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Missed releases of 2018

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Starkraver    869

Hey Guys! How you all doing? Hope all are fine and super excited about 2019. 

2018 was a bit hectic and challenging for me on many fronts. Glad that its done with now. While browsing through bandcamp and psynews, I realised that I have missed many physical releases which I wouldn't if i was spending a little time towards music, which I didn't :( So please help me track down all the must have releases of 2018. 


  • Good vibrations - Sold out :/ 
  • connect.ohm vinyl - Sold out :/ 
  • Solar fields - Movements vinyl Sold out :/
  • Solar fields - Ourdom Vinyl Sold Out :/ 
  • Sab Much Milegator - Surrounded By Surreality :D on cd! niiiiice.. 

just got to know about these, will edit the list as I discover more. 

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Redo    34

Some of my favorites:

Ufomatka - Off the Beaten Track of the Universe

Full on:
Unknownium - Unknownium

Archaic - Mountain Powers
Goch & friends - Woody Vegetation
Smuds - For Fuld Musik

Also browse the review section, plenty of Goa artists released new albums: Morphic Resonance, E-Mantra, Ovnimoon, Denshi-Danshi etc..

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Starkraver    869

I was looking for more niche/obscure releases on here like Sab Much Milegator and Good Vibrations. Other popular releases associated with Suntrip / DAT and the likes will eventually be checked out. 

Thanks for the replies everyone. 

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