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  1. Seinfeld anyone?! :) enjoy!

  2. I think there could be som concensus about the opinion that you as a musician should not quit making music but you need to do it more for fun and inject spontaneous emotions and personal rewards into your creations rather than just making it "proffesionaly". Also, to maintain whatever sanity there is to maintain I think that you must continue to express yourself, may it be through music, arts, vandalism or whatever. I think you know this yourself to, wich is why I think this post rings more like some adolescent suicidethreat than just some random anouncement of a release. Should I appreciate or sherish this release more because it is dubbed "the ultimate"? Should I ever judge an effort according to it´s commentary and history? Is this comment even necessary? If it is true that you already admitted this to yourself, then yes, this post is relevant, otherwise it sure as hell isn´t. As I choose to believe the former more than the later I have to say that the production is solid. There reamins no doubt in your skills as a producer and creator, even though they are put on the more "cleaner" goasound instead of the earlier more rusty timbre of the oldschoolgoa wich I am more in favor of. This is not just because I prefer the more rugged dirty sound of the mid-90s, but also and more so because the sound of those days strived to be sinister in a way that predates the emergence of dark psy; there were almost evil introspective harmonies whereas modern goa is trying to be a "softer" counterpart to dark psy, hence full on. In this release this is mostly manifested in the track "cyan" and perhaps "aqua bay", but as a positive suprise the remainder of this EP offers some introspective opportunities. There is the new clean soundscape of modern goa, but the harmonies have been used in a way that prooves that the analogue dirtyness of old is not a must to make a goatrack kill on the dancefloor, or remain interesting outside the fluoroscent raveparty.
  3. Nuff quirkiness in this one to go all the way around, though it doesn´t sound to much like goatrance. This sounds more like some kind of discofied extract of those late hours. Like the "afro"-influence, ie the way the bass´s woobly groove and the percussion, kind of reminds me of kwaito-music. I also like the overall playfullness in this song. But I think that this tune would gain alot from a little bit more distorted, or dirty sound, and maybe some of the synthesizers could have a little fatter more interesting timbre, now the whole soundscape has a kind of elevatormusic-touch to it, wich is a shame cause the actual songwriting is stellar. PZ
  4. So I just finished this goa-trance song, and figured that I need some feedback. I am one of many who suffers through production with a seriously shitty system wich is why the final mix might be(and probably is) at least a bit out of balance, but I hope that the actual songwriting may bring some enjoynment anyway. It´s hell trying to clean up the lower frequencies under these circumstances and this can probably be heard in most of my productions, but hopefully the investment in some serious monitors draws closer, it´s all a question about enduring soberness long enough to make this kind of investment, and considering the dystopian qualities that manifest themselves stronger everyday in the western "civilized" world this may be tougher than it sounds! However, the tune in question is available for download here but you may also listen to it on our myspace page. As allways, feedback is king!
  5. Yo yo yo peep diz 1nce again dem bruddaz from sWEEDen iz back wid a nu track so prepare 4 sum increasement of da wickednezzz!!!!1111 Diz track iz oriented aroundz da concept of sum floaty tripped out shieeeet and wez have improved our skillz greatly diz time 2!!!! The track may be downloaded from here, but is also audible in less(actualy quite shitty) quality on our myspace page along with some additional info for the curious. Also come see us in belgium on the 11th of april if you by any chance happen to be in the vincinity PZZZ YAAALL
  6. hoy! kommer du inte ihåg mig från rajtan??

  7. hey man, no news? i still hope u want me to master your track!

  8. knrrrk knrrrrk knrrrrtktttt psykel psykel psykel

  9. ht3rjrjrjrjrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr____________________##2r222222222222222222222222222222="#¤G¤=G¤=#¤H=#=H#=¤H=#H¤=¤=H=#=H=¤=H=#=H¤=#=H#=¤=HER==HEr

  10. So one of these tracks will probably be featured on the compilation "Infinity Keepers", but even if it won´t is´s still a compilation of forestsounds worthy of checking out. PZ YALL
  11. Like how the bass establishes a distinct groove wich the leads seems to bounce into, instead of just being a layer of bass that´s just there to fill up the soundspectrum, it feels as if minituos thought have been put to everything rather than just making something that barely works. Like it!
  12. Yo G´s and Hoes. dis be the nu trakk from the swedish goa-project called Indica Project. Download Indica Project - Nebulosa This specifik track that is available for download is called "Nebulosa", the intent was to make a energetic pulsating, yet somewhat organic goa-track with an undeniable oldschool-feeling. The track is also available for listening at our myspace-page, http://www.myspace.com/indikaproject -here you will also find the new track "Pangea" which is also somewhat energetic, maybe even more organic, and definitly as oldschool-sounding. As allways, feedback is king! Stay black yall
  13. So, IZ ME AND MY MAINMAN DANET HAVEZ BEEN WORKING ON A SECOND PROJECT AIIIT, CHEK IT! LISTEN AN LEARN CUZ DIZ IZ OUR MASSIVE INTERPRETION OF DA FORESTSOUND, CHECK YA SELF B4 YA WRECK YASELF Download here: The Grobians - Visa från Utanmyra The sought after feeling with this track is something similar to a UFO-landing in the Swedish forests during those twilightshours in the middle of the night at summertime. The purpose of this project, The Grobians, is for us to have an output for more twisted sounds, apart from the Goa-sounds we create as Indika Project. Expect a myspacepage soon As allways, feedback is king! Stay black Y´all UPDATE: We finaly decided on an official name for this project, as "Cortex Enemy" was just a half assed name for this project that we decided to keep untill we came up with something better, and the better name that is more representative for the combined personalities of me and Danet is "The Grobians", keep your eyes open for the myspace-page within the near future!
  14. I THIKN DIZ IZ INCRDBL TREKK I RILLY LIKE IT BUT I WULDZ LIKE MORE COWBELL!!!!!111111 No, but I think you succeeded with the storytelling in this one, also the different scale that you used works well, I like this track, great success Big up massiveeeee
  15. Actually when I listen to the samples I feel this rigid unusual music really could make me fly on the airplane with the jet engine, I liked it
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