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Lifeforms - Into The Wild


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Artist: Lifeforms


Title: Into The Wild
Label: Iboga Records
Date: September, 2019

1. Into The WIld
2. Eden
3. Mellow
4. Ahead of Us
5. Lost Behind
6. Raw
7. One of A Kind
8. Away From Here


Man I had forgotten about this Israeli project!  They made the type of music that refused to be shoe horned into a box.  Psytrance, progressive, goa...all with delicate and symphonic touches.  It's deep music and is great for those looking for more than just 4/4 beats. 

And they jump right in with the title track that is a combination of all three.  Starts of with a growing progressive vibe, slowly morphs into a psytrance track and then BAM!!...goa trance.  What I really like about the tracks is the way they seamlessly slip into a break and expand in a new direction.  They go in like a lamb and out like a lion.  Also impressed with their samples and the sample placement.  When done correctly it really adds to the track.  It's not a perfect album and sometimes it falls prey to the cliche's of trance music, but those moments are few.

While not as heavily layered as the Nertum album (by far my favorite) this is still a solid offering for those who still want to love psytrance.



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I do like Lifeforms and this album is a very solid effort, excellent production, diverse and  even quite melodic by today standards.


The onlly thing I disliked was the abuse of EDM elements, all these risers, big drum hits, swooshes, starts and stops etc, I think they overdone it. It kinda breaks the hypnotic feel that I expect from trance. 

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