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  1. Post's background color change.
    Under the "Special BBCode" button I can select Background-color item. But it is not interpreted:
    Supposed to be with custom background color.

    EDIT: It's actually working! Sorry, remove this.

  2. Some interesting good looking items I've found here, so will post one of mine.

    Bought it a week ago or so, so it is now proven to be a good device:


    Rexel.cc_2012080117171125789.jpg (the chord is also WHITE!!)


    At first I wanted to get an ethnic hand-painted one. But after I saw this totally white new gaming (!) mouse in a megamarket for just $9 I couldn't have passed by without getting it! A little bit of "Chinese quality" but still good enough!


    PS. Interesting thing: it fits my hand so perfectly and acts as well as looks so great that I somehow felt a strong need to put into the left hand and start training the ambidexterity of mine.. :)

  3. If so why can I download it without a problem from Belgium???

    Even my email address is Belgium and so is my IP...

    No proxies what so ever...

    And I know a guy from france who can log in and just download like without using other channels...

    Sorry I don't buy it, I agree to disagree with respect ;)


    Then you are definitely missing http://music.yandex.ru with some other site. Here, no downloads are allowed - only streaming but including mobile devices support.

  4. .ru is russian, and those are 99% illegal...


    This is the exact case of the 1%.


    Yandex.ru is Russian's biggest search engine. Similar to the well known Baidu in China.

    In my other post in another theme, I have told and will repeat here, that the music content is available only for 3 countries: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and only for streaming using their site (including mobile version).

    It is one of the biggest Russian internet-based companies. The logo of the project music.yandex.ru has this stamp:

    fz88mTgDuD2J_Ah8a0Szr6ChuOw.pngIt means: "Only 100% LEGAL music".

    Here is a list of companies with whom Yandex have purchased the streaming rights: http://help.yandex.ru/music/performers-and-copyright-holders/copyright.xml

    Most of international ones seem to be at the top:


    ℗ Universal Music Russia


    ℗ EMI Records Limited

    ℗ The Orchard


    © Sony/ATV Music

    © Kobalt Music


    © DANCE ALL DAY Musicvertriebs GmbH

    © Isolation Network, Inc. d/b/a INgrooves

    © Paradise Entertainment & Distribution GmbH

    I was also wondering myself how is this possible.. But after discovering similar international web sites, like spotify, deezer, rhapsody, grooveshark, and numerous local ones, everything has been set in place.

    It is a common practice nowadays to offer music streaming services rather than download. :)

  5. ... on all other official download sites :)


    Probably, you should nowdays rather also mention "streaming sites", official of course.


    And I have a question regarding this. At my local legal streaming site, music.yandex.ru only "Crossing Mind - Inner Shift" from all the Suntrip releases is available. And this is very strange, because, for example, Phototropic is fully available, while Dimensional and DAT - none. When Suntrip is only partly available (with a single album), very likely there is some kind of mistake.. Or maybe it has been also released by another label I am not aware about? On the streaming site the label is not shown and I have already contacted them regarding this issue. Though maybe you can also share with some knowledge on the matter..

  6. After the latest discovery, the situation seems to be not that bad, after all:

    1. There is a lot of really good free music and always have been.
    2. Music is not that expensive and becomes more and more cheaper due to increased amounts of the legal ways of availability including:
    - cheap mp3 stores
    - second hand stores
    - full length preview services (bandcamp), sometimes with custom playlists ability (myspace, soundcloud via API)
    - free/little monthly fee payment online streaming services (spotify, deezer, rhapsody) including various local ones (music.yandex.ru)

    I would also like to mention separately the last from the list method of providing the content: online streaming services. Some of them seem to be having really good content, cheap/free price. I will make a short review below based on the availability of some goa-trance artists and available for streaming at least in Ukraine.


    Price: 3.49€/month

    Intro: A french web site with worldwide availability serving about 20 millions of tracks.


    Zirrex - Lost In Time

    Transwave - Frontfire

    Transwave - Phototropic

    Electric Universe - newer albums

    Suntrip discography

    Dimensional records discography

    Bottom: Seem to be a 100% legal having a nice amount of goa tracks, almost all that are available through online stores, but not all though. Maybe the cheapest price from all paid ones.



    Rhapsody.com (ex. Napster)

    Price: $9.99/month

    Intro: An ex Napster with large enough database


    No difference from the previous site.

    Bottom: About the same as previous site but with a but higher price. No older "Electric Universe" albums which are available at some major online stores.




    Price: Free

    Intro: A US. based free service with worldwide availability and making able to users to upload their content


    All of the listed previously included plus older EU albums: "One Love" and "Stardiver".

    Also includes albums like Miranda-Phenomena, Transwave-Helium, Flyring Rhino discography and others alike.

    Bottom: Seems to providing the most large content amount, but it's legibility is a question! It contains a lot of albums from defunct. labels and allows anyone to upload any material which instantly becomes available to everyone, which surely causes the very high risk of piracy. However, the company seem to be willing to rather creating new deals with copyright owners and paying them the needed amounts rather than removing music from the streaming.




    Price: Free

    Intro: A free streaming service available only in: Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan


    Zirrex - nothing

    Transwave - Frontfire

    Transwave - Phototropic

    Electric Universe - newer albums, "One Love", "Stardiver"

    Suntrip - nothing, [Edit] but "Crossing Mind - Inner Shift"

    Dimensional records - nothing

    Bottom: The database is much less from the paid ones like deezer and rhapsody, but growing and still big enough. Also contains some albums which are not available there. Absolutely free and legal, my obvious choice for the moment! :)

  7. Not really a "vision" but imo absolutely awesome "new school" "goa-trance" track!


    Artist: Terminal Storm,

    Song: Innerverse,

    Album: V.A. - The Sound of SceneSat Volume 1 (2009),

    Genre: Goa trance.

    This compilation can be freely downloaded from here:http://scenesat.com/forum/threads/105...



    Another song (Cyberworld) by the same artist, not less awesome "new school", but with more "organic" feeling despite the name:




    Download link can be easily found.

  8. Thanx for that, Minas Morgul is very close to my ideal trance track but too bad the production quality is so weak :(

    I have about the same feelings about it (except the "dark" samples and name) and the quality seems quite good to me! :)


    And another great finds, just to keep track of them in one place:


    In addition to yesterday's Goa / Psy-Trance / Free Tracks Discogs group mentioning, there is another track worth to be listed here:


    Jaia (320 kbps)


    First Of 01 7:38


    Source: Official Jaia Web Site


    It is a great "Goa-trance" track as for me! It seem to have some stereo issues notable when listening in headphones. Also, this track in unreleased which makes it more valuable!



    *** *** ***


    And another 3 "Goa" tracks:


    Divinorum (256 kbps)




    Antigravity 8:14 [isms - 1999]




    Biomechanical Structure 8:01 [Talisman - 2000]




    Call to Ancestors 6:19 [Power Liquids (vs. Aural Planet) - 2003]


    Source: Bjørn Lynne Official Website


    First to tracks are pure "Goa" classic! Very enjoyable and energetic 16 minutes of time altogether! The last one is obviously a newer one but also a classic already as has been defined in the previous post! :) It has a somewhat "progressive" feeling with tribal/ethnic elements but still IMO does not break much from the "Goa" boundaries and Discogs seem to agree with me in this. And the melody here is epic!


    Again, without this research I would not have known any of these great tracks!


    *** *** ***


    I'm not a native English speaker and in my language we have a proverb which sounds similar to this: "Many a little make a mickle."


    Then, let's continue making the "mickle" as it's worth of it!


    Psygone (128, 320 kbps)


    Kashmir 8:06 [128 kbps]



    A Second Breath (2012 Edition) [230 kbps]






    Industrial Captivity 8:20

    The 11th Chapter 8:07


    Source: Official Soundcloud page


    Kashmir is a well known classic previously released only under various compilations now in our collection!

    The last 2 tracks seem to be a remastered versions from the unreleased classics! The "classic" feeling has been kept, but still, half lost I would say.


    *** *** ***


    Thanks to my yesterday's Discogs search a really "Goa" epic classic has been found!!

    I have to also thank Electro-Magnetic who contributed the release.


    Oliver B ‎– Vizioner [2002] (320 kbps)




    Radiant Energy (Remastered) 5:24


    Source: Official Website


    This is a remastered version, sounds pretty much "new school"! Pure enjoyment!


    All other tracks from the album were also available for download in 128 kbps from mp3.com.au and as artist claims himself:

    Don’t worry, I’ll upload all my old tunes and as usual they will be available for free. Will remaster the best and the most downloaded tunes and upload them soon. This time all tunes will be in 320kbps quality. If you still would like to have all tunes you can visit [/size]mp3.com.au/oliverb and download them all (128kbps mp3).[/size]

    The mp3.com.au is not functioning anymore and the artist's web site is full of spam... So far we have only 1 trance track from the classics remastered, but it seems like it is totally legal by all means to download the rest somewhere from the internet in 129 kbps quality. I'm not sure how many trance tracks are more there, but it seem to be worth checking!


    *** *** ***


    And even more gems to uncover! This time 2002-2004 psy-trance from Spontaneous Aerobics German label. They have given for free download (or payment, if any) 3 of their compilations in any format, including WAV:


    Spontaneous Aerobics [Flac]


    VA - Traininglesson One - 7​:​00 a​.​m. [2002]




    1 Unknown Artist – Intro (Psyrobics Team) 0:07

    2 Lots Of Dotz – News From The Past 7:55

    3 Con-X-Ion* – Gimme 8:14

    4 Psycoresquad – One Step Beyond 8:24

    5 M.I.D.A. – Orion 8:40

    6 Solar Gliders – Breathing 6:29

    7 Der Eins Punkt Feat. DJ Sonor – Farbentanz 7:51

    8 4 Winds Circle – Sleepwalker 6:48

    9 Limbogott – Chill @ Will 6:53



    VA - Kick Off - 2​:​00 a​.​m. [2003]




    1 Transdriver – The Nutcracker

    2 Naked Tourist – Have More Fun

    3 M.I.D.A. – Provider

    4 Kailum – In Flash

    5 Liquid Space – Liquid Density

    6 Intergalactic – Deep Space Trance

    7 High K.O.* vs. Nirmal – Take More Acid

    8 Naked Tourist – Zombifiziert (Full Moon Remix)

    9 Evil Drug Lords – General Mish Mash

    10 DJ Turn – Future Shock


    VA - Trainiglesson 2 - Aural Training [2004]




    1 Liquid Space – Mystic Eden 7:54

    2 M.I.D.A. – Bubble Trouble 8:20

    3 Necmi – Flitscha 8:48

    4 Manifest (5) – Petnaest 7:13

    5 Keltik* – Spirits 7:48

    6 Smuhg – Jaguar 8:08

    7 Liquid Space – Playgroundstories 6:18

    8 Der Eins Punkt – Farbentanz (Mystic Remix) 8:20

    9 Solar Gliders – Immigrant 8:02


    Source: Bandcamp


    I personally doubt if could now find any decent enjoyment from any of these... But there is one good thing for sure here: back in the days I remember I was downloading a pirated version of "VA - Kick Off - 2:00 a.m.". Now I know that my conscience are even more purified! :)

  9. Do not want to forget about this great album:



    Nuclear Ramjet ‎– Age Of Aquarius [1998] (160 kbps)




    1 Planet Krusher 12:18

    2 Minas Morgul 12:48

    3 La Chevauchée Fantastique 8:54

    4 Igniters 8:11

    5 Swirl Damper 10:17

    6 Entering The Age Of Aquarius 10:50

    7 Target Aquired 8:06


    Source: Nuclear Ramjet's MP3 archive


    6 tracks out of 7 are pure "GOA-trance" ones! Very very enjoyable for me.. Actually, I can't stop listening to this at the moment.. the more I listen the more I like!


    On their MP3 archive archive there are also many other full length tracks. But most of them in techno style and "Delta 1" variations", also some great ambient tracks.


    And the time has come to share with another set of maybe not less awesome tracks!



    Ethereal (128kbps)




    Accessing Infinity (Original v1)

    Accessing Infinity (Original v2)

    All Systems Are Go (Original v2)

    Distant Lights (Original)


    Fireflies (Original)

    Shai (Original) - (Our very first track!)

    Stream of Life (Original)


    Source: Official Ethereal Website


    From the "liberated" ones we have:


    All Systems Are Go [Ethereal ‎– Anima Mundi - 2003]

    Distant Lights [Ethereal ‎– Anima Mundi - 2003]

    Accessing Infinity [Various ‎– Blissful Moments - 2003]

    Fireflies [Various ‎– Blissful Moments - 2003]


    Now 10 years have passed by and it's a classic already! :)


    Both of these discoveries I have found thanks to the members of Goa / Psy-Trance / Free Tracks Discogs group discussion.


    Another good news is that most of the tracks from this psynews topic are still available for download! :)


    PS. Also, without this research of free tracks, I wouldn't know that Nuclear Ramjet did such a great "Goa-trance"!!

  10. Click on your username in the bar near the top of the page, and click "My Settings" in the drop-down menu that appears. In the settings page, click the "Notification Options" tab on the left. Where it says "Notification method to use for replies to followed topics", check the box under "Email" then click "Save Changes".

    You seem to be totally correct! And I have to apologize a little..

    I have checked this settings page of course.. And somehow it looked correct to me..

    And I am sure I was receiving the notifications before the board software upgrade. Very likely they have been disabled since then.

    Thanks for your help! I feel pretty sure now that it would be working now! :)

  11. I am having several problems with notifications but don't know exactly where to mention about them. Decided to use this thread.


    1. I wanted to start following this thread, so I've edited my last post in it and using the "Full Editor" under the "Post Options" tried to enable the option "Follow this topic?". But after then pressing "Submit Modified Post" I have found nothing added in "Content I Follow" page of my member section. I've tried to edit the post again - the "Follow this topic?" option was disabled! No matter what options I've tried using, even adding some more text to the actual post, couldn't get it enabled!

    Though then I've found "Follow this topic" button at the top right of a topic's page. Clicking it solved this problem!


    2. I have recently created a thread and instantly subscribed for it's notifications and it is listen under "Content I Follow" page, but so far I've gotten none of the notifications of the replies while they been posted when I've been off-site.

    My "Current e-mail address" under profile settings is absolutely correct. Spam folder is also empty.


    Thanks for the attention.

  12. Are your questions on the legality or the morality of it?


    In the "Introduction" section of the topic I have tried to be as much clear with the attitude.

    Of course, it is totally on the section of "morality", with the highest possible means. I thought this would be understood, especially, from mentioning the well known religion commandment as the name of the topic and the "cutting of the ears and entering the Divine being deaf but not dead" saying..

    Thanks for the valuable replies so far.

  13. Introduction:


    This commandment has not been yet used on the forum according to the search, so this is a new discussion on the subject.


    The main purpose is to help to determine for myself is it possible to listen to GOA trance music while living in a poor country regarding material values for it's inhabitants.


    I grew up in a so called "3d world" country, which is Ukraine, an Eastern Europe, a post-Soviet Union country.


    My main concern is whether it is possible to get enjoyment from the GOA trance music for the person, no matter where he lives but having a very minimum amount of what is called as "funds".


    I've provided my growing/living location as an example where a lot of individuals might appear under circumstances, when they could not absolutely afford buying music so that it would feed their musical hunger.


    Let's take a person who begun following the commandments absolutely, of the really the top priority.

    For such a person, according to another well known saying, he would rather "cut off his ears but being able to enter the Divine Kingdom being a deaf instead of dead" and avoid the temptation.


    Yes, "cutting off the ears" in one of the solutions. Another solution is to create your own music using the very limited hardware or listen to free music only which is available at the person's living location.






    Another solution is to listen to the so called DJ sets and radio translations. And this is what I would like to discuss here.

    I've seen there are people here who call themselves as "christians" and other similar-minded, so this discussion might be of the general benefit.


    The situation appeared to be extremely difficult to solve! The main culprits here are the authors of the music who "agree to play labels game" and often enough create the same labels and the label managers themselves.


    The fact that there are many of both producers and labels owners here was one of another reason for creation of this topic here.


    One thing is certain here is that the commandment "You shall not steal" applies to the real thing, not what is say only written.

    For example, an author never considered this issue at all and issues an album. On the CD it appeared to be written:



    These are the words, but what lies behind the exact will of the author and the label?

    Would they both mind of someone who could not really afford buying the album would be listening to a "pirated mp3"?

    Because if the both music author and label owners in their "hearts" would normally accept the situation of giving the music to the materially poor people, it might not likely be the breaking of the commandment.


    But who knows what lies inside of their "hearts"? I have created this thread in order to try to enlighten this mystery by listening to their official positions by a luck.




    Another question is DJ mixes and radio broadcasts. It appeared to be that in my country (Ukraine) even now a lot of music which is being broadcasting live is using the "illegally downloaded" media!

    For example, the latest Shpongle's album presentation several months ago was exactly this case!


    At the same time, sometimes the authors themselves create music sets and give voice interviews for the same radio station, like it was in case with Goasia's "Dancing With The Blue Spirit" album and RA's mixset which was made just for the "party" which happened several days ago.


    But, in the case when either a DJ mix is distributed over the internet or it is a radio broadcast from the "licensed media", it most most most of the cases, it is absolutely "not authorized".


    And as I have already noted, there might be a real situation of the music authors and label owners wish: they might be absolutely tolerant for the situation where their music is included into a dj mix which is recorded from the purchased media or broadcasting on a radio station in a "3d world" country. Thus it might not be breaking of the commandment.


    But as it is nowhere (maybe almost) said about what lies exactly behind the "copyright" law, at least absolutely nothing is said on both authors and labels web sites, I decided to try to clarify this question which worries me for such a long time already on this forum.


    Thanks for the attention!



  14. Three 'N One - Down In The Hole


    arrrghhh you made me look all over the web for this track only to find it has as much in common with Stella as a horse has in common with a rabbit. Guess this is what they mean when they say that each person's perceptions are different...


    Strange what you are saying.. To me it sounds almost identical to Stella. On my CD it plays somewhat slower than on the video though which makes it even more hypnotic.

    Let's see what the topic starter will say.

  15. I warned that the last 2 suggestions are more from the GOA side, but they do indeed share the same "hypnotic" spirit and are very unique from all GOA tracks.

    The way you are surprised to see them here might help others to realize what actually the author wants.

    IMO these 2 tracks even being form the GOA side are much close to the search than all the other suggestions.


    And, not to get it lost, I repeat the very exact match:


    Three'n One - Down in the hole

  16. well... I kindof get what you're saying... and I don't understand why you'd consider my Eye Q records not similar enough? They share basically the same "formula", where created around the same time by artists who are friends, featured on the same comps and played by the same DJs, how more similar can it get? lol



    The Desire track is the most close, but still, very far to be of the same style IMO!


    All the tracks your provided here are from the more "lighter" group. It's like take the dress the author of the topic wants, then make it transparent, very light by weight and add some colourful flowers on the top. It might be good for it's own purposes, but it would be another group already!

    The dress will loose it's strength and would not be applicable anymore for the original purposes.


    I believe, the key word is "hypnotic" here. All the tracks you shown are too multi-layered to remain hypnotic.


    I, myself, was also looking for about exactly the same kind of tracks. Also from the GOA genre.

    And everywhere I was asking for suggestions, same situation: people post tens of suggestions, which they consider to be very similar from their perspective, some people saying like "take any track from that era and it would sound similar" and other things which, again, from their perspective makes sense.

    But as I said, people are too lazy to realize, or, better to say, to put themselves into a position of a seeker...

    And if they would, they will realize how unique this "hypnotic" tracks actually are!


    To the author:


    There are 2 more tracks I can suggest, but from the GOA side. They are on the border with GOA and techno, but could be surely classified as "really oldschool, soft synth, hypnotic techno aesthetic":


    Afrotrance - Spiritual Energy (can be easily found on youtube, Eye Q records)

    Disco Volante - Chameleon

  17. I'm not talking about sounding exactly the same of course, but about about something close to the meaning of these words:

    - sharing the same spiriting

    - being on the same wave

    - talking about the same thing (musically)


    In other words, I can compare it with dressing up. Many of the dance scene people dress like hippies or, not to be offensive, but really close to clowns in the circus. They might look really different to each other: this one has a feather in the hair, another one has a respirator on his face, the third one is dressed in a cosmonaut's suit... But they all share the same, you can say style, you can differentiate them from others into one separate group.


    While there is another group. They are dressed very accurate and simple, but with high tech lines. Just a several colours for each person. Or maybe even one color and semi-colors.

    Though there is a whole rainbow available, this group is very small. Somehow people do not appreciate simple things.

    The author of this thread found deep blue and light violet ones for example.

    I am adding one - green, but it is all dressed in exactly the same style.


    Moreover, I consider this small group to be much more valuable than the other "messy" ones! And do not see anything wrong, and of course an absolutely right right to gather the whole palette of colours in it!

  18. I am also a big fan of Stella track.

    The first track also indeed sounds like Stella to me.


    But none of the other tracks suggested sound close enough! They just do not share the same spirit if so to say.

    I have found that people nowdays unfortunately are not careful enough to listen the others.. and they just do not have the ability due to the internal laziness...


    And I have found the very true similar track! I have found it very occasionally. I purchased a single CD because of another track and this one was a bonus, but this bonus was priceless!

    It is even not on youtube.. Somehow people do not value simple things...

    Here is the name:


    Three'n One - Down in the hole


    PS. If you can't find it anywhere, I can copy it from CD, encode and upload somewhere..

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