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  1. Yeah , good insight. I'm going to experiment more this weekend for sure. Gonna throw away my internet so I can focus on my work (!). Hehe ok, yeah I really like ovnimoon and zen-mechanics too as I also do like goa. I made a pretty cool riff yesterday, maybe should put some work in to that too.. But im focusing alot on the sound and re-learning some things again.... Thanks again and good night =D
  2. And what do you think about the sub6 style , just curios. I just love the bass and the electro feeling in that album... The best album by them in my opinion. And my aim is not of course just emulate their sound , not only because it's impossible . But I'm definatly influenced by this ever since =)
  3. Ohh thank you so much for that info/speculations , really appreciate it. As I'm really getting better with getting the bass sounding better and better I could never get enough knowledge right now. And by saw filtered down to a sine , you mean with the cut-off on that osc ? And by the way , I'm thinking of rendering down one layer in mono , and should I just put one layer on top that in stereo ? I understand that is many ways of layering , I'm googling much and gather info . But I'm afraid that I don't try as much on my own though.....
  4. Try Sub6 - Buttersonic , Sub6 - Program Flies , there was a couple of other songs by other artist too. But I can't remember them at the moment , but the bass in these 2 songs is what i'm looking for . Thanks for the tips aswell , gonna try some soon .. Just relaxing and finding some creativity =) .
  5. Hey guys !!! Long time no topic started so. I'm back at making music again Well , I am looking for that Sub6 style in terms of the nice basslines sounding like a saw+sine ? Am I right ? And second , how do I make this ? Any tips guys ? Let me know if there is any good tutorials or something covering the Circle synth too ? I have a couple other vst's as well... Have a nice day !
  6. you know it could be the placebo effect aswell?
  7. Afgin , I would love to collaborate in a track with you... Maybe it is just a thought, but who knows ? Cannot listen to this now anyhow... Another time though. Peace / John
  8. I dont find any "free" videos , no downloads as so far I can see. :/ I dont have any internet at home so i would be interested in these. But then I saw you sold them online. Nice "contribution" , thats bull-sh*t imo.
  9. You know it sounds like good old industrial goa music. Other words, its sounds very good man!!! Please keep it up , maybe better soundquality, i would love to have this in WAV or to chop and remix for myself! Pm ? Cheers , just like my taste!
  10. Hello old friend I was loggin in here for the first time since long time .. And was thinking of an old fellow I used to have a psynews trance track project with !!! Well I also remembered that I disappeared.. Then I thought of looking for ya. Didnt remember the user login u had , but somewhere in the brain i recognized that name "alleycat" yup yup. Nice song , maybe not so powerful sound that I wanted it . But is still nice. !!
  11. Hi there , i love this music.. It is sooo nice that he moves sounds back to the "2002" style of fullon trance. Very nice , and nice of u to show me this ! Very good, indeed very good
  12. I meant that I am not good with them Got any tips ?
  13. thanks buzz, in fact , i didnt process the kick sound anything this time... so i know im gonna do something to it hehe , aint so good with compressors though ... but I will try to make something more this weekend perhaps..
  14. http://www.sendspace.com/file/u686ei =) sorry !!! why didnt someone told me this earlier
  15. Hi guys . I got a new project with a forest theme Got some clips from Cybernetika , and arranged it together with my ideas =) low bpm , sounds nice to me =) Finishing it this month .. i think =) ' here http://www.skickafilen.se/download.jsp?fil...rZb4CQAn8PmpzKc comments would be appreciated =)
  16. I heard that Krumelur did his tracks in Fruity back then , maybe not now a days... But whatever , the DAW is not the bottleneck.. Its the PERSON ... FL is a nice app , but Ableton is even more niceness !
  17. Thank you ! =) Im back from Stockholm and digging in in Ableton again ! Ill upload some files for you soon ! Peace out!
  18. Love your work with it , nice ! Yeah I would like to have that part in 4.30 something , when the tracks fading and changing a bit. And the synth sounds would be cool. I am going to work with the hihats some , not so satisfied with them. =) I can receive and send large files, its okay with me. But dont know about you , i got fiber 100 mbit. (swedish) I guess you are from the states yes ? Alleycat Hehe , but shouldnt we increase the tempo a bit as well? I got some logic bomb feeling over this , or something deep.. Its nice. This weekend im going away , and tonight my daughter is here.. So more work with this in the end of this weekend , or monday.. But I liked your stuff , inspired =)
  19. Hehe i took the G Bassline and kept it at that note , isnt it G#? Anyway. Couldnt make anything with the kick sample , so I borrowed one from my kick library. And tuned it , fattened up the bass a bit.. It turned out like this http://www.sendspace.com/file/ujibj6
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