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  1. Most people don't understand what's it like hearing 'Smashing the Opponent' over and over again on the radio here in Israel, as if it were a requiem (a bad one at that) for one of the my most beloved duos. IM's last decent creation IMHO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eELTk4EQ5Go
  2. The psy scene is different on the most part... there have been exceptions (Skazi and I.M comming to mind).
  3. Voted full on... Was struggling between that and South African darkpsy. Azax Syndrom and Bliss are considerd SA darkpsy, right?
  4. Nothing like an outdoor rave... Of course there are a lot of factors like the amount of people, type of people and whether of course. I don't really like the really crowded festivals we have here in Israel, though I can still really enjoy myself. 50-150 people, open space, good sound equipment, good whether and of course good music and I'm the happiest man alive.
  5. Don't think this album has been released yet but still...
  6. PLURR

    Loud - Abstract

    This is the first album by Loud (the Israeli project made up of Kobi Toledano and Eitan Reiter) that I have listened to entirely. The album provides an original sound with each track providing its own unexpected twists and turns. You can clearly hear that these two are not afraid to experiment with their music and the result is interesting and even excellent at certain points. Loose Senses: Excellent choice for a track name, it's impossible to predict where the music will go next. Starts out melodic and calm, builds up and gains pace and eventually brings in draker elements. This while throughout the track the sound of a Marimba instrument (at least that's how recognised it) is played. Machines 2008: Start out with a strong and constant beat and as the track continues more sounds are added layers upon layers, including those of work tools, the result is mesmorising. Downunder: Unlike the rest of the album this track has a more less non stop rhythm, rather ambient. Abstract: Also a fitting name like the one of the first track, an always changing pace and rhythm... very hard to define but the result is still great. Next (Album Edit): Starts out quite melodic continues with a steady pace and beat, eventually speeds up and in the end relapses and fades to a close. Tough Kid: This track is a sonic journey, the way they blended different sounds and beats... a melting pot which combines funky vibes with draker psytrance elements. Hiss: A colorful track with a steady pace, don't know why but I had Infected Mushroom deja vu when I listened to it. The Edge (Album Edit): Melodic and calm with speedy intervals that keep you alert. Disorientated (Sabotage Edit): Again melodic and ambient fused with faster paced intervals. I can only conclude that Loud have a unique sound, though you do notice I.M influences, and can be described as a freeform psytrance project. This is music I'd enjoy listening to (and I did) the case is less so if I wished to dance to it.
  7. Quoted for the truth. I'm actually curious as to how many of the people who gave an answer have been to an outdoor rave... but I guess that's for another poll. Here in Israel the scene is very strong in that sense, I don't know regarding other countries.
  8. A documentary about the trance scene in Israel (trailer): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ksLMOKElJ0
  9. PLURR

    Cosma - Nonstop

    A music video in tribute to Cosma...
  10. Melodrama and Liberation... two awesome tracks IMO.
  11. Depends what type of party you are talking about... I never was a fan of nightclubs, so a whole new world was opened to me when I went to my first outdoor rave in the Negev. This is because of the atmosphere and the feeling you get from the crowd... as it also depends a lot on the type of people that come to such an event. Unlike in a nightclub or any other type of dancing venue, you won't see people who come to make an impression but purely for the fun and atmosphere. And of course because of the type of music that is exclusively played
  12. Proof that Goa is alive and kicking... loved it! Though Cosmic Meditate is my favorite.
  13. I wouldn't go that far but yeah, I don't think they do psytrance nearly as good as they did Goa. Was hoping that their new album would maybe feature some Goa tracks.
  14. I am not afraid to say that sometimes I really enjoy what is referred to as 'cheesy' full on. I still think it's years ahead of what is perceived to be mainstream trance. And I really liked Music In my Soul.
  15. Thanks for the replies mates... Hope that soon I'll get to listen to this album, I practically grew up listening to AP thanks to my brothers
  16. Does anyone know what's going on with AP's lates album? It seems that when finally AP are set to release a new album, the release date keeps getting postponed again and again...
  17. Videos of the 2009 Purim Moksha Festival... was intense. Part 1: Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONFjZgL5Ejc
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