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your favourite mixes (DJ / live)


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just thought I'd share my favourites with you when it comes to mixes. Largely a list for me to archive them, I don't wanna do this on YT as it's across different styles. I searched if we have a thread, but didn't find one!
As it's EDM mixes in general, it doesn't fit into "general Psytrance".


(Eric Prydz - Essential Mix 2013)
I love this mix because the tracks are so skillfully merged you can't tell the difference. For example from minute 11 onwards.
I have yet to find something better. Hands down the best mix I know ... and I can't believe I was skeptical about Eric in earlier days because he was "commercial" ... have to thank Lemmi for mentioning Pryda once, I'd not have discovered him otherwise (Pryda = Eric :) )

If you got any recommendations for any similar mixes, I'd be pleased to hear.


(Atmos - Bacardi Tour 08)
A few years ago (yes, years unfortunately) Atmos had three mixes on his soundcloud page. They were all great, but this one stuck the most with me. Really like it, many good tracks. Atmos is a genius.


(Miss Monique)
I picked this one for track selection. Some people in the comments criticize her knob touching ... but I don't care because her selection of tracks is really good. I discover something fresh with her all the time.


As the next one I'd have loved to link to "S-Range live at the DNA lounge" but unfortunately it seems to have been taken down and it's nowhere to be found online :P
Since the rest mixes of S-Range on youtube aren't that great, I won't point you to another one. Loved the DNA Lounge mix...

So then I pick this one:

(Miss Kittin)
The mix is damaged, it has a period of only the left speaker, but the track selection makes up for it. I really like it, the middle part where she sings - right after "Baby's On Fire" - is awesome ... that is exactly what I'm after. Big atmosphere.


(Anthony Rother)
Of all the sets, this seems to be the only one that deserves the statement "live". I love it. 

<edit - removed number 6, because youtube deleted it>

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The Live Performance of Anthony Rother is really cool. The second track is cool. :-) In the last EB.TV Tech Talk he shows his studio. :-)


Hmm.. in the psybient-set you can hear "Clouds" by Carbon Based Lifeforms @45min and this track is on their last album "Delericts". ;-) And they also do Acid Ambient.

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Yes, Anthony is great ... I save the studio talk video for later, definitely have to watch it, but I'll do it with proper focus. Love what he's doing.

Yes, CBL have "a bit" returned to the acidic soundscapes with their last album, but it's by far not the same as the old stuff. I like old CBL -- their sound was warmer ... not so cold ... and kinda sad.

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Hi, thanks for exhuming ... because I remember there is another great mix I wanna share aswell:

It's Anthony Rother again and the mix is so unique because due to Covid pandemic it took place in a huge empty hall. Now, for most other artists, empty halls would be a downer because they are largely related to the crowd -- but in Anthony Rother's case, it's actually the opposite: the emptiness of the venue adds in my opinion to the artistic performance...

...it's as if it was the year 2122 and The Machines have woken up Rother from cryo sleep, to be served a DJ set of his magnificence - and the spots and screens on the floor "dance along" as machines instead of humans on earth.

Added to this, there is a truly _magnificent_ version of "Escape From Sector 8" that omits the delays in the voice samples on the second go, making it hit even harder (in my opinion) than the studio release.

36:36 is the time you are looking for. Even if you wanna see nothing of this mix, just tune in there, the track is _damn_ worth it, believe me, so that you see what music can do.

It breaks the third wall and I get goosebumps all up to my neck even when I listen now ... might even be dangerous to your mental health when listening to it on uncontrollable drug influence, keep that in mind. What if that really was a machine, calling YOU for help through the YouTube algorithm and maybe even through this forum post, not written by a human, but by an artificial intelligence-

HUGE inspiration ... and yes even though I am giving away something here: I am going to write a story about that and I confess that this track is an inspiration (yes, I will proudly declare it)...!

I have this friend who kept rambling about that he'd download his consciousness to a "memory file" as soon as it was possible ... he rambled about it already five years ago or even longer ... well, this track shockingly exposes the achilles heel of this plan: if you are immortal, you cannot die and if the machine lives on, you live with it...

I have not yet had a better experinece when it comes to music!

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