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  1. Well, I will open all of my cards now.


    There are 2 main goals:


    After discovering the whole chain:


    - try to imagine another, which would lead to exactly the same Goa-trance (at it's best), same states of mind, but absolutely without drugs involved (at least in the past centuries)

    - try to imagine how the music would sound if all of the Goa-trance artists would follow ONLY their native instruments as the base for sound synthesys. And create this music based on my own nation.


    This would be 100% psychedelic (as spirit manifestation) sound's cuncopia!


    As currently you have Finnish musician using African drum sample, Israeli using Serb's native vocals and so on and on and on not even mentioning everyone using India's all the various things..


    I want to found more treausers, more richness!


    But to do this, I need to find the places, where there were choices and humans chosen the limitation path.. I want to come back and choose real cuncopia! :)

  2. I don't think that possible to be honest.



    Even if you had enough people 'who were there".


    I don't think anybody felt the need of keeping track which sound was discovered by who at that certain time in that certain time period.


    You are also asking for information from a time period when internet, media etc... was not as it is today.


    Hmm why not?


    Anyone ever played a game from Civilization ® series, they might know that there is the `Investigation` section (or Science). Thus, to build a train, you need to first discover the wheel, then the horse riding, then..., then iron, then..., finally train.


    Transorming the same approach to music, I want to discover the chain to look something like (just as a brief example):


    - In the prehistoric you need to invent the percussion and flute. then..., then in 17th century a violine and a-likes, then..., then in 19th century a contra-bass, in 20th - electronic bass TB-303, then you need to take certain drug and play with knobs and listen to Disco (or some other exact electronic genge) and invent a new music style called `acid house`, then..., then you need to go to Goa and take LSD and listen to some techno, acid house and EBM and finally create Goa-trance track


    This should give an idea of what exactly I am looking for. I believe, it's possible to disover all this by your own just by listening to various tracks of different electronic music genres of the past centuries... But maybe someone can already show the turning and key points.

  3. Well, I am expecting the replies to be more relevant to my exact questions please.


    My main curiocity is to discover how the sound was born used in the music genre known as Goa-trance.


    It`s not very important if all the pioneer tracks were created during the effect time of `drugs`. The most important for me know, wether 99,9% (or how many?) of pioneer producers ever tried `psychedelic drugs` and ever tried listening music under their effect before creating own tracks.


    And if it`s true, that the majority of pioneer Goa-trance producers first tried `psychedelics` with music, what was that music exactly? And same question about the origination of the sound of `that` music and so on and on.


    I want to discover the whole chain please! I don`t think it would be too large as it should most likely relate to 1-2 centuries of `human history`.


    Maybe someone can help.



    Edit: About the half of these questions (if not all) relate to `Music Making and Production/Industry` subforum I believe, but still, from the general, investigative perspective.

  4. - Did at least 90% of all Goa trance pioneer musicians were using `psychedelic drugs` ?

    (I`ve read here in the recent topic, about `darkpsy` if I recall right, that MFG were not using at all, or something like that)


    - How did `psychedelic` effects in music were found? I`m not knowledgable enough to name them all correctly, but at least: flanger, fazer, `acid` ? Where people taking `psychedelic drugs` and just experimenting with sound ?

    I remember I`ve read on Wikipedia about flanger (or fazer) that it was invented like decades ago when someone was copying music from one cassete to another and accidentally discovered this effect. Question: under drugs? Under drugs usage experience?

    I`ve also read that TB-303 was developed as an electronic bass, in replacement to bass guitar which in it`s turn was replacement for the wooden contra-bass (if I name it right). But how it was discovered that you need to turn the knobs to the peak to get the most effective sound (that became called as `acid`). Under drugs again while just playing around with the device?




    I think those are the most important ones for now. Maybe someone could enlighten me or point to the the right direction to search the answers at.



    Edit: For the first question, maybe the right figure is 99,9% ?

  5. My mistake is that I did not mention classic tracks of which genre would it list.

    Looks like subconciousely I was considering that there was nothing but GOA trance. Not psy-breaks, forest or suomi.. which I thought appeared later.


    I`ve listened to the tracks once again. I still don`t know if I should include Dårdoktorn - Dags att ringa, but Freak Brothers track do really all sound melodic and goa-alike. It`s just my current attitude to the `freaky` things..


    Also tracks Dårdoktorn - Dags att ringa, Freak Brothers - Boggled Beyond Belief and Freak Brothers - Failed Stealth Attempt (also Brainscar) sound somehow about twice less louder (or even much less) than the others (and others in my playlist as well), that`s maybe also why it was hard for me to catch the good vibes.


    And if you say it has been played in Goa, than I see, it`s totally releveant then and it opens my eyes wider on the subject..


    I have included tracks in the list.


    PS. And.. being a freak nowdays might be actually better than an ordinary society member whom most of us were initially as it might be the first step (even thought rebelous) towards something really good, while an `ordinary member` does absolutely nothing towards it. So, my apologizes, if something.

  6. Thanks for the participation :)


    For your information; many of the BotFB tracks are unreleased.


    Yes, I\'ve noticed.. They are either unreleased or a really hard to get ones.. :)


    And in the Schlabbaduerst ReKkords group on Facebook there are a number of Freak Brothers tracks, mixes, etc.


    Yes, I know.. Also BotFB\'s track Brainscar is accessible only via Schlabbaduerst ReKkords page. Maybe you should fix this and inlucde the link somewhere in thr group of BotFB.


    From what I could find so far, Schlabbaduerst ReKkords offers us the next tracks in WAV quality:


    BotFB - Brainscar [already included]


    Dårdoktorn - Dags att ringa

    Freak Brothers - Boggled Beyond Belief

    Freak Brothers - Psychotic Mind@!$#%$@!ck [name censorship edit]

    Freak Brothers - Arrested for Alien Behaviour

    Freak Brothers - Failed Stealth Attempt


    But they all seem to be too hardcore, too rude, vulgar.. and imo do not feet the rest of the list. But I might include them after some repeated listenings.

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  7. If you can bend his ear again, ask about the possibility of buying WAV copies. Huge Deviant Electronics/Solar Systems fan here, but I buy to spin, and I wouldn\'t be interested in paying for mp3/aac.


    This will be a perfect occasion to make a contact attempt once again. I will update with results. Thanks for the attention :)

  8. 2 Sideffect...:


    Indeed this music is for free on the internet because It`s has become impossible to buy it at a qualified store or internet shop Posted Image


    In this particular example (which is a very good one), from where our conversation has started, the situation is as follows:


    - There was a CD album back in 1996 by `Eternal Bliss` artist called `Pyramids`

    - Currently the used version (in new condition) is for sale at discogs for about 15 euros

    - For about the same price (from $15) it still available either as digital download of physical purchase from web shops like cdbaby.com (all the links are on the artist`s website)

    - And 2 tracks from the album are avilable in full length download in mp3 128kbps quality




    - As a person, who is able and willing to pay for the music that he really needs I am seeking to fill my audio playlist only with that music which came to me without the interference with the creator`s wish! If it`s legal to share files with so called P2P networks, what is really important for me, is the will of the artist regarding his music. In I would say most of the cases, artists are willing to sell their music again and again, but in some cases, they are giving something for free. Curerntly I`d rather go this way by taking what is being given, instead of putting my own will over it. And going this way I`ve discovered so much of really great new music I never knew about before and have trained the mentioned above attitude that allows me to `suck all the juices` from it while feeling myself generousely while doing it :)


    Even the California sunshine release are all old tracks. I`m curious what will be difference between the original releases back then and the 320 downloads.


    They`ve released for free their 3 albums from where 1 double-CD where all music is in GOA-trance style. And also their newest album Rebirth (which is sort of melodic full on with GOA influence) and D-Clock `07 2-CD album with half psytrance / half downtempto style. But last 2 are for the other topic. This thread is a very special for tracks of the `clasic era` :)


    Edit: Google just gives me invalid links until now. I`m using a torrent, if it`s free, then there is no problem, this is legal sharing!


    Edit again: It`s fullon! I`ll give it a try!


    I`m not sure what are you referring to, but all California Sunshine links are easily foundable from their facebook page, link to which you can easily find in this thread :)


    As for their Rebirth album, yes, it`s more fullon that anything else, but I personally liked it. It reminds me Transwave`s Frontfire album which also a great melodic fullon with huge reference to the classic and I`ve purchased it`s 320 version from junodownload :)

  9. You are actually going as far as contacting artist for this? That is pretty damn cool. Most old artist don`t even probably remember they used to make music, nor do they probably care whatever happened to it lol.


    Yes, I have contacted a dozen of artists already.

    If I find a track that I really like (reffered either from my past mp3-only experience or from other users feedback on the internet), I try to find wether is this track still available for sale/download/used condition sale.


    So far I have contacted:


    Pleiadians: regarding their `Pleiadians` track.


    - They said would probably release it on the latest DAT records release. Not likely to give anything for free.


    Deviant Electronics: regarding `Brainwashing Is Childs Play` album


    - I have contacted Helix label manager, he in his turn contacted the artist who was willing to give the album for paid download via iTunes, but this seem to haven\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t happened. I might contact again.


    Blue Planet Corporation: regarding `Blue Planet` (which vinyl version is available for free 128 download via flyingrhino)


    - Said that he gave no permission for this and his album is avilable via paid digital download with Northen Exposure records


    12 moons: regarding all previousely given away for free music.


    - Confirmed that Ektoplazm contacted him as well and he is thinking to give away again all of his music for free and make a donation ability. Also said that for all his music which is currently for paid digital download from Cadyflip records (`Solid State`, `Higher Grounds` albums and various tracks) he does not get any royalties and they are @#$!#$%^ type of persons. Whereas Dragonfly records (who also sells various digital classics) always pays honest.


    Eternal Bliss: regarding their `Pyramids` album


    - I contacted them because few months ago I`ve downloaded from their web site 2 classic tracks: hallucinate and indiamagic from `96 album and they were pretty awesome to my demands, and now the links have gone. 1 day after I`ve contacted them, they put the links back and said that might give away the whole album for free as promosion to their upcoming album


    Suria: regarding various tracks released on DejaVu records which is now defunct


    - Not that classic, but as for me, nevertheless very worthily music. Said that didn`t know that after the label get`s shut down, the rights for the music come back to the artist. After inctroducing Ektoplazm said that likes the idea to give his music for free. But this haven`t happened, he released an EP with about 4 fresh tracks for paid download



    That`s about the commercial music. In 80% of my contact attempts, I am getting a reply, so it`s worth of continuing :)

  10. But people do not spend > 2000 euro\\\'s on a home sound system to play 128 imo.




    Well, obviousely, if people could afford that sum just on a sound system, they could afford buying the whole CD which is in this case still for sale.

    I believe that `quality` does not play much unless you could easily distinguish all the necessary details in music which could lead you to a certain state. And from my experience 128 and even 96 kbps may be enough if the record is done well.


    PS. Another update. California Sunshine just given it\'s newest album Rebirth for free download (in 320) which contains the next tracks:


    Rain 2010

    Summer 89 2010

    Alala 2010

    The Flag

    The Order

    Midian Remix

    Last Feeling 2010

    Crazy line

    The Sound of Goa

    Alala Ending


    Most of them are newer versions of the classic tracks. Might be done in a way to keep the classic \'spirit\'. I will listen first and then decide if they need to be added. :)

  11. Ok, now I understand completely and have absolutely no a single more question to ask about this!

    Thanks for such a comprehensive explanation :)


    PS. Also, it is somewhat interesting and very strange to me this thing about royalties as these tracks are being sold up to now by 2 different labels, which I would say are both a major ones.

  12. Then, just curious how has your attitude towards copyright holding changed as previously, you was giving them away with no probs together with many other even `contemporary` tracks!?


    To mention, all Kaaya`s tracks are available trough 3 compilations from Dragonfly records via junodownload.com (and maybe others of course) and Kailash`s Higher (original) and Mystery Brain is available via Matsuri`s compilation.


    Another question: would you get the penny from those `digital downloads`?

  13. For the record some tracks where in 64 kbps...


    Do you mean at flyingrhino.co.uk ?

    If so, yes, if I remember right, some Technossomy or Darshan tracks.


    Great thread! I was thinking of making myself this but I guess I forgot. Definitely would bee cool if the first post would be updated with what people post, I could occasionally help too since I can edit posts. What do you think deepcode?


    uvAntam.com aka ubar tmar has loads available for download at



    Well of course, I will add what other people would suggest, this was the reason of creating this topic! :)

    And as you could see, I\'ve already done that with Sheyba\'s tracks.


    I also have some more tracks already downloaded, but when visited the artist\'s page once again, they are no longer for free. It was another reason of creating the list to have only the actually available for download tracks.


    And yes, Ubar Tmar got some tracks matching the list, thanks for the add!! :)


    The next ones I found to be most likely \"classic\":




    Transformer [Live@Kumamoto20110101]

    and so on


    Space Prawn pt1~2 [Live@Kouenji20101122]

    Uchu Undoukai [20010703]

    RIPMMD [Live@Tokyo 2010_06_26]


  14. Yes, sorry, totally forgot about Sheyba! :)


    I also know about various Flying Rhino mp3 128 kbps releases. But after talking to the artist like Blue Planet Corporation, who said he did not give any right to release even the vinyl mp3 128 version of his Blue Planet album, it\'s very hard to call all those releases as \"official\".


    Releases from Atmos in wav, from California Sunshine and Double Dragon in particular caused me to create the list as many tracks are really great in great quality and given for free directly from the source (artist) but only a few people might know about this.


    Sheyba is another example, thanks for the add :) Adding to list.

  15. 12moons - Healer - neser DNA [mp3 320]


    Source: http://12moons.se

    Status: Gives back again his 3 full albums and promises to release the rest till autumn. Placed a PayPal ® donation button.


    12 Moons – Solid State


    Analog Haste



    The Collective

    Without Within


    Small Adventures





    12 Moons – Beyond Infinity

    12 Moons – Zero Gravity (original version)


    Healer – Wonderground


    Speaking With A Def Man


    1,000 Years




    Go To Sleep


    Healer – Higher Grounds


    The Answer



    Infinity And Beyond


    Art Of Trancelucency

    Resonate Within



    Healer - Solar Panels



    Atmos [wav]


    Source: http://soundcloud.com/atmotech


    Klein Aber Doctor

    The Only Process

    So Nice You Named It Twice

    Mental luggage

    Drums Don`t Stop



    Battle of the Future Buddhas [wav, mp3 256]


    Source: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Battle-of-the-Future-Buddhas/116409421764915


    Domestic Bliss [including samples]

    Afterglow - Anemon

    Wicked Work of a Wrenched Witch

    Here comes the Sun!

    Leave the World Behind original mix

    One More for M.A.D.

    Solenoid Leprechaun Driver

    Stampede [mp3 256]

    Bug Eyes




    California Sunshine [mp3, 320]


    Source: http://www.facebook.com/mikocaliforniasunshine


    California Sunshine – Trance


    Summer 89


    Tears In My Eyes

    California Sunshine


    Travel In Time

    The Eighth Day

    The New King


    California Sunshine – Imperia


    Green Sky

    Break The Rules

    Alala (Lesson II)

    The Only One

    The Legend

    Shintu Shanti





    California Sunshine – Nasha


    Other Line

    Last Feeling (Remix)

    Never Stop



    Tokyo Underground

    Red Line

    Born Again

    Boris Blenn – Rain (California Sunshine Remix)


    California Sunshine – Wonderland [Requires FaceBook group instant free membership]






    The Deeper The Bluer (Remix)


    The Future Now

    Summer 89 (Remix)


    Boris Blenn – Rain (California Sunshine Remix)


    Summer 89

    Killing Joke – Black Moon (California Sunshine Remix)

    Imperia (Remix)



    Coming Home



    DJ Nivoc [ mp3 256]


    Source: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2006/nivoc-infinity


    DJ Nivoc - Infinity [Mixed]


    01 :: DJ Cosmix & Etnica - Kumba Mela [Matsuri]

    02 :: Section X - Xperience [X.DR]

    03 :: Semsis - Semsis [Koyote]

    04 :: Nervasystem - Terraform [Psychic Deli]

    05 :: Prana - Voyager III [Dragonfly]

    06 :: Disco Volante - El Metro [Transient]

    07 :: Underhead - Skuff 1 [Koyote]

    08 :: Total Eclipse - Waiting For a New Life [T.I.P.]

    09 :: Transwave - Cycles of Life [symbiosis]

    10 :: The Light - Dusk [A.A.A.]



    Double Dragon [mp3 160]


    Source: http://soundcloud.com/double-dragon/sets/double-dragon-continuum-re-mastered-and-extended-2010 http://www.mininova.org/tor/3194663


    Double Dragon - Continuum [re-mastered & extended]


    Pulsating Thing

    Deep Thought

    Black Project

    Hairy Liquid


    Encrusted Filth

    Soft Machine






    ECT [wav]


    Source: http://soundcloud.com/misterjolly/tracks


    Jolly`s Return


    Mr Jolly (Lives Next Door)

    Cabin Fever (mix)

    ECT & Mass - Magic Dart (2011 remaster)

    ECT & Mass - Angry Little Men (With Sharp Sticks) (2011 remaster)

    Mäelström (2011 remaster)

    Squawk (2011 remaster)

    Snowblind (2011 remaster)

    Catapult (2011 remaster)

    ECT & Mass - Monkey Shines (2011 remaster)

    ECT & Mass - Ants 4 Breakfast (2011 remaster)



    Elysium [wav, flac, mp3 320]


    Source: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/elysium


    Elysium - Dance For The Celestial Beings




    A Journey Into The Complex Brain

    Dance For The Celestial Beings

    Keep It Cool

    Illusive World

    Interpretation Of Dreams (Ethnic Mix)


    Celestial Sounds & Tribal Beats


    Celestial Sounds & Tribal Beats

    Wild Dance On Naked Feet

    Amandla`s Voodoo Experience

    Sacred Fire


    Wind Of Dust

    Painted Faces


    Elysium - Regenerated


    Liquid Overture

    94rpm (Continuous)


    Keep It Cool (2002 Remix)

    Retro Song

    Peace And Love

    Utterances From The North



    Elysium - Live Versions


    Interpretation Of Dreams (2009 Live Version

    Elysium (2009 Live Version

    Trancelestial Psychobabas (2009 Live Version)

    Keep It Cool (2009 Live Version)

    Wild Dance On Naked Feet (2009 Live Version)

    Ethnolastic (2009 Live Version)

    Subconsciousness (2009 Live Version)

    Dust (2009 Live Version)



    Elysium - Various Works


    Elysium - Mind Travel (Extended Version

    Elysium - Mind Travel

    Kristian & DJ Cosmix - The Vision

    Elysium - Thunder

    Elysium - Interpretation Of Dreams

    Elysium - Munks

    Elysium & Paul Jackson - Juno Experience

    Elysium - Atmosphere

    Undercover (Elysium & Graham Wood) - Mission 1

    Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest

    Elysium - Master Of The Rainforest (Electric Nature Remix)

    Elysium - Trancelestial Psychobabas

    Elysium - Subconsciousness

    Elysium - Monzoon

    Elysium vs WORM - Xanuba

    Elysium vs WORM - Yemaya

    Elysium - Wind Of Dust (Elysium & MOS Remix)

    Elysium Project - Gate66 (Dreamtime Remix)

    Elysium - Free

    Elysium - Sunshine Song

    Elysium - Fairytale



    Eternal Bliss [mp3 128]


    Source: http://eternalblissmusic.com

    Status: Might be also whole album Pyramids after the soon release of their new album.






    Etnoscope [wav, flac, mp3 320]


    Source: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/etnoscope-drums-from-the-dawn-of-time


    Etnoscope – Drums From The Dawn Of Time


    Dawn Of Time


    King Size Rizzla


    Sneaky Drums



    Silent Agreement

    Ki Lan




    Highpersonic Whomen [wav, flac, mp3 320]


    Source: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/highpersonic-whomen-alternative-energysource http://www.ektoplazm.com/2010/highpersonic-whomen-critical-moments


    Highpersonic Whomen - Alternative Energysource



    Piece Of Cake

    Des Pudels Kern

    E.T. FM

    Standard Procedure

    Clone Collective


    Easy Does It


    Highpersonic Whomen - Critical Moments


    Space Elevator

    Critical Moments

    Critical Moments (Daytripper Mix)

    Homegrown Human



    ManMadeMan [mp3 320]


    Source: http://manmademan.com/

    Status: After contact, seems to be able to release some particular EPs on demand.


    ManMadeMan - Lovetechnology




    Wont Belong


    The Religion

    Down on Earth



    Bad Seed

    Lunar Lammas


    ManMadeMan - Cell Division


    Single Cell


    Gather Information

    And All That

    Get Up The Beat



    Cell Division



    ManMadeMan - Creation Myth


    Creation Myth


    Hyper Tension

    Rogue Filter

    Program Reality







    OOOD [wav, flac, mp3 320]


    Source: http://www.ektoplazm.com/2008/oood-alive


    OOOD - aLIVE



    Karmic Suture


    Cosmic Ripple

    Herbs & Spices


    Two Dawns Over Baleshwar





    Radiotrance [mp3 256]


    Source: http://djcosmonaut.ru/






    Schlabbaduerst ReKkords


    Source: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=12107835483


    Dårdoktorn - Dags att ringa

    Freak Brothers - Boggled Beyond Belief

    Freak Brothers - Psychotic Mind@!$#%$@!ck [name censorship edit]

    Freak Brothers - Arrested for Alien Behaviour

    Freak Brothers - Failed Stealth Attempt



    Sheyba [wav]


    Source: http://soundcloud.com/sheyba-elysium


    Trance Africa Express (2011 Mastered version)

    Monkeys (2011 Mastered version)

    Ganesh (2011 Mastered version)

    Inside Out (2011 Mastered version)

    Ancient Lands (2011 Mastered version)

    Into The 4th Dimension (2011 Mastered version



    Ubar Tmar [mp3 320]


    Source: http://soundcloud.com/uvantam/tracks




    Transformer [Live@Kumamoto20110101]

    and so on


    Space Prawn pt1~2 [Live@Kouenji20101122]

    Uchu Undoukai [20010703]

    RIPMMD [Live@Tokyo 2010_06_26]







    This list aims to be complete, I might miss something but willing to find :)

  16. Sounds great!


    And how about these:

    http://www.discogs.com/label/Not+On+Label+(Kris+Andersen+Self-released) ?

    Except the last one in that list of course, particularly:


    Kailash Higher E.P. (EP)

    Kaaya Braindance / Ormazd

    Kaaya Circular Sanctuary

    Elysium The Light


    These are REALLY good!!

    Any information about the plans to make a release on Ektoplazm..? Or what should I do with my files...? :-]


    PS. Also great that this one is finally released: Elysium - Wind Of Dust (Elysium & MOS Remix)

  17. Didn\'t know where to post this and decided here.

    A well known band California Sunshine has released 2 (oh, it\'s already 3 of them!) it\'s first albums for free in 320kbps which can be found by these links:




    There is a full length preview there, so no need to download.

    Especially in the first album, you could hear that the kick (drum) is always in the left ear and during the most of the track the sound is always switched to the left ear, sometimes getting overall ok but only almost. However, when I listen to the same tracks on youtube, they sound like well centered.


    You can compare right here with their third album which sounds right:




    So are the first 2 albums\'s tracks versions are wrong or was it made on purpose?


    Maybe someone would be interested to discover and share..

  18. As no one seem to care, I will reply, as I care so much about this...


    The first file "Unknown 1 (Section X ).mp3" is indeed Section X!


    First part is totally remarkable by it's unique vocals - "Drive In Drive out" from the same titled Vinyl Drive In Drive out EP.


    Second part of the file (from about 1 min +) is also quite remarkable Section X creation. It has their very own and unfortunately so unique driving force, but a bit slower beats than usual, which give you a little bit of "tribal" feeling - so, it's "Beat On Drums (Live In Paris)" (quite sped up here, for good!) from Sector X EP.


    Both where released in '95 on their own label X-DR and would surely be ones of the very first Vinyls I will buy, once I will decide to get myself a usb-aware turntable.


    The very most inspiring music for me, ever!!



    PS. For the second file I have no idea and also no much interest, doesn't seem to be that good to me..

  19. I do extremely rarely reply here, but now, especially after listening yesterday to latest Ektoplazm's submission Celestial Consciousness – Spiritual Antidote, I would post here some certain words of mine.


    I do not also use drugs anymore (including beer and cigaters and many other things which may even not be considered as drugs by the majority) and I'm also really trying to be an absolute purist. And it all comes to the point, where satisfaction and pleasure should be achieved and flow absolutely naturally.


    "For good measure" most of the time, yet it's so whimsical and thoughtless that it's usually stupid, not creative.

    Most of the time, not creative. Really unfortunately, but absolutely true for me.


    While music seems to be really the helpiest thing to get to the satisfaction state, its ruined so much by human intervention or interpretation of what music should be like for them. And vocals are one of the best example of how you can ruin something that might have been really good and worhily. When I hear the samples talking about drugs or science or things like that in 100%(!) cases of >2000 releases it ruins the song for me! When I hear a track containing that I immidiately throw the track into a trash can withing of my mind, like with that "Celestial Consciousness – Spiritual Antidote" case.


    I do also like and appreciate morning full on music. It is a very light and yet strong one. And its being ruined (for me) by vocals so much, that for many times I couldnt listen to it for long which I really liked to..

    Like with albums "Dynamo - The Acid Daze" or "Eskimo - Take a look out there". Absolutely brilliant music! And ruined by nothing but vocals intervention. Sometimes they are somewhat ok.. but it would be MUCH better to have them replaced by something more appropriate and creative!


    Lets now take "Transwave - Phototropic" album. 10 tracks and not a SINGLE word! But HOW MUCH have have been said by it, how much of NON STOP really uplifting satisfaction could be achieved with its aid! It sounds so unique by its driving energy and so similar to other representatives of the genrge because of the sounds and patterns used. Unfortunately, again.


    Then, "Paradise Connection - Paradise Connection". 7 tracks and we can do hear some human words in only 1 track - Portamento. But what words! Spoken by the author itself (I believe so) and they only make this track even better, a complete and decent thing. One of that few most enjoyable tracks of the whole genre!


    Back to full on side, "Astral Projection - Amen". This is one of the most strong music ever made (for me)! It uses samples a lot but in brilliant, absolutely creative way which only make it a complete piece!


    Afterall, this situation makes me really to do nothing but listen to other genres, dont listen at all - all to fill the gaps and restore what has been ruined and finally, produce my own music.

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