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1. Derango - Odd Zone 02:25

2. Ghostscent - Spaced Out 11:51

3. Hallucinogenic Horses - The Buskis 10:18

4. Inzect - Jelanasuki 06:55

5. Traskel - Strandad 07:35

6. Insurpo & Purozect - Bast Lattle 08:23

7. Elowinz - Ubrahk 09:45

8. Fontanellsurfarna - Här Ligger En Hund Begraven 08:08

9. MakadaM - Sub-Urban & His Mental State Band 07:38

10. Buttergoose - Butter up 06:50

11. Donkey shot - Punk´s Not Ed 06:42

12. Stenad & Stanley - We Only Talk To Mutes 11:25

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Really good, great quality - maybe IMO one of if not the best from them. 

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On 5/8/2020 at 6:54 PM, Drosophila said:

AWESOME news! :D I have been missing Sanaton! Too bad it is only digital...

yes exactly. would love this part as a physical release to add to the series. sanaton has a very specific taste of swampy northern forest sound. 

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