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  1. Shulman - ALive ( Aleph Zero, February 2012 ) Media formats: CD & Digital Track List: 1. Shulman - Transmissions in Bloom (ALive mix) 2. Shulman - Mia Nihta Mono Den Ftani (ALive mix) 3. Shulman - Invention (ALive mix) 4. Omar Faruk Tekbilek & Steve Shehan- Ya Bouy (Shulman ALive remix) 5. Sub6 feat. Michele Adamson - Ra He’ya (Shulman ALive remix) 6. Shulman feat. Lee Triffon - I Dive (ALive mix) 7. Ishq & Shulman - Mother Nature (ALive mix) Shulman, the psybient phenomena, is back with a new album, ALive, which is probably one of the most colorful and hectic sonic tapestries that have ever been seen in this genre. In 2002 when Shulman's first album Soundscapes And Modern Tales was released it was only Yaniv Shulman behind the reins, and the album was suitably described as the Israeli answer to Shpongle. Since then Omri Harpaz has joined Yaniv, and together as a duo they released 3 more fantastic and innovative albums that were very well received among fastidious psybient lovers and beyond. I think that a lot of Shulman fans will agree with me that over the years Shulman's music went through a sort of a "humanizing" process, and that it got stronger with every album they created. I liked and enjoyed this process very much because it always meant merging worlds into one and not forsaking one for the other. So I guess it's fair to say that all the roads led the ever expanding Shulman tribe to this point and place where organic meets synthetic, current meets the past and future, and dreams turn into reality. It was foreseeable, but the result of walking through these creative roads is far from being predictable. Backed up with a battery of talented musicians, the Shulman duo created something very special. As Aleph Zero state on the release notes – ALive contains live arrangements of known Shulman tracks that were made for the special Shulman live band shows. So yes, these are not new tracks, but for me, the only way to really enjoy them was to drop all expectations and think of them as if they were new tracks, which in a way, that is really what they are. This is actually a good approach to go with to any live show of a band/artist you like. ALive is a studio album after all, but it has a very live feeling even though the excellent sound quality and clarity, and accuracy of everything, give away the camouflage. That being said, I'm sure that the intention of Shulman was to create an album that will sound like a studio album of a band rather than a band's live show album anyway, and they managed to do that quite successfully. ALive is filled with all kinds of wonderful twists and turns, and is probably the most energetic and dynamic Shulman album to date. Lush ambient waves crash into dream pop electronica atmospheres and soft alternative rock, ethnic elements meet jazz and dub vibrations, and electrifying progressive rock influences are rising to the forefront every now and then. All is very psychedelic, and even groovy uplifting trance and tech house flavours find their way into the mix. Within each and every eclectic 10-14 minutes long track on this album there is enough going on to keep even the most frantic minds busy. Summary: Entangled and stimulating as an epic quest, at first listen one might think that this is all a bit too much and maybe even a bit pretentious, but the truth is that everything on ALive was just interwoven so well, and in a forward-thinking kinda way in order to create something unique, and one needs to listen to it several times in order to really appreciate and feel it. I actually think that people who never heard Shulman's music before will find it easier to connect with ALive than some of the Shulman fans out there. But I can tell you that once you accept ALive for what it is, you start enjoying it deeply. Trust me, after listening to it once, you will want to listen to it again even if you didn't really like everything about it, and then from there you will start liking it more and more, slowly but surely you'll be captured by its spell. This is another fine genre-fusing release from Aleph Zero Records. Music for the open-minded. Available at: Aleph Zero Bandcamp Shulman's website Psyshop GoaStore Beatspace Saikosounds Cdbaby iTunes Beatport emusic Amazon Enjoy
  2. A couple of reviews here: http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/62610-krusseldorf-from-soil-to-space/ Cheers !
  3. Available from all the usual stores: CD: http://www.aleph-zero.info/shop/cd.html http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/ale/ale1cd019.html http://www.beatspace.com/6853/Aleph+Zero+Records/SHULMAN/Alive+/detail.aspx http://www.goastore.ch/shulman-alive.html http://www.saikosounds.com/english/display_release.asp?id=8998 http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/shulman4 http://www.cduniverse.com/productinfo.asp?pid=8683449 http://hmv.com/hmvweb/displayProductDetails.do?sku=570031 Digital: http://alephzerorecords.bandcamp.com/ http://www.amazon.com/ALive/dp/B006ZBIY1K/ref=mb_oe_o http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/alive/id496074279 http://www.beatport.com/release/alive/863292 http://www.emusic.com/listen/#/album/shulman/alive/13096778/: Cheers !
  4. You can try this if you haven't yet: Jah Wobble • Bill Laswell – Radioaxiom – A Dub Transmission http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWIz2hcAPc4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T22acTJuAVs&feature=related A bit more organic though. . . Cheers
  5. http://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/61704-sysyphe-running-up-that-hill/ Cheers !
  6. Eitan Reiter - Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To [ Aleph Zero, May. 2010 ] Media formats: CD & digital E-flyer Track list : 1. Underwater 2. Choices 3. The Way to… 4. See what I See, Hear what I Hear 5. Eggplant Week 6. Friends 7. Coffee 8. Smile 9. My Window 10. Room of Creation 11. Just another Night (part 2) 12 . Closure Review originally published on isratrance.com Written in 2010. Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To is one of the most individual sounding downtempo electronica albums that I have heard in the last few years. Eitan Reiter created a dazzling debut album which is also the first physical release of Aleph Zero records in 2010. There is nothing even slightly ordinary about this album. Interesting, complex and quirky, it is a dream park that lets us ride on colorful waves of strange beautiful music. Though it’s possible to hear that among other things Eitan is influenced by the great music of Simon Posford, Ott, Kraftwerk and Pink Floyd, the whole album is completely original, fresh and Eitan’s unique touch and creativity are shining gracefully in all the tracks. Innovation and diversity are bursting from this album. It is tranquil yet groovy, delicately and cleverly psychedelic. Eitan Reiter - Eggplant Week Some of you probably know Eitan’s previous works. He is half of the known psytrance duo LOUD, half of the electronica, ambient pop duo Unoccupied and he’s also releasing techno/house/minimal under his own name, but I think that in the process of creating Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To, Eitan allowed himself to really explore different parts of his mind and soul and let them come out without any inhibitions, and the outcome is fantastic and intimate. There is a lot of emotion in all the tracks and Eitan’s excellent production skills intensify it. He navigated through all kinds of different styles and moods and I was enchanted already from the first track and stayed enchanted until the end of the album. I discovered more beauty and depths each time I listened to it and I still keep discovering (a usual thing when listening to a good album). I admit that though it’s very captivating already from the first time you listen, this album is not easily digested, but that’s normal when you are listening to something that’s a bit different. So, the best way to approach this album is with an open mind and without any expectations to hear something specific. Places I Miss That I Haven’t Been To is moving, unexpected and very dynamic, a lush crystal clear sonic fabric that provides a wonderful journey into beautifully woven and designed territories of ambient, dreamy trip hop, psychill, electronica, lounge and idm. We can always rely on Aleph Zero to release something special and they did it once again. I must say that the artwork is just as quirky and bizarre as the music, and I went for the CD + poster deal which Aleph Zero offer because it’s simply worth it. Eitan Reiter - Coffee Recommendation: In our times, when a lot of recycled music is getting released, Eitan manages to deliver something else, something refreshing that touches the heart deeply and with some great sound manipulations really affects the mind as well. One of the best releases in 2010. Highly recommended! Available at: Aleph Zero Bandcamp 2 CDs bundle Psyshop Goastore Beatspace Cdbaby Saiko Sounds iTunes Amazon Juno Beatport Enjoy
  7. CUTS - Hold the Sun [ Aleph Zero, Sep. 2011 ] Media formats: CD & digital Track List : 1. Hold the Sun 2. Religious Standards 3. Shades of Black 4. Solid Steel 5. The Worst is Behind Us 6. A Devil Inside 7. The Wheels Will Turn (feat. Violet Vision) 8. Your Wickedness 9. Closer 10. Every Time I'm stuck 11. Swallow your Pride 12. Love Review originally published on isratrance.com Written in 2011. The Aleph Zero label and its talented artists pushed forward levels of creativity once again, this time with CUTS, the project of musician and producer Nadav Katz from Israel. Somewhere between the music of Zero 7 and R.E.M., lies the spacious world of CUTS, called Hold the Sun. It is the latest chapter in Aleph Zero's colorful sonic exploration, and though you can hear all kinds of influences in there, it doesn't sound like any other band or artist. It sounds like CUTS. You can say it's folktronica, electro acoustic, downtempo or chill, and all those labels can fit I guess, but in the end you can't really define it, and when the music is good like in this case, it's a good thing. What we have here is a lavish moody suit of twelve beautiful songs, yes, that's right, songs, not tracks. There is one wonderfully looming instrumental piece (Shades of Black), but that's all. CUTS - The Worst is Behind Us Never too dark, but also never too sweet, the album flows smoothly from piece to piece and is interesting and full of gloomy charm from start to finish. In charge of the vocals is Omri Klein, bringing an atmospheric, dynamic and penetrating shade to the music with his lovely voice and strong lyrics. The album is filled with rich guitar layers, tricky synth streams and groovy basslines, provided by Nadav, who is responsible for the electronic core of the album, writing, producing, and also played some drums and percussion. Shay Raviv (the only current member of Violet Vision) worked with Nadav on one song here, The Wheels Will Turn, a sort of a post-rock electronica fusion that also got a nice music . A gentle yet deep song. Elad Rizikowitz played drums on the dreamy, slowmo Swallow Your Pride and the more upbeat, striking A Devil Inside that also features Gal Binyamin on violin. Barak Rozen played the santoor on the open roads hit Religious Standards. I really can't pick one favorite song, because they are all great and combined together work very well as an album, but The Worst Is Behind Us, A Devil Inside, Your Wickedness, Shades of Black, Every Time I'm Stuck, Religious Standards, Solid Steel and Love (a creative cover to John Lennon's song, and a perfect finish for the album) really captured me strongly already from the first time I heard them. But the rest of the songs captured me quickly afterwards. Yes, the songs are accessible and melodic, but there are sounds, movements and scents that reveal themselves more slowly than others with each listening session. This release sits very nicely in the diverse Aleph Zero catalog, especially next to some of the more recent releases like Places I Miss That I Haven't Been To by Eitan Reiter, Falling Through The Earth by Fredrik Öhr, and also next to some older ones like Everyday Life by Unoccupied (Nadav Katz's project with Eitan Reiter), and Dream Wide Awake by Omnimotion. Once again Aleph Zero proved that they have the balls to release what ever they want and think is fresh and unique, without taking into consideration current trends and what will sell more. CUTS - Shades Of Black Recommendation: So, if you like alternative rock, electronica, and even blues, dream pop or trip hop, you should check this album out. I think that anybody with an open mind and love for good music will find it attractive. Hold the Sun fits very well to a rainy midweek evening, but also to a sunny Saturday morning. I'm happy that the guys at Aleph Zero keep thinking outside of the box, and hope they always will. If you are like me, and always pursue after new and special sonic worlds, then put Hold the Sun in your must purchase list for this year. I think you'll love it. Available at: Aleph Zero Bandcamp page 2 CDs bundle Psyshop Goastore Beatspace Saiko Sounds Cdbaby Juno Amazon Enjoy
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c20IlKmKlPc
  9. Soulless ? really ? Have you heard 'Landscapes & Machines' ? Well, anyway, it's all a matter of taste Regarding Yagya, 'Rigning' is my favorite by him. Two more recommendations: krill.minima - 'Nautica' More on the ambient side though. . . And The Sight Below - Glider ( again, more on the ambient side. . . ) Cheers !
  10. Galaxy - Everlasting Tone [ Chillcode records, Sep. 2010 ] CD, Album Track List : 1) Everlasting Tone 2) Introspection 3) Where The Elements Meet 4) Including This 5) Flight Of The Phoenix 6) Subharmonic 7) Toksin 6 8) Insine 5 9) Walking On Clouds 10) Highlight Diver 11) Wavemode Review written in 2010. Deep floating spacey ambient downtempo. ‘Everlasting Tone’ provides a relaxing, ethereal listening experience. Luminous, glacial yet warm textures are blending with soft elegant beats, velvety pads and trembling rich basslines. The whole album has a gentle 70s ambient retro scent that goes so well with Galaxy’s modern production and style. This is a smooth, polished yet mind tingling album. A beautifully melodic journey through dreamy paths and elusive oceanic illusions. Put your coat on or get cozy under a warm blanket, this is a gem for the winter. Boris Blenn aka Galaxy is a talented composer and producer from Germany and ‘Everlasting Tone’ is his second album for Chillcode records, and definitely his best album so far. Nowadays it’s very hard to sound original, and on ‘Everlasting Tone’ Boris definitely sounds original, both musically and production wise. Every sound here is sculpted with a lot thought, emotion and skill, hence the music is so vivid and full of depth. Peaceful yet stimulating waves of electronic sonic beauty. Summary: Delicately psychedelic and very atmospheric, ‘Everlasting Tone’ is truly wonderful. Definitely in the best of 2010 list. Excellent, crystal clear sounding ambient downtempo. Very well produced. Full of lush, warm, penetrating resonance. Samples, info & purchase: http://www.psyshop.c.../chi1cd013.html http://www.myspace.com/chillcodemusic Enjoy
  11. Some nostalgia. . . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHubtn8wHAQ
  12. Yep, it's always exciting when there's a new Ultimae release in the horizon:http://www.psynews.o...rtists-ultimae/ Been really enjoying Until we meet the sky by Solar Fields ever since it came out. Wonderful album. Another gem from the Swedish wizard Anyway, at the moment I'm listening to the track Choclop, from the album From Soil To Space by Krusseldorf. Highly recommended. Cheers !
  13. Definitely Yagya ! Love his music. 'Rigning' is such a beautiful album. Slower in pace, but deeper in atmosphere. . . http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=YaIqCPbwTcA Also, 'Landscapes & Machines' by P. Laoss is absolutely gorgeous. Hypnotic stuff. . . http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXGDFWQUZoU&feature=related
  14. Surprised to see this compilation didn't get more attention here. . .
  15. Yep, sounds great indeed, and I like those preview videos too The one they did for the latest Solar Fields album is very cool as well: http://www.psynews.o...he-sky-ultimae/
  16. This album probably slipped under some radars. . . So check it out if you haven't yet. Cheers !
  17. Fredrik Ohr - Falling through the Earth [ Aleph Zero ] Release Date: November 16th, 2009 Media formats: CD & digital Track list : 1. Shadows Fly behind You 2. A Day for Great Deeds 3. Eating Fog 4. Enough Time 5. Naaga 6. Disorientation 7. Message 8. Airport Song 9. Morning Ritualism 10. Fell from the Sky 11. Interlocked 12. Delgermaa 13. Return 14. Falling through the Earth Review written in 2009. Colorful sophisticated tapestries of electronic wonders, beautifully and cleverly merged with refreshing Asian influences, intelligent contemporary jazzy textures and alternative warm ambi-dream pop. All of this is perfectly engineered and embroidered to create a unique voyage that will take you to some visual and emotional landscapes. A rich combination of ambient, chillout, IDM, electronica, lounge and delicate breaks that contains some sort of innocent beauty, a naive optimistic charm of some kind…'Falling through the Earth' holds a real sense of adventure. Sorcery and mysterious elusive illusions reveal themselves by taking forms of sounds, then disappearing into the air, luring the listener into the enchanted territories they came from with a promise for a magical enlightenment. E-flyer Sensual grooves blending with urban moods and pastoral ambience. Fredrik Ohr is a musician and producer from Stockholm, Sweden and 'Falling through the Earth' is his much awaited debut album. Besides Fredrik’s wonderful programming and great synth and keyboard work you will also find a few more various instruments in 'Falling through the Earth', such as: flutes, saxophone, acoustic guitar, percussion, double bass and Rhodes piano. On some instruments Fredrik is playing beautifully himself, and the rest is played by his fellow musicians, doing a beautiful job as well. You will also find lush atmospheric vocal layers on several compositions here, sometimes lyrically infused, adding a melange of flavours to this journey. So like it says on the Aleph Zero release notes: ”Fredrik has a long background in classical piano and as a song writer, and that is highly evident in the subtle complexity underlying his music.” Fredrik’s compositions are indeed complex, multi-layered and spiced with soft psychedelic touches and elegant glitches, yet there is a certain kind of catchiness in his music that captures the listener. Fredrik Ohr - Airport Song The Aleph Zero label is well known in this “scene” of music and been delivering releases that are characterized by high levels of production, innovative multi-colored music and original artwork since 2003. I can honestly say that there are no exceptions with 'Falling through the Earth', in fact, with this release the Aleph Zero label is setting even higher standards of production and genre-fusing, thanks to Fredrik Ohr’s musical and production skills and Yaniv Shulman’s refined mastering work. Of course that most of the credit goes to Fredrik Ohr for his fresh and interesting musical vision and his realization of it, but some of the credit also goes to Shahar and Yaniv ( the two minds behind Aleph Zero ) for their good instincts, choosing unique music, finding new talents and serving the music as a lovely piece of sonic and visual jewelry. Fredrik Ohr - Return The artwork of this album was created by Ryan Bubnis and it’s quite different from the artwork of the previous Aleph Zero releases. Ryan Bubnis’ style is very captivating and intriguing, and I can’t really explain why but what he did for this album really fits the music. 'Falling through the Earth' is very suitable to unwind with at the end of the day but also suitable to start the day with on a nice cozy vacation morning. It’s filled with strange pleasant tranquility yet it provides a deep and unexpected listening experience. Genre-fusing at its finest. Available at: Aleph Zero Bandcamp CD + poster bundle Psyshop Goastore Beatspace Saiko Sounds Cdbaby Juno Beatport Amazon Enjoy
  18. Two very different compilations I believe Anyway, Cell - Idea Spiral (Ozora Festival 2011 live edit) is available as a free download: http://ultimae.bandc...-2011-live-edit Cheers !
  19. [ Greenosophy ] - various artists New compilation from Ultimae Records Release date : 15th February 2012 - Pre-orders start now. CD digisleeve + 16 pages booket + postcards. http://www.ultimae.c.../620/index.html http://www.ultimae.c...620/tracks.html http://ultimae.bandc...bum/greenosophy Press Release from Ultimae: Collected by our Swiss activist dj Cyril Miserez aka mizoo, Greenosophy is a vibrant musical journey composed of 11 unique and hypnotic chapters. From deep ambient to lush progressive grooves, Greenosophy offers fresh chlorophyll visions, leafy rhythms and luxuriant melodies. Mizoo believes that music can develop a sense of empathy between people, philosophical reflections on our thoughts and acts; a point of view and a way of life he develops in this compilation.Immerse yourself in this lush music dreamed by international artists mnnsk (Switzerland), Rildrim (Spain), Liquid Stranger (USA), Sesen (Greece), Cell (France), Ajja (Switzerland), Tripswitch (UK), Solar Fields (Sweden), Miktek (Greece), James Murray (UK) and Cygna (Malta). Looking forward
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