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Are any of you familiar with these? It is software that can be used to fake someone's likeness or voice. In so far as I am aware, it seems that pictures of people are scraped from the internet and are used as a template for generating fake images. Now for a very long time I have been careful not to share a picture of myself on the internet, but I am pretty sure there is an unlikely source of images the AI scrapes, that being your emails. I had at one time emailed soundcloud support a picture of my ID to get my old soundcloud account recovered. They requested the picture so I sent it. They never actually replied to the email and the email just sat in my sent folder on protonmail. Two days ago I decided to delete that email and now I do believe there is no longer a picture of me for the deepfake software to make use of. My employer has a scan of my ID and a photo for my badge, but the general public should have no means of deepfaking me.

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