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  1. Somewhere in the middle
  2. Awesome album...Unique & powerfull and yes i can fell the evil Inside.......
  3. I must agree Lemmiwinks THE DELTA SCIZOEFFECTIVE ROX 1 of the best albums in trance-tech trance history all megakillers and the gem THING P.S I miss old delta
  4. Agree with Lemmiwinks Inside ur selfe is a masterpice and yes it has oldschool touch but im disapointed with the album Cosmosis was my favorite melodic project but this is to cheesy (fullon) just think of Telephaty or Afterglow or Brainwaves.... From Trancedance also i like tims trip good chill ... P.S.I miss old cosmosis.....That mystical melodies no 1 cant create that i mean no 1!!!
  5. U like all my favs Gnome, Only Gheniom left
  6. The Delta,Authentik,Spirallianz,Nerve,Manibus, the best!
  7. Nice comp we have here its not good like forest but it has some nice tracks fav tracks: Blisargon Demogorgon vs Encephalopaticys – Isometric Constitution Quasar – Hoffman Overdrive
  8. Agree! Just think of... 3rd Trip or PY1 .... Maby the production is way better now but hmm nop i exept more..... and yes Kindzadza never desapoint.... Best tracks: Kindzadza & Ohm Gnome 7/10 Ka-BooM
  9. SpawN

    V/A - Mushy Mystery

    Psyfactor rox!!!!! 1 of my favs Russian Unique dark& twisted style cant wait !!! Respect!!!!
  10. SpawN

    Spirallianz - Stereopark

    3Turn(Explicit) 7/10 Authentik (Preamplified)/8/10 The Delta (Scizoeffective) 10/10!!! Spirallianz (Blast Food)7/10 The Delta (Send in Send Back) 9/10 X-Dream(Iritant) 7/10 Spirallianz (Stereopak)6/10 Midi Miliz (Antistat) 8/10 I like Hard Tech trance yes Harsh and Heavy killer bassline,only at max volume!!
  11. I just love the album very psyhodelick & fast, the 1 cd especialy hard psyhodelick
  12. Killer compilation......Sykoroknyx - Ergot ,Ka-Sol - Easy as a fact ,Derango - Welkin,Procs - Aghast all dark/forest scando twisters
  13. Nice nick name btw all hux flux lovers will know for what i talk about
  14. What can i say this comp is great deja vu is 1 of my favs labels good comp great tracks on it favs....2,3,5,6 agree for osom track my fav too 7/10
  15. SpawN

    Filteria - Sky Input

    Im not big fun of melodic trance but this is something realy special 1 of my favs to i must say agree with u guys a masterpice old school style something difrent and unique goa rulzzz 9/10
  16. SpawN

    V/A - Mushy Mystery

    Psyfactor - Spawn Of Satan ,Derango - Mushy Mystery & Dejan Vs Shenz - Heu2 r my favs good comp dark&twisted Ka-BooM
  17. Great Album we have here Trold was left me whitout words no any comments just fucking great ps: i cant wait new album it will be releasd for Glowing Flame rec. http://www.glowingflame.com/
  18. Nothing special i exept more and im again disapointed ok it has some nice moments but still week album 1 of the things that makes me is the fact that this guys have not there own style all tracks sounds almots completly difrent .1 way or another here is my opinion 4/10
  19. Great choice u made Death POsture... So here is mine 1.Forest 2.Im a program 3.EST1&2 4.Psycho Cell 5.Orebreo3 6.EST1&2 7.Timless Flash 8.Zen 2 9.Ignus Fatus 10.Kindzadza&FReinds and yes Osom Over Game is 1 of my all time favs too:)
  20. i find this comp great not some usual dark and noise sounds something more we have here in fact 1 of the best comp if u compare with the others ...kinda boring stuff not usuall.. it have some specific touch dark sounds and crazy psy sounds all over it... 1,2,8!,3..... 8/10
  21. SpawN

    Absolum - Wild

    i can discrabe the Album but i cant beacuse of my english anyway i hope u will understand... 1 of the most unique albums cristoph is the man behind the 1 of the best basslines whic is use in so much projects today full power psydolesim and hard kicks best tracks.... drumatrix rmx on the c side ultimatum 138 orange .... i just love the drum feeling in the drumatrix 10/10 Lemmiwinks.... dont be so saracastic there so need
  22. SpawN

    Absolum - Wild

    i will only say that its one of my all time favs Crsitoph rocks!
  23. Hey Orminon the album is a killa thats for sure... when i heard it its blow mee away... grat bassline a kindzadza like unique....great production best tracks... 1,4,5,6..7 marss bless u a masterpice! booms!
  24. great albums u choose Nefarious here is mine 1.Dark Nebula-Robotiq Tonque 2.Demons Night 3.Forest 4.Lihininon Shade 5.Suria-x2 6.Fear Psyhosis 7.G.O.W. 8.Grave Secret 9.Psycho Cell 10.Misted Muppet
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