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  1. After a deep and serious research, I have been discovered that music goes to a regression direction.

    The GOA trance itself appeared to also have more bad tracks than good ones. But even those bad mostly contain the elements which cover all "modern sound production quality" or any other "innovations".

    They are simply nothing!

    There is no a single move forward, apart from a very few artists and several tracks of them who are producing in GOA style nowadays.

    IMO GOA should have involved into more ethnic, organic, ochestral and at the same time personal direction, but this unfortunately haven't happened, yet it remains the best music genre by now.


    PS. I decided to share with this... When I was writing the above I was listening to divbyzero GOA station and.. "Electric Universe - This is from the heart" was playing.. That's exactly how I felt while writing.

  2. It was several times with me and most of them I didn't even know how is it called.


    First, I had a pirated MP3 CD called Dream dance '97. It had mostly Sony's Dream Dance series with Dolphins jumping on the sleeve + some other Dream trance CDs and.. Robert Miles In The Mix album. It had tracks like "Prana – Geomantik" and "L.S.G. – Transmutation" from the subject genre. At first it all sounded to me very strange, dry, empty.. But then few months later I coudln't get enough of it! It was already something very strong, solid and energetic sounding.


    Second, there was a Rebook store in the Centre of the city I am living in. And it appeared so that owner of the shop was promoting the GOA/PSY culture in our city.. And inside always latest greatest PSY hits were playing. When I was entering the shop the music literally was always blowing me away.. It was so intense, so high tech! I didn't know what style it was, but it was definitely the most advanced music I've even heard! So energetic and so high tech! The shop closed in '99..


    In December of '98 my father brought me a CD and said that it's the music I have surely never heard before! And he can't even describe why is it so different, I just have to listen. By the first listen the music sounded too cold and dry to me.. But then after a little time I couldn't get enough of the fast tracks!! They where Bypass Unit – Hypnotic Voice, Aqualite – Wavemaker, Koxbox – Acid Vol. 3, Fuzzy Logic (3) – Mega Goa


    Next, in 00-01 I with my best friend went to journey to a town in our country for a glass of weed. Or several glasses, I don't remember for sure. I took my cassette player with dual headphones output and on our way back, after getting stoned with a test drive of our about to be purchased weed, we were listening to the music my friend brought.. He said it was.. trance. But it was psytrance, now I know. We just flew away.. in the train. I only remember I was impressed very much by hearing the modem connection typical sounds.. that were used in... music.


    And finally, officially, in 2003 I was introduced to this music by my new internet friend. He became my friend because his chat nickname was "psychoGOAspirit" and I was interested in GOA music because it was the last genre of electronic music that I was unaware of. So he shared with music with me. And I was not accepting the weed smoking invitation, as I was not smoking at that time. But the music was somewhat very boring, chaotic and very similar to one another...

    He said that it needs to be tried with LSD. And it would sound totally different! I asked how different? He said he doesn't know, but it would be REALLY different. And I thought to myself that I believe I would be able to determine what is the difference and bring this knowledge and ability to the ordinary life.

    And I've tried.. It was not LSD but DOB though, but the effect was about the same I believe. He was DJing. So he introduced me into Etnica, Prana, Transwave, Pleiadians, MFG, Astral Projection and others (first, mainly from Pulse, Order Odonanta and other similar compilations and well known releases "golden" time)...

    Then I officially realized what is music is about...

    The only thing that surprised me.. is that why there is no music which posses life-asserting feeling. It's like MFG's Welcome To The Edge has no continue...

    And there is no continue up to now.. Never met a track which posses it.


    PS. But now I know why all this music is only approaching the "Edge".. Because of the drugs!! They don't allow to stay there longer, forever, and posses this feeling via music. Therefore it really can be called as sh**t.

    Unless someone would produce music of the similar kinds without drugs in mind but feeling himself very strongly high naturally. :excl:

  3. So are you doing art?

    Or is this "ARTificial Intelligence" thing something else?


    This thing is a well known subject in Computer Science. And I am deeply involved in it. I just don`t like the word "artificial" like it`s something too dead and techy. For me it`s really a form of art using computers as a key instrument.

  4. -= ARTificial INTELLIGENCE =-


    I "studied" radioelectronics though for about 6 years in an Aviation University. Then I officially quit refusing to take the mostly fake diploma because I was already having the above mentioned real thing which was more than feeding me well.. I`m still having my student ID in the pocket with group number.. 604 on it, which I still haven't finished :)

    When was small always wanted to become a businessman to become an influential person. The above thing has given all I wanted in this realm and much more.

    And I was never studying this anywhere officially.
  5. This is `baffling` you or whatever because you obviousely got it wrong.


    The calculation is something like this.

    • Need of the music as the help to reach a certain level of `consiousness` = 100%
    • Improtance of the purity of the music for this level = 80%
    • Deviation caused by the music in this case - name of the artist, lacking of ethnic instruments and constant happy mood = -35%
    • My ability to correct the course caused by the deviation = 50%
    • The probability to reach the desired destination with the help of this music = 100 - 35*0.8 + 50 = 122%
    Thus far I am listening and can listen for really long and `suck all of the juices` as much as this level can give.


    But if I would like to get the higher level, importance of the purity rises, my ability to correct the deviation reduces and the figure gets far below 100% and this were I`m getting sad..



    In short, it will really hurt if I would like to reach some higher levels with the help of this music but does it`s `job` incredibly much better than of the many others on lower levels.


    One of the most weird things/opinions I've read so far in this forum.


    That`s why I initially deleted it. Did not want to bring the attention. But after the artist talked to me in a personal conversation, I have changed my mind again.

  6. Really? You can't like music because it might be influenced by eastern religions just a tiny, little bit? What the heck.


    I said I was listening to his tracks repeatedly for hours even known they are presented from the artist with that strong influence in his name. The overall need for the music and the musc itself has won over the intolerance.


    And the new album`s name symbolically makes even lesser `eastern` influence.


    But I didn`t want to say any good words about while I was still seeing him using the `eastern-styled` avatar. 2 days ago I had a thought that he might change it, I loaded the forum and by a `coincidence` saw right on the homepage that he really changed it! :)


    So I decided to post..

  7. I am having the total intolerance towards `eastern religions` influenced music.

    E-mantra has a very strong influence in his name.

    Despite that, I consider his music to be the most serious, deep, driving and flight-supporting among all other producing nowdays.

    I listened to some of his tracks repeatedly for hours, so much they were able to do for me.


    Of course, they still lacking a lot filling IMO and happiness but still it is the most serious music around and thus more valuable.

    I have discovered that on the album Arcana there is a track called `Dansul Ielelor` which means `a dance of a fairy` and which is Romanian, a native language of the artist, thus very ethnic influenced. Especially together with strack`s `Approaching Nibiru` starting from

    and few others with great names and conent, it made the album Arcana to be the most prioritized for me once I will get ready the money for the next purchase.


    And discovering that his new album is titled as Pathfinder which means even less influence of `eastern religions` made me appreciate his music even more among the rest.


    I wanted to say about this in this thread but noticed his avatar still has a buddhist mandala or something like that.. It was stopping me to say something really good about his music.. But then, one day 2 days ago, I somehow thought... if his music is soo good sometimes, referring to `Approaching Nibiru` and `Dansul Ielelor` tracks especially, maybe he would also change his avatar and remove all the `eastern stuff`??

    I loaded the forum homepage and noticed his posts under the new, absolutely not `eastern` `avatar`!!!

    So I decided to post...


    But then I decided to delete it by some reasons.. and now restoring again after realising in personal communication with the artist in particular that `Approaching Nibiru` and `Dansul Ielelor` are also his one of most favorite tracks and he never used any `eastern` theme in any of his tracks.. :)

  8. Out of 9 tracks posted, 4 of them have spirit or soul in their name. So this might be a good place to keep them together.

    Also I am concerned about spirit though, as soul could and very often is weak while spirit is often all about strength.

  9. Voice of tambourine. Flute. Goa trance beatless sound, tambourine, flute.


    Voice of the dictor `In the begining there was a total silence and the emptiness. The great shaman hit the tambourine and the cosmos and the stars were created.` Tambourine voice. `With the second hit of the tambourine the shaman has created a human and the Earth.`

    `After the third hit the shaman has opened the music to people and taught them do dance.`

    `And has left the Eearth.`. Goa trance sound with beat.



    That was the very beginning.




    As of the "the bad side"... There is a main heroine in the movie being interviewed and told the story about. Close to the end of the movie, starting with 33th minute, she says


    `This is so much an individual thing.. Someones really were taking drugs just because they want to keep staying in the gatherings, while others were taking because they were interesting in.. this, learning... ahm.. of the world under the drugs.`

    `It appeared to me that some inspiration would come and I would be like.. THE BEST. And I have started taking the drugs and in the end it came up to that I simply left the university.`

    `Drugs are very masterful lord. It`s like for some time he`s like giving you all that you want - inspiration, love, friendship. But all of this then really crashes. And it appears then that it`s not that he is making for me... that kind of things, but I am working it for him already. I became a totally his slave.`


    Then over the black-and-white picture of her face the dictor says that `the drugs has taken her most loved business, the job, has changed her character, her old freinds could not stand the changes going on with her and many of the new ones were going off from the life.. a little more and the drugs would have taken her life...`


    But then the dictor says that she has managed to escape, back to herself, create a new life with a new home, job and happiness. And she resumes at 40.30

    `I have came to the concludion, that in any ways you need to work to obtain something. And there are some other ways to obtain it all very simple and easy - to steal for example, to take a drug. But then in those cases you would have to pay for it and the verrry seriousely. Thus, the shorter the way, the bigger the price.. for the easiness of overcoming the distance.`

    `Now I have a flat and I like so much that it`s a bright one.`


    And the dictor says that she works now as an expert in the music store and her life got totally back on the track.


    And then her last words


    `Now I am going to the clubs again but feeling totally independent. I now simply go to them just to listen to the music that I`m interested in, to go to a concert of some particular musician or a dj. And when listening to the music without the drugs, you feel the thiner vibrations.`

    `This is very much like to... some shamanic action.`




    I hope it wasn`t much of text to read, my english was good enough and it IMO gives the best feeling of how everything is presented in the movie.

    No matter what, it is the most informative I have ever seen so far.

  10. I saw that one on youtube. Someone really needs to make some subs for it. It looks really interesting.



    I am also interested in the subject.

    I was mostly watching a couple of russian ones and there was one really nice, very informative, though showing all the `movement` from the bad side.


    It is called as `Шаман - (Фильм о российской техно-транс культуре 90-х)` in russian or `Shaman - A movie about russian techno-trance scene of 90s` in english.


    It seems to not be available on youtube though. And you are able to watch it from here I believe




    Is it the one you are referring to?

  11. Well, I have nothing against the music sounding techy, after all I feel very comfortable with synth frequencies and started to listen to electronic music for the reason that it doesn't contain organic instruments...

    But I nowadays see it as an interesting element when tracks contain organic instrument sources. This element, however, will only as long stay interesting to me as this doesn't get a too common practice :)


    Well, some time ago I was also eager only for the electronic synth frequencies but now I came to the conclusion that they have reached their limits the way people use them.

    Organic instruments IMO would not only help to sound more juicy and more rich, but also would help to find out the very specific eletronic sounds for each person, as now they are all too random and too common...


    Anyway, here is another recommendation for you: Klangstrahler Projekt. They are more known for using guitars than other string instruments, but they do have these too. I listened to them a lot in the past, I had their first two albums ... then it somehow got silent around them and meanwhile they released a bunch of other stuff, but I failed to keep up, so don't ask me about the more recent releases...

    Anyway, I'm sure you'll like them:


    Klangstrahler Project - Nagaland


    Or this one:


    Klangstrahler Projekt - Rising




    Yes, thanks! It`s just what I am looking for!

    Apart from the guitars I hear many many more instruments that do sound very organic to me.

    Another good thing is that they now give away their first `99 album for the free 192kbps download! And it is also full of organic sounds and have some really nice uptempo tracks.. :) like this one





    And this one


    Extremely Well



    Their logo also totally shares the feeling of high-tech + oragnic


    Posted Image

  12. Yeah, just found Miranda live in Belgrade back in 1998:



    At the end Lepton Head deedrah remix i think... that was on RTS most popular TV station in Serbia last 50 years...


    I usually ignore all of the Imba`s posts due to IMO abusive content of the Avatars and most of content used..

    But here I`ve made an exception... And with no regrets at all.


    THIS kind of usage is behind my expectation that humans could relate `psy` music with. But it`s really what it is all about for me - the connection with all the ETHNO things. And yes, the music is definitely `Lepton Head deedrah remix`


    This looks and sounds so beatifully and strong! Even if it looks sometimes too childish or over-simple, the mature horses, the burning feather of the phoenix bird and the flourishing ethnic city are worth of all of it!!


    ..Especially after I was watching to the original cartoon `Конёк Горбунок` aka `Konjic Grbonjic` when it has been officially released for free online watch in russian language :)


    Also, when I was making this quoted reply the contributor`s avatars were not abusive at all. :)

  13. Thanks to all of the replies here!


    EVERY single track here so far completely shares the feeling I am looking for.


    Of course, I am more searching for the faster side.


    I would only like to mention particulary those I knew already


    Bypass Unit - Nanosphere Courier

    Yes, this one maybe the best from all the suggested and it`s already in my target list.. Just somewhat hard to legally get..


    ManMadeMan - Drama

    This one I have mentioned to myself some time ago, but totally forgot about it.. thanks to remind.

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