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  1. http://www.michaelstearns.com/ It appears you can order some of his recordings there. Unfortunately "Planetary Unfolding" (as of this writing) is currently out of stock. Perhaps that will change.
  2. Jairamji - Elephant Waltz (remix) : Mana Medicine Grey Beard - Aushadhi : Mana Medicine Igneous Sauria - Momentary Distraction : Wabi Juno Reactor - Song for Ancestors : Shango
  3. Funny. I used to play an mmorpg called Neocron. If you're not familiar with it (and most aren't) it was a post-apocalyptic wasteland backdrop mmorpg. The creators of the game used Steve Roach, Ian Boddy and Max Corbacho as the background music and it really did a wonderful job of adding to the atmosphere. I loved that game. It had its faults but, it really did a lot of things right. Anyways, I and my good friend (whom I play all of mmorpgs with) would be out in the wastelands of the Neocron landscape hunting critters or other players (it is/was really an mmofps/rpg) listening to the soothing stylings of Steve Roach, Ian Boddy or Max Corbacho and it just fit so perfectly. So, I completely get what you're saying even though my experiences with it were in a virtual wasteland. The picture above that you posted looks a lot like certain areas of the wastelands in Neocron.
  4. I really love that movie and its soundtrack. The soundtrack is wonderful on its own but after listening to it for a while and then seeing the movie with its integrated imagery it just raises it up to the next level. re: the OP, tracks that come to mind: MFG - Sunshine Juno Reactor - Feel the Universe Boards of Canada - In a Beautiful Place Out in the Country
  5. As long as people are listening to and enjoying the music it will never die. Goa didn't die. Psytrance didn't die. So many people on this forum alone listen to goa/psy daily and talk about it here with other people daily. That sure doesn't seem like a dead art form. Is classical music dead because Britney Spears or the latest EMO/Metal band is whining/screeching their latest laments? Nope. To say that Atmos destroyed Goa is ludicrous. All Atmos did was create a delicious and groovy new flavor of electronica. Atmos created something new he did not destroy something that existed. Edit: And as for punk rock being dead I'm not sure but I do know that Green Day, Good Charlotte, etc. that is being called Punk today isn't imo. However, the Dead Kennedys are playing at a small venue about 5 miles from me on Sept 17th. So, it seems like the heartbeat of punk is still there somewhere.
  6. Best of Kodo - Kodo The Legendary Andre Segovia - Segovia Mirage - Klaus Schulze Harp Concertos - Various Raga:Rasa - Kartik Seshadri Pieces in a Modern Style - William Orbit
  7. #psytrance on undernet. But its basically a little clique of friends that often talk amongst themselves about what they did the previous weekend or what they are going to do that evening or coming weekend. Occasionally someone will mention music but mostly it takes the form of derisive comments about various artists/styles. I remember back in the 2000 - 2002 era when many people were bashing on minimal/progressive they were right there on the bandwagon. They are mostly scandinavian and western european.
  8. Space Buddah is dark psy? I only have one of their albums (Eternity Project) and it sounds like an AP cover band tribute album. I would agree that you're a full-on (of sorts) person. I know different people have different tastes and to not like Son Kite is one thing (I love them) but to say that Atmos - Headcleaner is boring just completely confuses me. Yes, its relaxed, lubby and rolling but, boring? We couldn't be on farther ends of that extreme my friend.
  9. Not to be overly pedantic but I believe you're talking about the track Mobile Love off of Parasense - Parasense. If so, I believe the lyrics go: "I am Gort. I need your body as a dwelling place while I am here on your earth. Deeeeeeeeeestroyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy." Its a sample from the movie 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'. And, yes, it is a little bit unsettling when you're sitting on a toadstool.
  10. Feel the Universe - "I can feel the universe functioning....." -- Dune (movie) Rotorblade - "Its uh, ....daylight so, you might want to put your visors down." - The Right Stuff (movie) Rotorblade - "Precise control." -- Dune (movie) Rotorblade - "Some thoughts, have a certain sound." -- Dune (movie) High Energy Protons - "Everything's going extremely well." -- 2001: A Space Odyssey (movie) Landing -- "So long as the universe had a beginning we can suppose it had a creator. But if the universe is completely self-contained, having no boundary or edge, it could neither be created or destroyed. It would simply be." -- Stephen Hawking quote God is God -- "You shall see hail fall from a clear sky. You shall see darkness....God is God." - The Ten Commandments (movie) Children of the Night -- "The children of the night are calling!" -- Ed Wood (movie) Labyrinth -- "The mind is a labyrinth." -- Hellraiser 2 (movie) Pistolero - "I hate robbing banks!" - Bonnie and Clyde (movie) I think. Not sure of the source on this one. Just a few of them.
  11. It does seem that the trend is migrating towards more pop/rock sounding psy. That is what fullon seems to be morphing into as the number of fullon releases increase exponentially. While this main thrust seems to be headed that way I do see an increase in good chill/ambient and I agree with whomever said it earlier in the thread that this should/will remain strong or even grow. It seems to have the greatest appeal outside of the psy/goa/electronic music community. I can only hope that dark/heavy psy and scando splinter off and continue to provide us with more quality music. I've been a big fan of the scando lub ever since I first heard it. I think it was Musica Psychedelica Scandinavica.
  12. Interesting. I haven't hung out here much in the past 2-3 years or bought much in the way of music either (at least not compared to what I had before). Back in 2000/2001 seems the most common gripe was about minimal/progressive. People just couldn't stop whining about it. Contrary to that there was lots of positive buzz about the handful of wonderful full-on releases. Interesting to see that full-on is now the whipping boy. Not that I think most of what is produced in recent months/years is any good. That's why I haven't bought much since 2002.
  13. Two of my favorites have already been mentioned: Total Eclipse - Waiting for a New Life The Infinity Project - The Answer some others include: Juno Reactor - Landing 'So long as the universe had a beginning we can suppose it had a creator. But if the universe is completely self-contained, having no boundary or edge, it could neither be created or destroyed. It would simply be." -- Stephen Hawking Logic Bomb - Kilobyte Bandit 'We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams' -- beginning of the poem 'Ode' by Arthur O'Shaughnessy 'Have you ever wiretripped?' -- from the movie 'Strange Days' 'It is a far far better thing I do than I have ever done. It is a far far better rest that I go to than I have ever known.' -- from 'A Tale of Two Cities' Atmos - Scientific Coverup 'I managed to get hold of the original coordinates and found, deep in the mountains nearby, evidence of some kind of secret government base.' -- ? Multiplex - Twisted Tale 'After I'm gone your earth will be free to live out its miserable span of existence, as one of my satellites. And that's just how its going to be.' -- ? Parasense - Mobile Love 'I am Gort. I need your body as a dwelling place while I am here on your earth.' -- from the movie 'The Day the Earth Stood Still'
  14. Shpongle - Are You Shpongled? Spirallianz - Blast Food Digitalis - The Third State Juno Reactor - Transmissions Tromesa - Pseudomental Vibrasphere - Echo VA - Elucidations Atmos - Headcleaner The Delta - Scizoeffective (sic) VA - The Mystery of the Thirteen Crystal Skulls Battle of the Future Buddhas - Twin Sharkfins VA - Trance Psyberdelic Blue Man Group - Audio The Crystal Method - Vegas
  15. 1997. I had enjoyed electronic music for some time. I used to listen to Kraftwerk's Computer World on cassette tape when I was a kid as well as some Tangerine Dream. In 1997 I was looking for something different from the usual and bought a 2 cd compilation called Distance to Technoland. Most of it was pretty mediocre until I got to the back end of the second disk. There sat Hallucinogen - LSD, Astral Projection - Aurora Borealis and Transwave - Ulysses (Voyage 2). I used those artists as a guide to make my next purchase which was Distance to Goa 3. I used the tracks off of that as a guide to the next, etc, etc. I now own nearly 500 cds of electronic music. Goa, Psy, DnB, Chill, Ambient, Breakbeat, Dub, etc. Most of it is psy. I don't see ever getting tired of the variety in electronic music.
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