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  1. U should try Menog-Natural Behavior..the 1st album from Menog
  2. try Children of Paradise-urban alien.It's a bit old album...but it's dark and tripy...i think u like it... (cop-slide project of x-dream)
  3. son kite-let us be lish-fresh psykovsky-lastbus madrus
  4. Try Jocid-sonic addiction I think u'll like it.
  5. ooops already answered......
  6. ......Quasar-kami kami(rmx)......great track
  7. if u want check his site/charts to see the top 10 from the music he plays.(goagil.com)
  8. u should definetely go.his mixing skills are poor but the music he plays is killer.if u like the dark and twisted sounds dont miss it.when i go to his parties i dance all night.....like benf52 said if this music is ur style......
  9. ghreg on earth-teluria hello meteloids-48 krunchy(tits on fire) procs-aghast(bolbly audio) derango-implosions(mushy mystery)
  10. for the early night i prefer 143 in the middle........146 at the end.............149
  11. jahbo-audiodidakt(psy yous 3-parvati)
  12. rusian mafia strikes back.check the upcoming releases!
  13. lives: kindzadza gow para halu penta sets: jahbo goagil
  14. psypeyote para halu dark psy savage scream matutero claw paranoise dominator
  15. i'm tired of fl.i want to get into something better like cubase.
  16. thnx guys but i can't understand it for good because is in english.has it been translated into greek?i will experiment in the future.i'll learn somethin i think.anyway thanx a lot
  17. i produce music with fruity 3 (trying) and i got in my hands cubase sx 2.how do u produce music with this?i meen in fruity i work each pattern and then put them all in order in the playlist.cubase how it works?
  18. jelly headz-dragon xenomorph-shaari avadon penta-come in
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