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  1. :posford: :clapping: This Looks Killer Luis! I Like Seeing That You Move Forward In Your Projects. PLUR Cheerz BoOM!
  2. As Promised..... Feedback! Actually I Liked The Faster Tempo Tunes Best, But All Of Them As A Whole Are Perfect! You Should Be Seeling Them Indeed! Very Good Job! :clapping: :posford: I Want To Hear More From You In The Future, Keep Me In Mind Please! Thanx Cheerz Seth Priske aka Plasma Force
  3. Way 2 Go! :clapping: I Like Many Of The Tracks You Have And I Hope To Hear More Of Your Tunes In The Future! Awesome Job! :posford:
  4. thank you, will be back with feedback :posford: take care Bo0m!
  5. Welcome Fiery Dawn, I like your Goa styles, Propellerhead Reason does well for you on many of your tunes indeed! Flight On The Wings Of Night: i like this title aswell Take care mate :posford:
  6. Just Found This New Site While Browsing, Thought Id Share It Will You All! Enjoy It! http://www.trancelucent.com/ Check It out
  7. here is a link with the Artwork&banners for the upcoming album http://www.http://www.sendspace.com/file/bmqdbd if u could please help and support the album anywhere u can that whould be very much appriciated! ill upload for you a pack with the full album in the next week. thanks ! Please Spred The Word :posford:
  8. The Link Is Fucked, Upload It Again Please And Thank You! I Bet It Sounds Awesome BooM!
  9. Thank You For Making It More High Quality! BooM! :clapping:
  10. Wow, I Really Like What I Am Hearing From Your Myspace! Mad Props To You And Your Creations, Keep Growing With Creations Please! BooM! Keep That Vibe Psychedelic :clapping:
  11. Hello There! I Like Your Style In Creating Psychedelic Trance, Keep Going, I See More Potential Here! Nice Job on this track by the way! :clapping: BooM!
  12. I Don`t Hear Anything Wrong With These Tracks, Not Too Shabby. :clapping: I Added Ya Btw Keep That Vibe Up Cheerz MindMorph
  13. Awesome Job! :clapping: These Are Great Tunes, I See Potential In Them! Keep That Vibe Up Cheerz
  14. :clapping: Neat Acid Style You Have. I Like, These Tracks Are Much More Balanced Than Many Of Mine. Good Job Mate!!! I Added You On Myspace btw Cheerz Keep That Vibe Up
  15. http://www.acidplanet.com/artist.asp?AID=430059&T=8925 http://www.beatbiz.net/artist.php?USERID=704 Is This A Lost Project That Has Ended? Its A Shame If It Is True
  16. :posford: Smooth And Soft Beats, What Programs Did You use to get this? I like It, Nice Chilled Trance.
  17. The Melodies Sound Familiar, I Like It Though Mighty Respect Mate Awesome! Keep Creating More! BooM! :clapping:
  18. Dude, This Is Awesome Work! Gotta Love Them Old Sounds Mixed With The Future. Mad Props To You, I Hope To See More Work Of Yours Soon. BooM! :clapping:
  19. 5 - Giant Mushrooms and Orange Sky I Have To Say The Above Is My Favorite Track. Well Done Ricardo!!! :clapping: I Wish To Hear More From You Soon. Thank You BooM!
  20. A Butt Movin Beast, Nice Work My Friend. You Got Some Awesome Talent Here. Keep Them Beats Fresh!!! :clapping: BooM!
  21. Phat Video!!!!! Way 2 Go Guys! :clapping: Hope To Hear More From You! BooM!
  22. Shameless Promotional Album Evil Watchmen Is The Title Please Listen When Possible: http://www.psyport.net/profiles/profile/sh...d=2dvnikk8ha9hn Thanks
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