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  1. EVIL ZX Spectrum :)))) WHAHAHAHA

  2. Thanks for the great words and positive support cyaneyes , i'm really glad that you really love my work . The album is ready and im taking care of things now in order to release it. Best regards , Filipe.
  3. hello everyone , things got into a new level so be sure to check myspace out More news will come out soon. Best regards , Filipe Santos
  4. Allright everyone the new song is up on myspace and it's also available as a download in case you wanna keep the file to bang it later on your Ipod or something Song name is "Space Trip" . Happy trippin' !! www.myspace.com/bithead1
  5. Hello everyone , the album is still in progress. Lately i've been working on a song that it might gather styles such as : space synth , chiptuning and goa/psy. I'll might drop it soon here. Regards, Bit-Head.
  6. hehe good to see you here Agneton! I know you were really surprised by this project sounding and im really happy that you and everyone's really diggin' up this. So i'll reserve copies for you no worries. Good news is that i also got the support of TDS (Treble Death System) 8-bit net-label , based on Los Angeles , USA. Lately I have been busy with some other stuff , but i'm sure soon i'll end the album which i believe i have 2 songs left to complete the story. All the best , Bit-Head
  7. Really enjoy the Aurari song , it has been a long time since i felt the Goa-Head effect
  8. Hello Diaks , thanks for the nice feedback. Yes the Sid chip is lovely , i've heard some "normal trance" with the sid sounds and its damn nice. About the mario i will check on that. About the music: The track got featured on the Astroblast bonus level (so its quite a struggle to get there) I'm still working on the Bit-Head's full lenght album at the moment and for the album style , genre-wise , its a mix between psytrance/full-on/goa/etc etc etc (its just music) with 8bit (gameboy/nes) sounds (or whatever people might call this). But since its something new im not even bothering about genres but pushing towards creativity and originality instead. People that know my music will probably recognize my touch on this project and some won't unless they check my name on the credits.Good thing is that "Bit-Head" doesn't sound like any other project i've made before , so , thumbs up from me. I believe the album will be a good experience for every psytrance/8bit lover , since each song has different sounds and feelings apart from the 8bit main sounds. Soon as the album is ready i'm going to take care of things and release it by myself. Glad you tagged along , Bit-Head (Filipe Santos) PS: have you checked the Tetris song?
  9. Glad to hear and know it Needle Ninja News: The album continues its work in progress. I'm contacting some people who can offer some extra help on the promotion/release since probably i will release this by myself on CD-R. After the work is all done , mastered , clean and fresh , i will announce the release. For the people that like the music and the project , support is very welcome. I'm sure this album isn't going to be a let down to every psychedelic trance and 8bit/chiptuning fan music. I will sell the album for a fair price since since it'll be released as CD-R. Best Regards , Bit-Head
  10. sorry guys but "compact *gulp* my stick"? i didnt quite get this... nothing better than the old vinyl . not kidding.
  11. Oh what a surprise ! thank you so much guys , it´s really refreshing to know that you guys are enjoying it! I´ll keep you guys updated on the album work. Regards , Bit-Head
  12. i had a listen and it sounds terrific! very atmosphere and the guitars yummy keep on rocking!
  13. there´s another song up and running.
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