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  1. Hi, I'm looking for two track id´s and an album id: 1) Some old (maybe late 90s or early 00s) prog artist and/or track called "Protec." It was either an artist or a track on some compilation with this name, the track was very techy. and kinda monotonic. 2) An Astrix-esque melodic full-on track with some French spoken sample. Probably early 00s. 3) A prog album maybe from 2010-13 with a drawn cover depicting some ocelot or some other big feline lurking in the jungle. The sound was kinda zenonesque, but softer. Thanks in advance
  2. k1mm0


    you're also going to see proteus
  3. i used to like shpongle. but then i got bored with it.
  4. i like this dvd a lot. the gig is awesome and so is venusfort - with or without decorations. the visuals i found quite boring. well, except the old movie clips at the end the music videos are quite useless too imo. but the documents and interviews rock.
  5. k1mm0


    so true! almost all of my favourite producers are from malmö. there must be some talent increasing substances in the tap water in malmö
  6. and what does that mean? i don't understand a word of german
  7. k1mm0


    may i join the ticon fan club too? this ep really rocks my world. i've been spinning it like crazy for the last couple of weeks. i also got the old 'malmö' ep sometime ago and it rocks too. i <3 ticon i <3 digital structures i <3 malmö
  8. slope's 'deep proggi choons' is my current favourite compilation. every tune rocks big time, but my favourites are 'love juice' and 'ich kenne'. you might also want to check out astro's 'city lights' too.
  9. here's three quite new goatrance-mixes from a finnish forum: http://www.platinum.ac/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=18513 http://www.platinum.ac/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=18229 http://www.platinum.ac/phpbb/viewtopic.php?t=17386
  10. lionel tiger - psyking u on very cool prog/tribal house mix
  11. yeah, prog house rules... doesn't it?
  12. i like the sounds of necton... but otherwise i found their stuff quite boring too.
  13. hehe i like this tune quite a lot altough poly 61 isn't one of my favourites... but i just have good memories from their live set at a new year's eve party few years back.
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