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  1. Thanks guys it was very freshing to make different album for a change Pepe Kosminen
  2. yes ... track NO 5 is squaremeat ... not a gruuvit muuvit... there is small mistake on that one. bom pepe
  3. I send message to sharaku to send more cd´s to saiko... so it is not totaly out yet for sure. bom pepe
  4. It is not same guy... squaremeat was made by Seth Fisher and he died before he cot change to finnish cover for this compilation. So cover for No Possible Sound is made by TAKE, japanice dude who is making grafics for different games... most famous came is for sure Tekken what he have made. And he made this cover like tribute to Seth becouse he should made the cover in first place. bom pepe
  5. We have allways made goa trance (from 93) and we still make ... It is other ppl who been saying that we make some "suomisound" what it ever mean. bom pepe
  6. it is out now... should be possible to get from soiko sounds bom pepe
  7. I realy wonder what track this is ... Becouse I don´t recognize it at all ... are you sure it is realy F-Virus track? bom pepe squaremeat
  8. 6D-soundz is releasing new kichigai trance compilation 4.aug.06 Track List: 1. Lightaman jr - Hungry Hippo 2. Flying Scorpions - Jet Pilot 3. Squaremeat - Conjuring Trick 4. Gruuvit Muuvit - Melkeen Pilli 5. Squaremeat - Fingerprinter 6. Lightaman jr - Please Me 7. Flying Scorpions - syoksykierre 8. Gruuvit Muuvit - Pirun Kiire 9. F-Virus - Happy Happy Joy Joy get more info from: http://www.squaremeat.net/nopossiblesoundz.html click bass elements from speakers to find info... from 12 aclock speaker you can find 4 free bonus tracks in 320kb mp3. Enjoy bom pepe
  9. Thats not true... you just have time stretching on AUTO or something, becouse If you have time stretching on ... It can not allow note scaling but If you put there RESAMPLING it allow you do note scaling. and This CUT CUT BY value is normaly on in audio clips so If you put there also -- value to CUT CUT BY it will not cut out your sample. to use audio clip like this is good becouse it takes less CPU then normal sampler... like If you don´t need any filter or INST section for your sample. bom pepe
  10. that realy don´t mutter ... audio clip is just like sampler just Inst part missing (filter,lfo´s & envelopes) but it works as sampler ... so audio clips you can write up to pianoroll as well as sampler notes. bom pepe
  11. that track name is from my Dream so It as mystery for me... just in morning my girley friend ask me what I ment ... and I say that it is mystery as it is so wery hard to solve bom pepe
  12. Squaremeat - Kaks Kertaa Yks Sählyvuoro (Et Sä Kuitenkaan Tajuu Mix) = two times one floor hockey (you won´t anyway understand MIX) in english If some one was Interested
  13. Mayby you come to listen our gig in turkey and you will change your mind becouse our sound been changing too quite lot pepe
  14. Sorry about that ... It was bit off topic but I got offended anyway I hope you have killer party there at Brasil.... it looks good pepe
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