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  1. try The Nam Shub of Enki - Snotgreen Kiwa - Planet of the Apes Space Monkey - Flash Daddy only ones i can think of right now
  2. This has nothing to do with the album, as I have yet to hear it.. For the love of all that is sacred, WHEN will artists/labels begin to put some actual *thought* into the titles of their albums? The words loud and frequency don't connect to each other! Loudness = amplitude of a set of given waves or harmonics, while frequency (musically) is merely pitch/tone. It's the equivalent of saying 'voluptuous brick'. Not to mention the name of the label itself! Is that ever obtuse. Oh yeah guys, NO DRUGS...ok then you had better not touch that coffee or sugar or those cigarettes...ONLY THEN ARE THERE NO DRUGS RELATED TO YOU OR YOUR ARTISTS. What, do they make their artists take regular urine tests to make sure the music produced is absolutely not drug-influenced? Argh. Does anyone else see how stupid this is, or am I the only person who is critical of things that are not-well-thought-out?
  3. I would pay, provided there was actual content. As in, practically every psy track to choose from. I'm currently fed up with soulseek and people not having any freakin albums I want...but yeah, it were a network packed with psy I would be more than glad to dish out.
  4. I feel like saying Sesto Sento...but they're okay sometimes. Nissimyani is worse.
  5. That track is originally by Bamboo Forest, btw
  6. No, because Nissimyani really blows. Peyote was the *only* good track from their first album...
  7. Agreed. Penta was good for a while...lately he's been sounding sort of basic to my ears. Jellyheadz has like just a *few* (like one or two) good tracks out of all the material they've released. Para Halu is ok. Derango has a *few* good tracks, again...
  8. A chat would be awesome. Definately in favour
  9. your poor brain man...here have some candy to cure the brain splosie 'fection
  10. Dance of the Transcendental Vestites? Wha?
  11. Thought Raindust was really cheesey...the female voice ruined the atmosphere of the track for me...I can't stand lyrics, especially from some desperate female. Lost Eden was awesome, though...no cheese there at all. (Sorry if this is off-topic, the posts in this thread are huge and are too much to read right now. Just giving the man some feedback, is all..)
  12. Quite the glowing review. I'm shocked...fullon hasn't been good for quite some time...can't wait to hear this!!
  13. I prefer Music has the Right.. Another great IDM artist I chanced upon is Arovane. Very minimal, complex arrangements with the occasional melody to fill the void...not really able to describe their music very well. Their latest album (Lilies) sucks due to overuse of melodies and vocals (eww), but their previous works are totally brilliant: I highly recommend Icol Diston, Atol Scrap and Tides.
  14. I agree entirely! Compared to Detonator, this album is a steaming pile of alien shit!! I used to be a huge fan of Miraculix before this album was released. This disappointed on SO MANY LEVELS. There is no powerful acid-synth presence as was the strength in Detonator. In fact, I'd say all of the sounds are washed over with an indistinct, faded quality. The samples are BEYOND cheese. It's obvious he did them all himself. DO NOT BUY THIS.
  15. This man has some serious talent and I wish him the best on his next album. I totally agree, Lemmi, that true artists like this need to be uncovered in the mess of monocultured trance. I really hope he's able to notably evolve his sound in his next album..he deserves some exposure. Binary Dreams is very atmospheric, and winston makes excellent use of layering. I haven't run across a single sound that violently jarred my ears. Also...NO SAMPLES. WHEEE.
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