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ABLASS "DarkPsy Journey in Multiverses" New Album

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Can't wait to let you discover the latest album from ABLASS, after 4 years of silence this latest album "DarkPsy Journey in Multiverses" is finally out !

with 8 tracks with spatial ambiences, a journey into several universes, always with this spirit of bewitchment that makes the style of ABLASS,

Available on all digital platforms, happy listening!


Listen and discover :

in beatport

in Bandcamp



Compositor : ABLASS


Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris)


ABLASS Cover DarkPsy Journey In Multiverses.jpg

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You seriously need to rebrand your label, Goapsyrecords, it's hard to imagine a more generic name.

On Spotify the album you're promoting is called DarkPsy Journey in Multiverses (Psytrance experience).

Sorry, judging by the name of your label and the name of the album, I would asume this is 100 % generic and soulless music.

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I agree with Trolsk. I've been following GoaPsyRecords since their first few releases on Bandcamp. 

I always found the production quality quite high and good. Very polished sound and also very original. 

But the label name and this album title in general make me think they are unaware of everything inside of the overall genre, which may be a good thing. But for finding them online. Very hard. 


Ablass has always been my favourite on the label tho and this release sounds pretty great. The hardest and dare I say 'darkest' psy I've heard from Ablass so far. 

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