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Colin OOOD    84

Union Jack - ‘Cactus’ 2017 Remixes [PLATMU96]


1. Union Jack ‘Cactus’ (Jonno Brien Remix)

2. Union Jack ‘Cactus’ (Adam Kent Remix)
3. Union Jack ‘Cactus’ (OOOD Remix)
4. Union Jack ‘Cactus’ (Airwave’s Dark and Long Mix)
5. Union Jack ‘Cactus’ (Quietman Remix)
6. Union Jack ‘Cactus’ (Original Mix Remastered)


Originally released in 1994, ‘Cactus’ is regarded as one of Union Jack’s finest moments. 23 years on, despite a plethora of requests, no remixes have ever been commissioned…until now.


Irish Techno DJ/Producer and rising star Jonno Brien originally got the ball rolling last year when he sent in his remix out of the blue. It was quite simply too good to be ignored. Carl Cox, who was one of only a handful of DJ’s to be sent the mix, hammered it worldwide and included it as one of his highlights at the Closing Party @ Space, Ibiza.


Adam Kent serves up a driving semi-spangled tech houser.


Psychedelic sorcerers OOOD remain faithful to the prickly original but slam it into the 21st planet and beyond.


Airwave’s Laurent reappears with an extended gloaming exploration into Cactaceae cornucopia.


After a long hiatus, Quietman’s Laurence and Wilf emerge from a shimmering mirage with a sublime slice of desert sunrise.


‘Cactus - 2017 Remixes’ will be released 12th June 2017 on Beatport. Global release 27th June 2017 on Platipus.









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technosomy    217

my favorite union jack track!

will be checking out for sure

will never forget the first time i ever heard it on carl coxes fact mix

blew me away!!

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Scenery    4

Without any doubt but is a little subjective,OOOD Remix is top (without decrease the other remixes)

groovy pumping and mature,very nice tied sounds and also beat swap,superb reminder remix for a personal listening or public and dance floors



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