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Ah. BC Friday! 2moro:) Well oki, I've cut some microseconds off of some of the oCeLoT tracks (silent outros) yesterday, so now the LP should be even more 1 journey thing arranged by me *gulp*. 2 years, 3 years in the making. It will officially be worldwide released in start December 2022... The RLS will get Physical release as well. 3 x CD with 30 tracks for only 30euros exl shipping & taxes (where did the only go?). And well the Digi. rls on KER's BC will be Nice Price:) So I hope ppl will buy this one on BC Friday!! Bcs. In all respect. This is oCeLoT, a living Legend & Master of Psychedelic Trance. ~ LINK: 

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Yay I got a great gift from a friend. I'm not a bandcamp user so I don't know about or keep a tab on these Bandcamp deals. But my friend asked if there was any music I wanted from the sale, and I just randomly picked Talpa-When The Somberness Becomes A Game, and Cosmic Conspiracy Records VA-MIDI Evil.

Since I had those in my mind stuck on repeat. :D The artwork is very memorable as well, which is very effective. These two would've looked amazing in a big vinyl format with holographic artwork.

There was no Infected Mushroom music on the platform sadly. :)  

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Most of their releases are free now


Infected Mushroom on Bandcamp, sure they are , if you search.. Or did I not understand what you wrote? ~ .. even Berry released the Birthday single on his BC: 

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On 11/9/2022 at 3:18 PM, psytones said:


Most of their releases are free now


Infected Mushroom on Bandcamp, sure they are , if you search.. Or did I not understand what you wrote? ~ .. even Berry released the Birthday single on his BC: 

Oh I'm a bit of a Bandcamp noob, I don't have an account so I just tried searching for Infected Mushroom on bandcamp while not beeing logged in, could that be why I didn't get any results with them? Only some remix came by another artist. Gonna need to register there and check out their catalog there then. ^^

Any other albums/compilations on Sundance that are essential? Preferably something dark and funky like Talpa. 

*edit tried again searching for Infected on bandcamp, I only find some of their stuff while searching on Google instead for Infected Mushroom+Bandcamp.

But it doesn't show like their own artist page, only the Monstercat label and some other labels they released on. (Novatekk) Even while clicking their artist name on the albums on Monstercat's bandcamp.

This EP is nice:


The artwork looks a bit like it perhaps was made with an AI image generator.

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For a change, some actual campaigns and such from my inbox:

  • Liquid Sound (Bandcamp) announces "Black Friday flash sale, 30% OFF Sitewide, through Cyber Monday 28 November using code: lsdblackfriday30". Not that much stock in there right now, but maybe you can find something.
  • Meanwhile: "The entire Androcell bandcamp discography is free for download. Thank you for your support over the years."

Bandcamp Friday also returns on December 2nd. Last chance to stretch your Christmas stocking to a ludicrous degree with LPs?


Last time it indeed went just as expected for me - had some late evening event on Friday, messages started arriving with no chance to browse anything, placed a small order well after midnight (local time). And now I just realised that next Friday I have two events. Oh well, let's see if I manage to get my orders in during the work day...

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Dubmission vinyl 50% off NOW:


To celebrate the final Bandcamp Friday of the year, we're having a vinyl sale - 50% off until 8am GMT on Saturday 3rd.

To make things easy, we've just changed the price so there's no need for codes or secret links.

The only tricky thing is availability - there are limited numbers or no copies at all of some releases in some countries. If Bandcamp quotes you £200 for shipping, it means there are no more copies in your area - sorry.

If it helps at all, as of 8am 02/12/2022, we had the following titles in stock in the following countries:

Gaudi - Sub Signals Vol.2 - UK & EU, USA, AU*, NZ*

Gaudi - 100 Years of Theremin - USA*, AU*, NZ*

Gaudi - Theremin in Hand - UK & EU, USA*, AU, NZ*

Isaac Chambers & Dub Princess - Back to my Roots - UK & EU, USA*, AU, NZ*

Pitch Black - Electronomicon - UK & EU*, USA*, AU*, NZ*

Pitch Black - Futureproof - UK & EU, USA*, AU*, NZ

Various Artist - More Bass than Space - UK & EU only

* denotes less than 10 copies left


And Suntrip is 20% off for a while (until 19th of December). Bandcamp Friday is probably the best day to buy, though.


Use the code "Suntrip2022" for 20% discout on this bandcamp and "Classicgoatrax2022" for 20% discount on the Classic Goa Trax bandcamp! :)


Now I really really really have to fly. Apologies if I made a copy-paste mistake somewhere. Enjoy. :P

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Just a reminder about Bandcamp Fridays, which continue in 2023, starting in February (3rd). This time they have a convenient article listing all dates of the year. Note that June and July are skipped. Other months have it. https://daily.bandcamp.com/features/bandcamp-fridays-update

I don't have any great tips offers-wise yet but for example, if vinyl is your thing, there may be some interesting stuff in that thread for your shopping list. Personally, I'm already waiting for Kurbeats - Folktronica 2x12" and I'm hoping that it will be available for orders on Friday. :)

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Bandcamp Friday returns from its summer break! The next one is August 4th. (Although I think I got a fake announcement from Woob already in July. :P)

I had some random chaos, events and farewell parties on those Fridays in April and May, thus I didn't place any orders back then, and then the summer break started. Of course, I have some more of that stuff again, but maybe I could make a shopping list beforehand and act fast on Friday?

Ultimae has some new releases and represses. DAT Universe released Fractal Glider this spring yet I postponed buying it. Suntrip has new 12"s and pre-orders for Acidum Influxum... The actual special offers, if any, will probably roll in on Thursday/Friday thus it's unlikely that I would have any time to post those, but remember to watch the spaces. Or share some ideas already now.

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This is not secret because it's on Ultimae's pages:


From today until August 6, 2023 we’re holding our flash summer sales with a 20% discount on absolutely everything and that includes our notorious packs !

You can use code summer20 in both our Ultimae.com store and Bandcamp to benefit from this offer ; by the way, Bandcamp is doing it’s special Friday again tomorrow.

While we share good news… INKS, AES Dana’s sublime narrative album is back in stock ; the third edition CD, the Limited smokey Vinyl as well, obviously, as the INKS pack.



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I still have a couple of things to wrap up today (or this year), but semi-relatedly, here are a few reminders:

  • Suntrip writes: Today is the last day you can use the "newyear2024" code for your 20% discount! (Bandcamp store)
  • Liquid Sound Design is clearing out. I think almost all of their stuff, excluding the very latest, is directly discounted still today. (store)
  • Despite the recent acquisition, Bandcamp Fridays do seem to return. The next one is announced for February 2nd so you can save up until then if you want to support your favourite artists and labels 100% again.

Apologies for being a bit late with these, but there has been some royal mess and the general to-do backlog has been immense. I hope you can still grab something if you feel like doing so. ;)

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