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Psy Trance on mainstream TV (Globally)


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Did anyone yet hear any psy trance on the television in their country or in mainstream movies. It seems to be the only music that seems not to have been used in films, documentaries and adverts as yet. I am in England and never saw this yet. Has this music appeared in any non psy trance documentary TV broadcasts in your country ?

It might be the only true underground music that still exists.


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Late 90s here in Serbia psytrance/goatrance videos were broadcasted on national television... today only few party ads from huge organizations...


Meanwhile in Israel there are loads shows and stuff on TV regarding psytrance 

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There used to be a sport show in a small TV channel  that played some goa (Transwave-Land Of Freedom remix, Enlightened Evoltuion etc.) during the goals of the week.

Also MAD channel (think the Greek MTV) sometimes played the video of Psychonauts-Shadows Of The Moon.

The craziest thing (something I think I wrote again) was during a Japanese movie where two characters are in Tokyo (I think) and while walking outside of a vinyl shop you can slightly hear Pleiadians-Alcyone. Is barely audible, but it's definitely that one. No idea what was the movie though. I remember watching it almost 15 years ago among other obscurities.

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I believe Astral Projection used to be on late-night MTV rotation in a few parts of Europe in the mid-late 90's.  Not quite psytrance, and it's film rather than tv, but Juno Reactor co-wrote parts of the soundtrack for the Matrix movies.


This is from a videogame, but I think some goa fans would enjoy this:


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