ) http://secretside3.free.fr/zarbyland.mp3 have fun ! BoOm
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