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So my wife inherited a place with a basement which is rare in Melbourne, Australia. Was meant to. Her Dad's wine cellar but seeing as I don't drink anymore I'm turning it in to a music room. 

At this point I've just repainted it, had some acoustic treatment done by a pro & put some furniture in. 

gear currently consists of MacBook Pro 15" 2019 (Ableton & Bitwig), presonus audio interface ( will replace late in the year), JBL LSR305 monitors (replacing with Genelec later on), Sequential Pro 3, Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Lab & Erica Synths a Techno system. 

I'll add more photos and maybe some videos as stuff is changed later on if anyone is interested.

currently I'm in acid techno mode, but Pspiralife has just started his eurorack journey and we're hoping to collaborate on some psy-tech

Sadly once framed my global sect banner didn't fit down the stairs so it now resides in the garage/gym. 




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11 hours ago, Multi-Media said:

Looks cool man ! 

Panzerdivision Marduk :)

Cheers mate. Yes I'm very blessed but especially in these strange times to have such a sanctuary for myself. 

Yeah Marduk all the way. I toured them for this album when I ran a promotion company back in the 90's & early 00's. Amazing musicians, absolute assholes haha. I found most black metal were really intelligent, nice people but Marduk are truly like their music, but I am one of those who see the art and not the person behind it. 

i have to say if you want black metal by some very enlightened, kind & caring individuals support Wolves In The Throne Room. They are most kind and gentle people I've ever met. 


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Looking good, do you fill the monitor stands with sand or something? Are you satisfied with them? If yes what brands are they. :) Having a studio in the cellar must be have some real advantages if one have neighbours close by I think, a proper techno bunker :D

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