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Imba - Liberation EP [ Mamomam Records ]

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Hello Everyone !

Today we would like to present you samples of upcoming EP " Imba - Liberation " !

Tracklist :

01. Imba - Liberation [6:41] - 148 BPM
02. Imba & Hisia - Elysium Island (Imba Remix) [8:57] - 146 BPM
03. Imba & Lydia Delay - Dancefloor Stompers [7:58] - 145 BPM
04. Dimension 5 - Omega Centaurus (Imba 2019 Remix) [8:55] - 147 BPM

Credits :

Mastering - Nikola Petrovic ( Imba Studios )
Cover art - Miraceti

More info soon !!

Stay Tuned !

Covers :


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On 11/21/2019 at 1:03 AM, Mallenaut said:

Good to know.

PS: I love that you share the same admiration for 'Omega Centaurus' as I do.

My favorite just after Temple Of Chaos! It was remixed back in 2014 and released later on NeoGoa in my EP, now this is another/improved remix.

Funny story regarding that remix is that I asked Dimension 5 to remix Temple Of Chaos and they sent me original cubase project from 90s, which was misnamed, it turned out to be Omega Centaurus, another favorite which I decided to remix.


Liberation EP was delayed for almost a year because I had plan to build studio, which I did few months ago. Made superb acoustics, got monitors so my sound is 10x better than it was on album. Few compilation tracks and one more EP will come during winter I hope!



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