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Infected Mushroom - IM21 [HoMmega 2018]

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Iti10    7

Only Bust A Move and Suliman Remixes are worth listening, the I wish version is ok and thats it, Yamaks In Space is really nice but not my thing, and the Saeed Remix is horrible IMO.

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psytones    76
On 4/18/2018 at 9:04 AM, antic604 said:

GBP 9 for 5 tracks? I'll pass on this one...

Buy just the track you prefer then ..... each track is 1£, so you can pay 5 GBP and DL them from your account individually,
or pay GBP 9 and get them in one go..... Bandcamp ref. 

"the pleiadiens effected them, then it became time for them to infect them back".- Wonder how Infected the Pleiadiens got of Classical Mushroom. For sure they must have loved to listen to such beautiful psychedelic trance creation clearly inspired by, their work. At least to DJ IMs stuff with them ,,aliens", is a HOOOOT! So much fun. Boom!

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