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Artist: Aes Dana
Title: Inks
Label: Ultimae
Date: December, 2019

1. Inks
2. Untold
3. Nuphar Log
4. Peace Corrosion
5. Otherness (Album Edit)
6. Transparency Syndrome
7. Akacie
8. Ashen
9. The Gradual District
10. Alep Offset
11. Juniper


Vincent Villuis whose name sounds more like a cartoon villain than a master of the downtempo genre has released his first album under the Aes Dana name in 7 years.  He did a collaborative effort with Miktek (Far & Off which was brilliant by the way) in 2016, but he's back to producing music.  And we are all the better for it.  This is some cold and oftentimes dark stuff most suitable for a rainy day (surprise, surprise).  The sound is off the charts amazing and moves deftly between minimal, glitch, techno, dub, and downtempo, oftentimes within the same track.  It's very emotional with stratospheric pads and audible clicks and pops that will welcome your grey mood.  The basses though...thunderous and encompassing.  This is the kind of album where you sift through the layers to hear new sounds no matter how loud or soft they may be.  Like a lot of his music there isn't one track that stands out above the rest, but as a whole package it really is an excellent listen.  And I'll agree with the Discogs reviewer that it is one of his best albums to date.

Ultimae Bandcamp

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Whole album is ace and I love the breakbeats'n IDM, the ambience and the downtempo.. and the Techno? Fuck me Otherness (Album Edit) is amazing. AMAZING. PS. On the 24bit version contra the 16bit version you actually get that extra depth on some -to most- of the tracks. Which for me was worth the extra money. Though the 16bit is fine if you can live without those -few- moments of extra depth. AND I wanna point out that Alep Offset bassline sure remind me of a specific classic hiphop tune + the vulnerable vibe of Hol Baumann's Human album .. BEAUTIFUL. This Inks album is quality you will never be ashemed of playing out loud to friends or in a park filled with unknown ppl. And I think the title of the album, Inks, speaks for it self. These are music that have made an impression on Master Vince like ink on skin.

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