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  1. Simple Man Live Planet Album: Galactic Prophecy (universe + magic + spirit + buddhism) www.simpleman.hu - free download Facebook
  2. Simple Man Galactic Prophecy psychedelic music from Hungary Universe + magic + spirit + buddhism Reworked editions and remixes Free download! www.simpleman.hu Facebook site ("like" and you can read the news) Tracklist: 11 tracks - 83 mins 01 Live Planet (2012 edition) 02 Pulsar (2012 edition) 03 Venus (2012 edition) 04 Peace Forest (2012 edition) 05 Magic Life (2012 edition) 06 Aliens (2012 edition) 07 Universe (2012 edition) 08 Supernova (2012 edition) 09 Ganesha (2012 edition) 10 Festival On A Space Station 11 Microcosmos (2012 edition)
  3. An other secret from the new album: ALIENS (2012 edition)ú
  4. The next album: a new style, a new spiritual atmosphere, a new philosophy.... magic, spirit, budhhism and universe...
  5. Simple Man's new album will be available in spring 2012. Official Site Youtube Channel FaceBook SoundCloud Simple Man - Pulsar (2012 edition) - the first available track from the new album! http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=wT32EdA9IBw
  6. Simple Man's World My life, my friends, my philosophy, my parties... Official Site Youtube Facebook VIDEO http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=E310GiCU3DM
  7. 10 - Febr - 2012 - Szeged - Hungary :)

  8. My last exam will be on Friday... at night i will celebrate. :)

  9. Simple Man Buddhism psychedelic music, buddhism and universe Official Site FaceBook Youtube I have not finished this video yet... I'm sorry, you have to wait some days.
  10. Simple Man - Festival On A Space Station FREE DOWNLOAD - Official Site
  11. Simple Man psychedelic music from Hungary Official Site Facebook Cosmic Connections 01 http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=IseqKfnmwuY Tracklist: 01 Ovnimoon - Eight K Miles (2010 remix) 02 Egorythmia - Dark Ages 03 Suntree - Observation (Flegma and Nerso remix) 04 Echotek - Paradise Lost 05 Symphonix - Home Sweet Home (AudioLoad remix) 06 Zyce and Vice - Neutron 07 Hi Profile - Unique (Side Winder remix) 08 Middle Mode and Nerso - Deep Blue 09 Liquid Space - Accord of Sounds 10 Inner State - Backswitch 11 Sinister Silence - Heaven and Hell (Vaishiyas and Audiomatic remix) 12 Alchemix - Time is Direction
  12. Simple Man psychedelic music from Hungary Official Site Facebook FESTIVAL ON A SPACE STATION http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=185uUqr4ddA
  13. Welcome Visitor! I am Simple Man from Hungary. I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with this magical movie! Simple Man - Wonderful Christmas My official site is: www.simpleman.hu - download my music - it's free...
  14. Simple Man - Andromeda (SHIVA version) official video: http://www.youtube.com/simplemantrip
  15. Simple Man - Andromeda (SHIVA version) - official video: http://www.youtube.com/simplemantrip
  16. Simple Man MEDITATION (history of five years) Meditation is a special collection of Simple Man's music art from 2006 to 2011. Most of the tracks have been never listened before... Free download! www.simpleman.hu ALBUM TRAILER -> Psychedelic music shows abstract, special emotions, feelings. We can forget the boring days, matters, ordinary feelings and reality. Simple Man places the music of universe, intelligence and a dark fantasy into this style. He starts a „big jumping” from reality, opens the space, time, shows the wonders and the galactic monsters. The music is fast, energetic, tunes are varied and high in special effects. Sometimes chillout and ambient atmospheres, tempos fly into the foreground and bring us into the endless, unknown… Simple Man’s Art is an anthem to the Intelligence, the Knowledge, the Mind, the Unknown and the Universe. Simple Man’s style is specific: he mixtures the elements of trance, progressive goa with the traits of psychedelic minimal and chillout and the result is the well-known „Simple Man Sounding”. Simple Man - music of our wonderful Universe from... Hungary...
  17. Simple Man's Magic Night 2011. 10. 21. Simple Man, Traveller, Fire Harmony Jugglers, belly dancers, visual show... in Hungary
  18. 2011 - Aug- 31 - BUDAPEST / HUNGARY Club Kashmir Simple Man presents Philosophy More info: www.simpleman.hu
  19. Simple Man „psychedelic music from... Hungary..." PHILOSOPHY psychedelik / trip 2011. 08. 07. 12 tracks - 75 mins 320 kbps FREE music OFFICIAL SITE (trailer, free download) -> Simple Man - wonderful hungarian composer. His music is a magical trip in our Universe (our Mother). Progressive beats, chillout, trance and ambient waves, african drums, galactic dreams, flowing sounds, mind and body, Big Bang and Future... Philosophy (his second album) shows the rules of space... we have to follow them, or the civilization, the humans will disappear forever. Big Bang gave Energy, Matter is moving energy, our bodies are energies, so every human is the part of Everything, everybody is equal. This album respects rasta philosophy, too. Simple Man (Zoltan Palfy) lives in Hungary. He is the part of a new generation. These people are young, they grew up in a democracy, where you can find a huge psychedelic festival: Ozora, and they would like a Happy Society. Wars, lie, anger, envy, racism, money, crime are bad and forbidden things. Zoltan has a rasta fire juggler team: Fire Harmony. They work together and perform galactic shows.
  20. Simple Man's Youtube Channel: beautiful clips, movies from parties (Moving Dimensions), and so on
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