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Tranquility Base Project - Strange Theories Ep

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Artist: Tranquility Base Project
Title: Strange Theories Ep
Label: Timewarp Records
Date: September, 2018

1. What Is Reality
2. Time Traveler
3. Bubbles In Space

Timewarp Records is a goa trance factory, releasing a whole bunch of material.  They cater to those who enjoy digital and physical media.  This is a debut Ep from Austrian Alexander Koch and I gotta say it hit me in the sweet spot.


This digital ep has three long, winding tracks that have an E-mantra feel.  That's 33 minutes of kicking back and putting off today what can be done tomorrow.  He shows that he's not in any hurry to unwind and lift you above the clouds.  There are sharp 303s, layers aplenty, and smooth transitions into and out of breaks.  What is Reality is a track that I will have on repeat for several weeks.  All the tracks have a liquid feel to them leaving me very impressed.  Great job!

Timewarp Bandcamp

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