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Hydraglyph - Euphonics

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Artist: Hydraglyph
Title: Euphonics
Label: Nexus Media
Date: June, 2007

1. Red Tide
2. Nowhere Near (Shady Mix)
3. Somebody Else
4. Piece By Piece
5. Nightmare
6. Evenflow
7. Astraction
8. Venus
9. Tetris Bender
10. Ultrasound (Rmx)


It's raining/sleeting/snowing right now and for some reason I decided to say a few words about this release.  We are all familiar with the quality of Nexus Media at the time who were on the forefront of powerful, sinister South African psytrance.    This was the second release from Andrew Morgan & Mark Ackermann.  Aside from the Condition Black remix I found their debut Kinetic to be a steaming bowl of meh.  So....low bar everyone.

Now normally Ormion and I are simpatico when it comes to the blessing that is this type of psytrance.  He didn't care for it, but I liked its punishing, dark vibe,  It was bruising, mechanical, and came at you with a sense of foreboding that still sounds pretty good  today.  Parts sound dirty...like discarded, corroded metal and I like that apocalyptic atmosphere.  Now let's be clear it is not without its flaws.  Some empty stretches and questionable sound choices and samples can make the eyes roll a bit.  South African Full-on is still full-on.  And certainly some projects have done it waaay better.  But 12 years old...things tend to get a little stale after that amount of time and I felt this still had some freshness.  Far from a classic, but I also don't think it is remotely close to a flop.   


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