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  1. I’m no master at English, and I’ve “only” received 5 promo-CD’s during the last years. Psytekk from USTA (which I graded 6,5, and I haven’t received any more promos from them - hehe), Igneous Sauria and Genetic Spin on CreamCrop (which I graded 8 and 7) and the Son Kite album “Colours” + “On Air Remixes” (graded 9,5 and 9 – and that was certainly not exaggerating). How do you get those promos anyways? Although forums like psynews and isratrance are relatively well known, do the labels really get their money back from sending a promo to a reviewer at one of these places? Sure, sometimes there are +20-30 comments, but usually it’s the same crowd of insiders (at isratrance anyways, I haven’t used the psynews forum that much) commenting. Do we really just write these reviews for a small, closed circle of people, or are there a big bunch of people reading along, and ultimately buying the cd’s when they’ve read a positive review?
  2. Is it this one? http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/etn/etn1cd012.html Haven't been able to check it out, since I'm at work at the moment.
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    Surprisingly enough, I didn't really like this one. I’m a big fan of ZMA, and I liked the original track “Synaesthesia”, but the album really didn’t touch me. I Especially found the remixes of “Popcorn” and “Greece 2000” (one of my alltime favourite trance tracks) really bad. I can’t wait for some of ZMA’s next releases though … In particular the Sun Control Species album, and hopefully some more of their high quality compilations.
  4. Thanks a lot – I try to be as objective as possible when I review, although I mainly review albums/compilations that I like. I agree about Traveller by the way – although he is a bit of a twisted-wh0re Other good reviewers on Isratrance are in my opinion DeathPosture, basilisk, Le Lotus Bleu, KakoOlalaJwal, Dai, sam i am, krelm, aje, Surrender and Templar – just to name a few. Most of the first reviews of Israeli full on releases are mostly “look, I’m the first to get the unreleased killer promo!!! 11/10!!!” shit – don’t believe the hype. And yeah – fuck the promo deals! (I hardly receive any promos – gimme some more! )
  5. One of the most interesting acts on the danish progressive scene imho. Those who have already heard some of Genetic Spins earlier tracks, will quickly recognise their deep and groovy style on this album. 1. No need for a long intro here. After about 12 seconds we hear the beat for the first time, and the party is started. It rolls in the quite normal Genetic Spin style, but a small interesting melody starts at 4:40, and continues throughout the track. 2. Not as good as the opening track, but it has it's moments. In particular the break at around 4 minutes. 3. The sounds here are a bit to "growly" for my taste, and the percussion in the last 3 minutes doesn't work that well. One of my least favorite tracks. 4. We have a woman singing through most of this track. Not lyrics, just some pleasant "oooh's" and "aaah's". It works pretty well, but is not one of the standout tracks here. 5. My favorite on the album, with a lot of stuff happening. Some nice scando sounds, makes this track a bit more trancy than the rest here. 6. Again some pretty nice work. It has some pretty dark pads, and generally a darker "feel". 7. Perhaps my least favorite track on the album. It does have some pretty nice sounds, but as track #3, I find it a bit too "growly" - especially in the last half. 8. As the rest of the tracks, it's nice and groovy, just not enough happening to make it stand out. 9. A fine finish to the album. Very catchy. Bottom line: Comparing the album to Genetic Spins earlier releases, I'll definatly say they have improved their sound. I would describe it as a bit less "dry", and more trancy. But still, it's deep and progressive. A fine album with some nice music for the dancefloor. Even though it'll fit well in your CD-player for home listening, the best experience is it played loud at a party (their liveset is very nice btw). Verdict: 7/10 Favorites: 1, 5, 6, 9
  6. Igneous Sauria - Encephalophagus Artist: Igneous Sauria Title: Encephalophagus Label: Creamcrop Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Encephalophagus 02. Pustracer 03. Heliumdoron 04. Mcnutcrak 05. Cluster 06. Crispy 07. Enigmata 08. A-Muser 09. Skogsra 10. Faltcherun Review: Igneous Sauria is Kristos Tatitzikidis from Greece, who also was a part of the projects Phacelift and Magus, who has been a part of CreamCrop since the labels first compilations back in 2002. His debut album "Encepfalophagus" is also released by CreamCrop, and the style is dark and progressive. Compared to his 1-2 year old releases it's less psychedelic, darker and a bit slower. The album starts out with "Encepfalophagus". We're met with a few people talking, and after 1 minute the music really starts. The beat is followed by birds singing, but they disappear pretty quick, and the darker style takes over. In the 2nd track "Pustracer" the speed is increased, and the dark style continues. "Heliumdoron" has a nice and quiet start, but the darker style takes over. We hear the sound of a bell from a bicycle, and with about 1½ minut left we start to hear the sounds from the beginning of the track, untill the end of the track. 4th track, "McNutCrak" is more uplifting than the first tracks, and we're met with a pretty interesting funky style. The track quickly develops, but unfortunatly it ends after only 6 minutes. "Cluster" is made with Sven Looping (some might know him from Charasmatix and Sticky Finger), and the result is great. The track has a 1 minute long intro, before we're met with some very dark sounds. This is definatly a track to be played late at night! "Crispy" is pretty much the same as "Cluster", but in my opinion the sounds are much better in "Cluster" "Enigmata" is a new version of "Enigma" from the "The Next Levels" compilation from 2001. The style here is more dancable, and towards the end the sounds get pretty psychedelic. The style is again changed with "A-Muser". The track is more uplifting than the last few tracks, and it's pretty housy. The last dance track is "Skogsra". On the LP version of the album it's remixed by Phony Orphants and Phacelift. I don't like this version, so let's just hope the remixes are better. The last track is Faltchenrun - a pretty experimental chillout track, with a very jazzy sound. I don't love the track, but I find it pretty interesting. In general I think the debut-album from Igneous Sauria is pretty good. His sound is very interesting, and there is a good variation in the tracks. It really grows on you. For me the highlights are "McNutCrak", because it's a bit funny and different, while "Cluster" is one of the best dark tracks I've heard in a while. "A-Muser" is also one of the gems. Overall the album is a pretty good buy - especially if you're into the style. My verdict is 8/10.
  7. Well, It's definatly more experimental than I expected - especially the ambient side. I don't really like it though, I can only name 3-4 "nice" tracks from the 23. One of the highlights is the first track "Albibeno", which is in the good ol' Infected sound. I also quite enjoy "Apogiffa", although I liked the original better. "Deeply Disturbed" is also one of my personal highlights ... if it weren't for the terrible singing. My verdict: 5/10 - But don't let it fool you, as it's a love/hate release this one. Half my friends love it and call it a masterpiece, while the other half call it a huge disappointment. I would definatly recommend everybody to hear it before buying.
  8. Oszilla - Return To Neverland Artist: Oszilla Title: Return To Neverland Label: Insolation Date: 2003 Track listing: 01. Taran Und Der Zauberkessel 02. Shadows Over Me 03. Die Hexen 04. Galactic Core 05. Inside A Computer Program 06. Big Insect 07. Ready To Flow 08. Liquid Skunk (Prototyp Rmx) 09. Chillin In The Sun Review: For a long time I've waited for a good melodic psytrance album, and now it's finally here - the debut album from Oszilla aka Andreas Weber. The album is a progressive masterpiece, with a lot of trance-like melodies. Some might call them cheesy - I call it marvelous. My personal highlights are: "Return To Neverland": Probably one of the darkest tracks on the CD. Not that's dark though, it's just not as uplifting as the rest of the tracks. The beat is somewhat similar to some of the stuff on Vaishiyas' album, but with some awesome melodies. This is a really nice dancefloor filler. "Inside A Computer Program": Take some overused samples from "The Matrix", a sweet little melody, and some excellent production and you have this track. A nice, groovy, chilled track for the morning hours. "Ready To Flow" - my favourite track on the album, and the title fits perfectly. This is also a mindblowing track for the morning hours, although not as melodic as the rest of the tracks. I can't name a single bad track on this album, although I was somewhat disappointed that the "Indiana Jones" theme was removed from the Prototyp remix of "Liquid Skunk" My verdict: 8.5/10
  9. A pretty good album from Magnetrixx here, but not as good as expected. The first track is a pretty good opener, and 2nd track "Tohuwabohu" is by far my favorite on this album. It was one of my biggest favorites last summer, and probably one of the best tracks "tribal" tracks I've ever heard. Next highlight is #5, "Zigzagg", which was released on the same EP as "Tohuwabohu". Not as good, but very groovy. The rest of the tracks are pretty good, but not as good as I expected. Verdict: 7/10.
  10. This isn't as good as the first one, but overall it is a pretty good compilation if you like the TIP World style. Personally i like track 1 and track 7 best, and I find the Alien Project track (#3) to be the worst. Speaking of that track ... isn't it the same as the one on "Electronic High 3" entitled "L.S.D"? This compilation gets a 7/10 from me
  11. You can definatly hear that these guys have experience with making ambient. The album starts with a short ambient track, which builds up very nice to "Lemon Phase", which is a very soft, progressive track. Track #3 is the beautiful "Newport" from the Digital Emission compilation, and basically all tracks are in this style. There is an exception tho: Track 5, which is a truly amazing ambient track with a guitar ala Celtic Cross. Overall the album has a very nice flow, and top-quality production, and if you liked Vibrasphere earlier stuff you're definatly going to like this. 8.5/10 Best tracks: 1, 2, 3(!) 5(!) and 8. You can btw download track 8 "Infusion" from the Digital Structures website - thumbs up for that!
  12. I would definatly say that "Waiting For The Knights" is a dancefloor track. I was actually quite disappointed when I got the EP, but at a party a few weeks ago I really changed my mind - It's a killer! Later that evening a DJ also played "There Is No Plan", and that didn't really change my mind. Interesting, but not a good result. I would still say that Ticons remix of "Eargear - Trancehouseexpress" is better than "Waiting For The Knights", but play it late at night and you'll have the dancefloor going crazy 6/10 (Waiting For The Knights is 8,5/10)
  13. I agree - techno drome is the best track on the CD, the rest is just to much ... "Astral Projection". On one hand it's cool that they keep the spirit alive, but on the other hand it's pretty sad that they haven't evolved since the first 2-3 albums. I'm sure a lot of ppl will find some of the tracks here pretty magical tho(especially track 3+8), but for me the magic is long gone :/
  14. pr0fane

    Altom - Hologram

    Really good morning-stuff, and the album as a whole is very good. I can't say that any of the tracks are bad, but I would say that Intoxicated, Not From Concentrate, Magnetic Force and Some Place Else stands out as the highlights of the album. Really good stuff, and a must-have for the morning-hours. 8.6/10
  15. pr0fane

    V/A - Change

    V/A - Change Artist: Various Title: Change Label: Flow Date: 2000 Track listing: 01. 06'37" Snug As A Bug : Margonzilla 02. 08'48" Fabel : Relic Raiders 03. 06'46" Yumade : Fluffin In Side 04. 07'29" Loopus In Fabula : Syncout 05. 08'32" Magus : Egoes Out 06. 07'34" Logic Bomb : Psychedelic Pollution 07. 08'51" Drop Out : Poison Area 08. 07'37" Wizzy Noise : Wizzy Dominance 09. 08'47" Tranan : Moody Review: this compilation is wickedly sick =). i just got this 2 days ago, but i like practically every track. track 1, by snug as a bug (half of yumade and someone else) is a groovy track with good bass and scratchy analogue sounds. track 2, by fabel sort of reminds me of intact instinct, but not as minimal. it starts of with what sounds like a movie sountrack then kicks into a menacing groove. track 3, by yumade is a groovy track with breaky rhythms and badass analogue sounds and effects flying all over. track 4, by loopus in fabula has a killer groove and awesome sounds that fling about and gyrate with the rhythm. track 5, by magus is all around amazing--sick groove, cool effects and amazing variation. track 6, by logic bomb is one of my favorites. a pumping track with killer effects and cool samples. the synth lines rip through the air and and the track keeps on pumpin'. track 7, by drop out has some sample that talks about taking a stronger dose.. anyhow if there's a comparatively bad track i'd say this is it. it just doesn't do it for me. track 8, by wizzy noise another one of my favorites. when are these guys going to release an album? so far every track i've head from them rocks. this one is no exception. as the track name says, these guys dominate. dark and groovy with their trademark raspy metallic sounds. =) track 9, by tranan (part of logic bomb) was a complete surprise for me. the whole cd is mostly on the darker side, but when this track starts it's really refreshing. this track expertly shows the lighter side of psytrance. it's groovy, has cool melodies, and i'd have to say it's damn close to being the best track on the cd. it's still to early for me to decide. this track is a little slow (127bpm) but it really kicks ass. this cd is a definate must buy. it's probably one of the best compilations out this year. high points: 9!,8,6,5,4,3,2,1 (serious.. it's that good.)
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