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  1. Hi there, thanks for the lovely tip, will try to recreate it with Fm8. Anxious to try it out soon. Best Oliver
  2. Hi there, thanks for your tips. I have gotten the albino 3 and of course I took a look at the cosmosis bank, wanted to do it myself, figured it out, I am getting there. Thanks for the tip
  3. Hi there, I am currently getting to know FM Synthesis with my newly purchased FM8 (A blast of a synth). I still can't quite get my head around it completely I am trying to do this very standard Psy FM Sound. Every track I've listened to contains it, but I can't quite figure out how to get there. I guess best to describe it is as that metallic sawish lead. It's static no pitch envelope is obvious. I just don't know what modulator and carrier ist best for that. Maybe some can help. The sound can be found in any of Tristan's tracks on the Chemisphere Album. I know this is not much of a description maybe you'll know what I mean...if not I apologize Thanks already
  4. I'm running on the smallest ones of KRK Rokit Kits. Just love the sound of them and know it quite well. Given the fact I make music in our appartment I can't turn up volumes anyway. Besides they sound awesome on movie scores which I do besides making trance music. Best oliver
  5. I do get the advantages of Protools when recording bands or acts as the audio sequencing is just where pro tools shines and it makes for a good portability between studios, but when it comes to Midi sequencing I just can't find myself being able to comfortably work in protools. I have tried but somehow just doesn't grab me. I've tried Tracktion, Logic (in the old days) and Sonar as well, I am the most comfortable in cubase. You have to try out what suits you best and compare the surroundings (Plugins etc) that you get in comparison to what you really are producing. There is no wrong choice of sequencer, best tunes were still made with atari ST or before simple Trackers on Amiga. Kudos to Chris Huelsbeck I say :-) best oliver
  6. hi there, always depends on what you are after. Take a look at audio damages Replicant: Replicant This might be something you are after, and if not there is always Buffer Override (Freeware) which is hard to use but you can get beautiful results with it: Buffer Override Best Oliver
  7. I guess I should write a book 'Ways to myself - Or how to know what you have been doing?' Do not laugh
  8. eh? took me a while to figure out why you guyz could download the track as I thought I removed last nite. Must have been tired, made some mistake with my ftp config. Track now is removed in order to rework it. Thanks everyone for their kind feedback. My first attempt at psy and such a huge response, fantastic. Until later best oli
  9. wow...im stunned you guyz, thanks so much for your response. Note: File removed due to fixing the mixing and a mistake in rendering (end fade out is cut) Will return the file to the server around tomorrow evening. Boooaaah yeeeah awesome you guyz like it that much. ;-) Best Oliver
  10. Hi Nemo, new track is ready. Check my thread in the promotion subforum. Until then I hope Best Oli
  11. hi there, so here goes the lenghtened and finished version. I tried cutting the reverb a bit and made it longer. The track is now called 8 Minutes. 8 Minutes (Original Mix) Hope you still like it, anxious to get feedback. Best regards, Oli
  12. Hi AlieNed thanks for your feedback and the compliments. Still thinking of the next parts to add to it while reworking it ah I really fall for psy at the momen :-) best oliver
  13. Hi there, really like it, nice sound. Dig the distorted arp in the beginning. The Vocal is nicely put. The lead in the second part of the theme which is highly modulate just kind of takes downs your groove you've so beautifully created before. Then I do miss another instrument in it playing another sequence, but this is just my impression, I am not that well known to psytrance. Like it, specially the Kick Bassline Mixing is very good. mach witer so... Best Oliver
  14. wow sounds great, will be doing some work on the track tonite, if my headache disappears ;-) those weather changes...
  15. Hi Nemo, sounds great, always refreshing to see people take a more social and community like approach to music business. I will definitely be sending that one track when its finished, maybe it's something that would suit your labels rooster, maybe not Anyway, keep up the good work Oliver
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